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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 134: Complex Family(2) Bahasa Indonesia

Nora Lionheart, it’s a name pretty relevant within the Babylon Academy, being the eldest of a duchy and the future Duchess, she plays a great role in the up coming future of the world

If anybody’s asked about her the reply they would get is beautiful, powerful, amazing and a future pillar of the Ezraeil Empire, it’s a forgone conclusion that she would be an amazing commander, there were several noble scions that wanted to court her, yet she remained stoic, not at all moved

In fact she had even got violent when some of them got vey pushy, Nora’s not a powerless woman that anybody could touch, to the other’s she’s perfect and has everything she could have in the world, yet no one knows that one things that she actually wanted could never be hers

It was her brother, Nora desires a greater love from her brother, Nora’s childhood was happy when her father was alive but his death devastated her, at that time it was her duty as the oldest to support her sibling but alas the death of her father was too much for a 9 year old child

And it’s then that Austin her younger brother became an outlet to her emotions, back then it was out her anger and despair, she had pointed to her brother and screamed, shouting that it was because of him that she had lost her father, back then her mind was messed up and she didn’t know what she was doing

It was only after saying that did she understood what she had done, she could still remember his pained face that day, ever since then she carried the guilt of it, she thought that by staying away, it would be better but that was only hurting her and the ones she loved more

Her memory was still vivid, the day her closed heart was opened once again by the very brother she had hurt, she could still hear his words of consolation, that was the day that she had finally gotten freedom, no that day she got a place to lean on, a place to open her heart

Strangely at times she could feel like Austin was older than her but somehow that only made her happy, being the oldest she had a lot of pressure to handle so having someone to open up and just be herself was a relief, soon her brother had joined the family that was almost broken

Finally the happiness in Nora’s life had returned, the days that followed were one of the sweetest of her life, just pure happiness, she had undoubtedly gotten close to her brother, he became a place to rest her head on, an outlet to her worries and a best friend, back when they were alone she could be willful, childish, playful and there was nobody to judge, no body to say that she was being disgraceful

It was always strange when she felt like Austin was older than her but she didn’t care, she just wanted a shoulder to lean, Nora keenly understood that her feelings foe her brothers were turning into something else, it was faint but her heart would only ever be at peace when she was with her brother, it was only then she doesn’t have to be the amazing Nora just the real Nora

Her heart would always lit up in happiness when she spend time with her brother at first she was confused of her feelings, she shrugged it off as she decided to spend her days in bliss with her family but darkness struck again, her memories were still clean, even though she couldn’t move nor speak she had still understood what had being going on

She was the older one it was her duty to protect her family and her siblings, yet she ended up needing her brother, it was then that she had finally understood what she was feeling

She could remember it as if it was yesterday, the scene of Austin protecting her with his back, the scene of him taking arrows to his body for her, the scene of him fighting to protect her, at that time the feeling which she was barely developing bloomed to it’s peak

At that time she remembered her fathers words of how he spoke about how he fell in love with her mother, at that time she understood the sweet taste of love, Nora felt unworthy of her brothers love and protection, at that time just the thought of his death broke her heart to pieces

She was playful, idiotic, willful, and she had hurt her brother, yet he never resented her, he never shouted at her, he took it all in and loved her unconditionally, he didn’t hesitate to risk his life for her, at that time she truly understood the sweet taste of love

Her heart was flooded with emotions, yet when she had clearly understood her feelings she panicked, her feelings were taboo, something which she shouldn’t feel, the day after she cried into her pillows cursing her fate, she clearly loved him and wanted him, yet she couldn’t have him

She fell in love with somebody she couldn’t have, she took an oath to keep her feelings away, she didn’t want her brother to know about it, she knew that it would only bring ruin, she knew that this time she shouldn’t be wilful, she thought she could always find someone else to fall in love with, it won’t be that hard right?

Wrong, she was very wrong, Nora had underestimated her feelings, whenever she saw her brother standing with another girl or whenever she saw him playing with Clara, her heart leaped with fury and jealousy any other male she meets, none could dazzle her like her brother

Austin’s presence itself was a light in her dark and gloomy words, his words and his presence were itself a sense of happiness to her, it was only when she was with him that she felt free, liberated and honestly relived, just the taught of someone else other than her brother holding her filled Nora with deep disgust

Similarly just the taught of him holding another woman, filled her mind with deep anger, but she controlled herself she promised herself not to interfere with his life, and it’s then that Austin left for his adventures

The Academy was fun, she had other friends but she felt a deep void in her heart, no matter how great or awesome no boy could move her heart and when she had finally saw her beloved brother again the void was filled, just when she fell into his embrace her body lit up with pleasure and a surge of warmth she missed these last years

To her he was her light, her warmth and her salvation, just his touch wavered her will, his sweet words caused her heart to beat with great rhythm, just a single hug but it had already shown her that she had fallen in deep, Nora closed her eyes as she laid in her brothers arms

His broad shoulders held her body, yet she didn’t feel a hint of discomfort, no she felt as if she belonged in these arms, she felt fulfilled in her heart, she felt loved, her mind was in complete disarray, just laying in his body filled her body with unheeding pleasure and satisfaction

The smell of his scent that she dearly missed drilled into her heart, she knew it, this is what she wants, this is what she really desires, her mind flashed with all those girls that surrounded him, she thought of her brother getting married and having children’s and that thought repulsed her

‘Yup all those girls could go fuck themselves’

Nora tried, she really did but know no more, she raised her head while sticking close to her brother, one of her arms held her brother face, a smile she rarely has filled her face

“Brother welcome back”

‘Yes, you should be mine and only mine…..’


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