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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 118: The Tests Of Time(2) Bahasa Indonesia

Due to Xavier the ocean regained it’s peace, he stood with the other 11 heros and brought peace but it was said that he disappeared while returning to the sea along with his great army , no one knows what happened, it’s one of the worlds great mystery but that was not the entire truth, the great hero that everyone respected was on the wedge of complete corruption!

Not only Xavier, his complete army that moved with him to conquer the sea’s were corrupted, this was only found out when he had come to built the Babylon City, once someone showed signs of corruption it’s easy to solve it but once it has taken over the body, the only way to stop this was to kill him, Xavier knew this but he didn’t have the heart to tell his loyal soldiers to take their own lives

Left with no choice, he could only ask the Dragon God to seal him and his soldiers in a completely sealed water world, where they would be in slumber and would be unable to hurt anyone, this was the solution Xavier had come up with

“Back then there was no other way, so the great king could only do this to protect the world…”

There was deep sadness and respect when Marlene spoke about Xavier, a man that should have happily ruled the ocean, had to sacrifice his life to protect the world

“Wait, so what your saying is that you allow students to battle in a world where a whole army is sealed?”

Olivia spoke to Marlene with a questioning voice, hearing it both Marlene and Cathereine had a troubled look before Marlene spoke again

“Well after the Dragon God had sealed them, he created a key that was given to us for protection but that was lost from our hands hundreds of years ago, in truth the sealed world right now is not dangerous, due to the time control on the sealed world, even if the world is broken, the poepl inside it would only turn to ash”

“So….we really didn’t try to find the lost key..”

The pople of the sea couldn’t really be blamed for this issue, who would have thought that the lost key would appear in the hands of a student?, this was a extremely minuscule chance that shouldn’t have happened

“Oh!, look at that, isn’t that the silver haired boy!”

Nell exclaimed as she looked at the screen, soon all the girls focused onto the screen, not only them everybody watching soon saw, as the screen expanded, in front of the dangerous army, there was a cliff, on it stood a silver haired man, his hair flew in the wind, while his hands held a badge, there was only one thought going threw his mind

‘Fuck you Richard!’

Looking at the huge army that stood in front of me, I couldn’t help but curse that cook freak, I looked at the badge within my arms, it was blue, with a trident within it, this was the gift that was given to me by Richard after my cooking training

Up and till know I had always wondered what it’s uses was, now I know, it was a key to a my death!, I looked up as I saw thousands of sea creatures standing within an army formation, I could not help but gulp when I looked at the man sitting on the throne

‘Well at least I solved one of the worlds biggest mysteries…’

I couldn’t help but lament my bad luck, the badge in my hand is essentially an entry key, you can get in but to get out…well lets just say that no one with corrupted power should be there, looking at the army of corrupted I couldn’t help but feel uneasy, with this much curated mana here, I should too be corrupted but thankfully I have a trump card

“We should save him!”

Nora shouted out with an anxious voice, her normally cold face was full of worry, even Emily had a deep sense of worry within her, Scarlet got tense as she began to use her power, it was during this disarray a soul charming voice was heard


It was Celestinia who spoke, with just one word she had drawn the attention of all of the girls to her, Scarlet bit her lips as she spoke out

“Big sis, I-“

“I know but even if you all want to you can do nothing, that locked world was built by the Dragon God, unless another god level power tried none can open that world”

There was a respect in Celestinia’s voice as she spoke about the dragon god, hearing her words the room was plunged into an unnatural silence, Nora gritted her teeth, no matter how true the dragon Princess words is, she doesn’t care no matter what she would save him, this time she wants to protect him but even before she could say anything Celestinia spoke again

“Calm down for now, why don’t you all look at his face, among us he knows the situation the best, yet he stands there completely calm, maybe he has a plan”

As she finished speaking Celestinia focused back at the screen, for the first time true curiosity filled her eyes, after hearing Celestinia’s words all of them focused back at the screen, they could see Austin standing at the cilff with a calm look, fear wasn’t present at his face, the room calmed down as they focused back at the screen

Meanwhile at a higher place in the stadium within a room designated to the highest level of personals of the school sat, there was a purple haired woman with silver eyes, looking at the screen with a frown on her face, most of her face was covered with a veil, yet it could not completely hide her beauty

Some of the men that sat there would always look at her, taking a peek of this unattainable beauty, normally it would be hard to get a read of her feeling, yet all of them understood one thing, she’s angry

That’s right right now Mira Lionheart was having a huge headache


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