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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 141: Rich Daddy Bahasa Indonesia

“The first thing I want to talk to you about is the thing that might be troubling you”

“Troubling me?”

I raised my eye brow in intrigue in seeing the confident look on Olivia’s face, seeing that it was a serious talk, I sat straight in a noble and serious manner, my eyes became focused as I looked at her

“Indeed, I want to form an alliance”

“An alliance?”

“Yes, an alliance of factions, nobody knows how the upcoming matches for the title will be, so we form a team, I will provide you what you need the most, funds and in return you will loan me some of your fighter’s at time of need”

After Olivia finished speaking she laid back into her chair looking confident and she has the right too, while I do have powerful people, I lack the support the rest of the other ring holders have

Each of the rest have powerful backgrounds and each of them are price or princess of their respective nations, so they have a load of resources behind them, especially money

Even though academy points exist money is still important, there’s a lot you can do with money, I went into thought for a moment, seemingly contemplating the answer but on the inside I was laughing my ass off

While it’s true that being the third in line for the succession of the dukedom, I can’t take a lot of money from my family, actually I had realised the problem long ago, I needed lots of money for my own use, one’s that I don’t need to ask anyone for and now I do

I’m probably one of the riches people in the world and that’s no joke, as for how?, well it’s all thanks to the system, well more thanks to the information part, the information part of the system is indeed a really great one for me but it too has restrictions

For example, with my points I could buy the location of a certain hidden world but I would be unable to buy the information on how to pass the hidden world, anyhow with that part I was able to buy several poems, books and many other fantasy stories from the system

Of course I tweaked it a bit to meet the world standards, in the end I am currently one of the worlds greatest novelist, poem and song righter, in fact no body know ‘who’ I am, It’s just as my favorite teacher used to say

‘It ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught’

Of course even if I have all what I need, this was not enough, to succeed I needed connections and money to start, so I contacted the witches, or in better terms the church of Razellia

Yup I went ahead and revealed myself as the holy son of their church and it was one of the most dangerous even I went through in my life, you see the witches union and the church of Razellia are connected

How?, well it’s simple in this world there are only female witches but no male, why? simple to become a witch one needs to get the blessing of the goddess Razellia, granting them a small control over the element destruction, of course compared to the complete control I have they barely get 2%

Making potions is not about just mixing them, one needs the destruction element the break down the particles and mix them, hence to do that one must become a believer of Razellia, that’s the reason why she’s the only goddess worshipped in both the realms

So nobody in the world will dear to piss of the church of Razeilla, that means that they are cutting off their only sources for potions and other important stuff, that also means that they have connections across both the realms and they were filthy rich too

With such great attraction why would I hide myself?, so I went and revealed my self and that’s when I understood something, I understood that I am a walking lust container for the witches

It seems that due to Razellia’s blessing I am special in a way, in a nut shell I have the same standing as Razellia, so when I meet a believer in a way their belief is reflected in me, in other words they would feel a great sense of connection and closeness to me, the greater the belief and love for Razellia the same it would be for me, that’s the reason why Zara was acting so strange when she saw me

I had almost lost got raped by witches, thankfully I trained to control it a bit but if I meet a senior witch, them all I could do was hide, in the end I promised to be their holy son but I would only come out after I have finished the Academy

With Razellia’s church my business bloomed, I also made a contract with the biggest magic tool creating company, I would sell them some magic tools from the system, of course only the ones that won’t cause big ripples

Locking away my memories I looked back at Olivia with a smile

“Your proposal’s interesting I will think about it”

Olivia frowned hearing the unenthusiastic answer but she shrugged it off, she knows that I will come to her in the end, Olivia sat up straight as she asked me a question

“Come to think of it, do you know Scarlet?”


I tilted my head in ‘confusion’, well technically I don’t know that Scarlet’s Kevin, until I meet her face to face, after all I have being living on the move so it’s not strange that I don’t know Scarlet

“Oh?,do you know a girl with ash coloured hair?”

“Uhh…you mean Kevin?”


Hearing my reply Olivia became even more confused, she though of leaving it aside for know, just as Olivia was going deeper into her thought I spoke

“Hey, Olivia can we talk in private”


“Indeed it’s about a certain recording device”


Olivia’s face twisted from my words but she soon regained her calm, she stood up from her seat as she walked to a certain room, at the same time she looked at Nora as she spoke

“Nora we will be moving for some private talk”


“Don’t worry sister, it’s nothing serious we would be back in a jiffy”

Nora wanted to protest but we both told her that it would be fine, with that Olivia took me to her private training room, where nobody other than her could enter and as soon as we were alone, her smile faded as an ice cold looked appeared on her face

“Spit it, what do you want?”


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