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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 119: Freedom Beyond Death Bahasa Indonesia

Mira couldn’t believe how thing’s had come to this, she had known that her dear nephew would be attending the academy this year, hell as his aunt, she even had pulled a few strings to help him get into the academy easier

The position of the Dean of the Babylon Academy is extremely important, as the academy where the geniuses from the world gathered, it has to assured that the top brasses of the school should be neutral, hence the position of Dean was shifted every 30 years, the last Dean had only retired the last year, giving the set to Mira, who at the current time was not affiliated to any powers

“Mira shouldn’t we do something?”

Grace had a worried expression on her face as she looked at Austin, Mira only shook her head after hearing Grace’s question, as the head of the school, she knew the truth about the locked world but who would have thought that the one to open the world would be her nephew

‘That boy always invites trouble….’

Mira could not believe how easily Austin gets into trouble, she really wanted to drag him out of that world and give him a peace of her mind but still as she looked at the handsome silver haired man that stood at the cliff, fearlessly facing an army, she couldn’t help but agree that her nephew had grown up good

“Calm down Grace, look at him, even though he’s facing such a situation he’s completely calm, which means that he has a plan at this point we can only put our trust in him”

Though still not pacified Grace could only nod her head as she looked back at the screen, meanwhile back at the screen, Austin held his breath as his body adjusted to the pressure released by the army in front of him

“Sigh…me and my luck”

Right now complaining was no use, if I want to get out of here alive I must focus on the current situation, I focused on my power and soon a beautiful blue and purple harp materialized in front of me, the strings of the harp was purple contrasting with the blue

Ever since I entered this world, the harp kept humming inside me, seemingly desiring to be played and just as I brought it out, a huge wave of voices hit me, painful words seemed to fill my mind




Each of the voices was filled with pain, hearing it for some reason my heart clenched as a tear fell from my eyes, just as the voices were getting overwhelming they disappeared what was left was a beautiful harp floating in font of me

“I see….you want to help them huh…..”

I didn’t get an answer but the harp did hum, I smiled as I wiped the tear from my eyes, I got the harp as I walked towards the end of the cliff, I stood tall as I looked at the thousands of soldiers in front of me who at a time had fought fearlessly to protect their world, yet now they stand in front of me as nothing more than chained animals

Hero’s that should have being buried with honor had being chained like animals without proper rest, the soldiered in the front barked as they snarled in my direction, dense corrupted mana surrounded me, yet a sweet calm blue aura came from the harp protecting me, I looked at the king that sat on the throne as I spoke

“I do not know your pain but I can help diminish the pain you all are going through right now”

Just as I finished speaking hundreds of those at the front started running towards me, there was no strategy or honor just pure barbaric ness left, I held my harp tight as I took a deep breath, it’s true that one cannot be saved after being corrupted but that only applies to those who wield normal weapons, what I hold had once turned this world upside down

No words were needed to be said as my hands trailed the beautiful purple string, a mesmerizing sound was heard, it rippled in the seas as it travelled forward, light aura clouded with blue and purple spread from my place hitting the ones that was running towards me

As soon as the sound reached them the ones that were running towards me stopped, for once an unce of clarity appeared, but soon the corrupt mana tried to regain it’s front but how could I let that happen?

I didn’t stop as my hands speedily traveled through the harp without rest, sending out tunes that shook once soul, I closed my eyes as I focused on my performance, even thought it was short I had felt the pain and despair within the once that stood in front of me, I opened my mouth as I sang a poem

“May I never forget the men and women

who gallantly defend our freedom and our way of life.

Their valiant service and sacrifice

shines with unmatched brilliance.

I pray for their safe return,

that they may enjoy the life for which they fight.”

“Thank you; even though we have not met.

You give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

You leave your families behind and you protect everyone.

May your families be shielded in you absence.

May you also be shielded; thank you.”

“Having no family, no home

adopted by those who share no blood, no cause.

I walk the streets where no connection exists,

but familiarity ensures comfort to lay my head…”

(A/N: The poem does not belong to me!)

My voice wasn’t exactly loud but thanks to the passive and active abilities of the harp that I was using, my voice was soul shaking, I didn’t even stop for a moment playing the harp and it’s results showed, the ones that was attacking me completely stopped

Not only them everybody watching it even the rest of the soldiers to the one watching things outside stopped, no sound was heard, everybody seemed to be pulled into the song, unknowingly some imaged started to appear in their mind

Everybody saw a scene of a man leading the army, everybody saw the scene of soldier’s protecting their home, their life, their family by their scarifies, even some weak willed students started crying in the stadium


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