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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 421: Arguments Bahasa Indonesia

The two squads had their own circumstances. Although the Demon Hunting Squad was a bit disappointing, they had just returned from their mission, so they didn’t know what had happened to their base.

They thought their captain wanted them to solve this problem since he focused on the enemies ahead, but it seemed to be not the case.

The muscular guy couldn’t help but fall silent this time, knowing it was better not to say anything right now. After all, there might be bad rumors spreading from this baron’s mouth. Although he wasn’t afraid of him, this city and their headquarters had a good relationship. So, it wouldn’t be wise to provoke him.

“Hu…” The guy took a deep breath as if rethinking the situation. He then said, “I know that you want us to focus on those two nests, but we couldn’t really allow your soldiers to go there without any trump card.

“We’ll leave one of our fighters with your soldiers. This way, there is a Spirit Master in your army, and you, a peak Spirit Master, should be able to protect the city in case something goes wrong.”

The baron, Paul, and the rest of the Demon Relief Squad were startled to see how fast the guy calmed down and looked at the bigger picture. They thought he was all brawl and no brain, but it seemed they were wrong.

The baron paused for a moment before agreeing to his suggestion. “Alright. Let’s do it that way. Though, are you sure you can hunt these demons without this one member?”

“You don’t have to worry about us. We’ll have to look at the condition of the nest first before making some adjustments. In any case, we’re capable of stopping multiple Peak Level Demons if necessary.”

The baron then suggested another thing. “If that’s the case, can you, the Demon Relief Squad send someone to help them?”

Paul frowned. Although he didn’t mind sending one of them to their squad, he didn’t know whether this guy was a reliable leader or not.

Still, the baron had asked him personally. It would be bad if he rejected it instantly.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the guy simply shook his head. “There’s no need for that, Sir Baron. We have enough personnel to complete our tasks. The Demon Relief Squad is not a fighting squad like us, so our combat ability is stronger than theirs. Even if we’re lacking one member, we are still stronger.”

“…” Paul and the others took their words back. Even if he became rational, the guy really loved to look down on other people.

At the very least, he seemed to have a cool head when making an important decision. So, the baron agreed. “Alright. In that case, I’ll be relying on both of you. If you need any reinforcement, immediately inform the soldiers on the gate with this…”

The baron took out two insignia from his pockets. From its look, it was clear the insignia was his family crest.

They could immediately alert the soldiers if they needed to.

Both leaders took the insignia. Instead of leaving, Paul asked, “Do you mind if we take another look at this map? We want to check the supply route and see if there’s something that needs to be fixed.”

“Sure. I’ll leave you here. If you need anything, I’ll let my butler stay on the outside. So, notify him.” The baron nodded.

Since there was no more request, he turned around and walked away, leaving these two groups inside.

In that instant, the tension rose as they glared at each other again.

“The Demon Hunting Squad will take care of the demons. You guys from the Demon Relief Squad can just fix the bridge.” The muscular guy didn’t hesitate to throw a mockery toward Paul’s squad.

However, Paul didn’t let it go just like that. He didn’t care if the others smeared his reputation, but it was better if they didn’t insult his people.

“As expected of the Demon Hunting Squad, all you can think of is hunting the demons like hunting dogs. Should I call you a dog instead? Come here, doggo…” Paul smirked.

Both of them narrowed their eyes. If they weren’t in the mansion, they would have fought each other.

“Hmph. They’re just a bunch of cowards. Just look at them, wearing something neat and even putting on some makeup. I bet they never hunt demons.” A short-haired woman snorted. She had a long scar from her left eyebrow to her left cheek, increasing her fierceness. If one dared to approach her, she would have shown them what it meant to be dominated.

However, this woman also looked at Noel, who hid his face with the masquerade. At one glance, she knew Noel was handsome as long as he took off that mask.

But that feminine-looking Noel was something she hated the most. She laughed, “They even bring a baby here. How about becoming a boy first before going on a mission?”

Rose couldn’t let go of that remark. She gritted her teeth and released her Spiritual Energy.

Suddenly, a figure appeared behind their new guy, trying to capture him.

As if feeling its presence, the short-haired woman’s eyes flashed as she turned around, punching the figure in the face, only to realize it was just an illusion.

In that instant, Paul and the Demon Hunting Squad’s Vice Captain released their punch while the others also unsheathed their weapons, pointing them at their enemy.

It only took them a moment for the tension to collapse.

However, there was one person who didn’t get marked at all due to the difference in number and experience. It was none other than Noel.

Noel was standing between them with a smile. There were two runes next to him. The right one released twelve chains that locked the people’s wrists, while the other was the Hardening Rune that strengthened the chains.

Noel said with a gentle smile as if trying to de-escalate the situation. “Alright. Let’s stop here, shall we?”


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