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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 181: The Fight(2) Bahasa Indonesia

Silence…..silence descended to the stadium as everyone watched with ragged breath, as I easily deflected their attacks, to those who couldn’t see it, a small reply played above a screen in slow motion, right now they all understood one thing I was strong…very strong, as for how much? well they were about to see

Soon the dust cleared as the three princes were visible again, all three of them had a serious look on their faces as they coughed up and stood up, seeing it, I smiled as I placed one of my hands on my back and used my other hand to make a pointing motion towards them, making them frown

No matter how calm they were trying to be, they couldn’t take it anymore as I kept looking down at them, soon Marak gave out a beastly roar as his body started to shake up more, his body started to wiggle as he grew taller, his body bigger and more powerful, he had partially entered the 3rd stage, it was not complete and the power was not full but just reaching this level was amazing

Sadly the sanity that was left in his eyes seemed to disappear, soon his body hinged as stood on his four and then…..there was no then as he disappeared and appeared in front of me, a great power building within his body as he punched forward, I reacted as I moved my body dodging it but that only seemed to enrage him more as he started to attack me more recklessly

Soon our figures were flashing across the ground as Marak kept attacking me as I moved my body barely enough to miss the attack, soon Marak kept growing faster but I too grew faster along with him dodging all that he threw at me, it’s at that time I felt a tingle at my back as an ax moved at lighting speed to cut me

A punch was aimed at my front and an ax at my back, now my right hand rose as I punched towards the fist that was headed towards me, at the same time my body twisted a bit as I kicked backward, my leg aiming for the handle of the ax, this all happened at a second, faster than Marak and Naraik could react and within a blink of an eye our attacks landed

And a sonic boom was heard that spread across the ground, as dust rose, soon everyone focused their eyes to see what had happened and the scene they saw caused some to have their eye bulge out from shock, there I stood on the ground safe and fine, meanwhile, the hand I punched towards Marak had connected causing his hand to blast back and bend in an unnatural angle!

One must know that the power Marak could use at his current four could only be said to be monstrous yet I was able to beat him at pure strength, something that’s not at all easy to accomplish, and that was not the end, my leg that kicked was able to stop the ax at its place, unable to hurt me but that was just the beginning as the ax shined blue and several whips of water broke out from it aiming at my body

I moved fast dodging the attack as I flashed and appeared at another place but it would seem that it was a trap because just as I had appeared in a safe place a huge powerful attack seemed to be blasted to me, turning my eyes I could see Ronaior bending as he held his rapier a huge amount of mana seemed to be accumulating within him, it would seem that as I fought he was preparing a spell and it was too late to stop it as he waved his rapier forwards causing a bright silver light to be released from it as it aimed at my head

It was so fast that it appeared before me in a blink of an eye, moreover, Ronairo was smart as he only attacked me just as I had landed safely, just as the attack was reaching me I could feel the power behind it and I knew that this power was more than enough to hurt an Origin level 6 but to it, I just raised my hands as the attack just hit my hand and to those watching, they could only look with disbelief as the attack hit my hand and caused nothing

That’s right the ray-like attack was hitting my hand yet nothing happened, well the reason for it was because I had gathered a bit of chaos element at the center of my hand, causing the attack to just disappear as it hit my hand but to the ones watching I was just taking the attack with my body, some even started to think that I was a dragon in disguise but the ones who were feeling the worst were the three princes who were looking at me with eyes wide in disbelief especially Ronairo who knew the power of his attack well

And soon the attack ended as silence descended, I raised my hand that deflected the attack as I blew at my hand like it was hot, soon my eyes tuned to the three repeating the same pointing motion, this time I could even see the calculative Naraik get enraged and now they got really serious

Soon Marak lighted up with a red glow as the fire started to spread across his body his hand seemed to be healed by the glow, red fire like armor covered his body as gauntlets made of fire started to surround him, soon he was like a fire knight as he looked at me but this was not the end as the same thing happened with Naraik as blue water like armor surrounded him, blue water like helmet covered his head as two axes came to his hand

As for Ronairo, two silver like wings appeared from his legs as a lightweight like silver body protection covered his body, all three of them had activated their secret arts, ready to take this to another level, soon the mana within the atmosphere started to fluctuate wildly, a dense and heavy atmosphere filled the surrounding, even the referee at the sky was looking at the match with focused eyes, he would never be able to take the brunt if anything happened to any of us

The audiences all had eyes wide open to see the match, a sense of peace filled the atmosphere for a moment which was soon broken as all three of them moved and attacked me at the same time, the ground cracked under their legs as the mana in the surroundings flared up in frenzy, I smiled as I raised hands

‘Well time for the finale’


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