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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 142: Subduing The Princess Bahasa Indonesia

“Spit it, what do you want?”

As soon as we had entered the room the ‘warm’ smile on Olivia’s face disappeared, only a deep cold look appeared on her face, the room we had entered was closed off from the outside world, it was a huge training place, a place fit for a fight, I grinned as I looked at Olivia

“Well I wanted to give you a chance to take it back”

“Chance?, take it back?”

Olivia was confused but I didn’t keep her waiting as a recording orb appeared on my hand and in it a very clear scene of princess spanking was being played, seeing it Olivia’s face darkened, a seething anger raised deep within her eyes but at it’s depth a small desire too burned

Olivia’s mana burst outwards as a huge pressure filled the training room, I remain unfazed in such power, it took few seconds but Olivia calmed down, she took deep breaths as she spoke

“What do you want?”

“I liked you better when you were moaning in shame”

Hearing my reply a blush covered Olivia’s face, anger filling her from looking at my face that was filled with disdain for her, the sadistic side in her fought with her other side desiring to bring me to her knees


This time Olivia was using more of her mana trying to pressure me hard, I stayed cool as I raised my hands in defeat

“Okay, okay I just wanted to give you a chance for revenge”

“A chance?”

I didn’t speak as I took a parchment from space ring and threw it to Olivia, she caught it and she could feel a certain divinity in it, Olivia’s eyes was furrowed as she opened the parchment, soon her eyes widened in surprise as she read through it

The more she read the more her breathing seemed to rise in excitement, seeing it I smiled inwardly, the parchment I threw to her is the contract of death, it’s a special contract made by the church of death

The contract of death is simple, it’s that you sign it, you sign it with your life on the line, if the contact is broken then the one who broke it will die and there’s no way to stop it, the contract is completely in the control of the church of death

This is normally used by people who don’t trust each other, hence the contract of death is only used in very secrete and important business, of course no one can use this contact to make a person whose not interested sign, it only works if you sign it with your own will and no one can use it to make another person their slave, without him agreeing to it completely

Leaving that aside the one I gave her is simple, both I and her would fight and the loser would become the winner slave for a certain period of time, of course there are other rules in it too

Like you can’t be asked to kill or die, you can’t ask things about the empire, you can’t ask to betray and many others, basically I wrote those rules to reign in Olivia more, in this case the winner would have full control of the others body and that’s only what I need

Plus I made it that I can’t look down on her when I am with her subordinates and I can’t rule over her during the programs for The King Of Babylon and that’s mainly the reason the Olivia was hesitating

Olivia’s inner sadist was fighting with her logic, the reason was simple because the contract was too good to be true and moreover me giving this opportunity means that I have confidence in winning

Olivia read the contact again and again looking for any loop hole, in the end she knew that the contract would be good for her if she won, she raised her head and looked at me, seeing my smug smile, she got more irritated but she held it in, as a ruler you must know how to control your emotions

Olivia closed her eyes thinking it through, from a single point the contract was good for her but that is only is she won, Olivia has confidence in her self, even back then the only reason I won was because I had caught her off guard

Olivia was struggling she wanted to press me under her foot to make me groan and this was the best opportunity for revenge but the unknown variable is my strength, even back at the Seth hunt she only saw strength equal to that of a Origin Level 4

The reason I was able to take down Xavier is already spread but Olivia’s inner self smells a scheme, Olivia spend a few minutes in her thoughts, finally she opened her eyes, in the end, Olivia’s pride had won

“Lets do it”

Olivia looked at me as she said those words, I smirked happily on the inside, I nodded my head, Olivia pierced her finger as she dropped her blood on it, then she tossed it back to me, I too did the same, soon a black smoke rose from the contact and flew into both our bodies, now I could feel the sensation of the contact

“Now shall we start?”

There was a smirk on my face when I said that but I was not the only one, Olivia too had one on her face

“Sure lets start”

After that Olivia walked towards a certain area and activated the protective mechanism of the room, with this we could go all out, well anyway I was planning on winning this match ‘barely’, as much as I would love to defeat Olivia in a single move, I have to hide my real strength till the start of the competition

Soon both of us moved to different sides of the area, Olivia snapped her finger as a very beautiful sword appeared on her hand, it was the perfect fit for her with golden handle and sun like patterers on it

“The sword of the first Emperor”

I spoke, hearing it Olivia grinned as she spoke back to me

“Why?, you scared?”

At the same time powerful protective gear started to surround Olivia’s body, she soon turned to a beautiful warrior, one that seemed not to bent to anyone’s will, a regal and royal aura surrounded her

“Are you ready my future slave?”

Olivia asked with a teasing tone, I didn’t reply as a bow and arrows appeared in my hands, soon I got ready, my aura became calm and serene, I retorted to her with a calm smile

“Well I hope that your butts ready for another spanking”

With that the smile on Olivia faded, she snorted as she spoke

“Well then, let’s begin!”


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