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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 422: Agreement Bahasa Indonesia

“Alright. Let’s stop here, shall we?”

“!!!” All of them widened their eyes, seeing the chain manage to reach them before they noticed.

The Demon Relief Squad already knew about Noel’s runes, while the Demon Hunting Squad only saw it for the first time. But because of their lack of knowledge about Rune and Spirit Enchantment, they thought Noel was a Spirit Magician.

The short-haired woman released her Spiritual Energy around her hand to rupture the chain, but surprisingly, it remained intact. The Demon Hunting Squad’s Vice Captain even tried to rip it apart but to no avail. If he wanted to break free from this chain, he might need to exert more of his power. But it would end up destroying the mansion.

In the past three months, Noel had made a huge improvement like Anna. He had increased the levels of his runes and other Spirit Abilities.

This time, he used the max level Chain Bind Rune and Hardening Rune to stop them.

“Heh…” A man with slanted eyes smiled, looking at Noel as if he had managed to pique his interest. He raised his hands and said, “Let’s stop here, shall we?”

The short-haired woman was unwilling since it meant she had to eat her own words. But her Vice Captain had let out a sigh and stated, “Alright. Let’s stop here. Alright, Becky?”

“…” The short-haired woman snorted. “Just because you’re the one asking it.”

After she lost her spirit, the Vice Captain looked at Paul, who ended up turning to Noel as if asking him to retract the chain.

Noel then waved his hand, removing the runes. Since the tension had disappeared, Noel returned to his position as a member of the Demon Relief Squad.

“…” Paul paused for a moment before saying, “We’re here to discuss our plan and situation. If your Demon Hunting Squad doesn’t want to listen, then you’re free to leave. However, the Demon Hunting Squad’s opinion is necessary here, so will you leave or will you stay?”

Their Vice Captain knew the conflict had to end. No matter what, their squads were going to cooperate this time. The faster they completed the mission, the quicker they could go back to check their headquarters.

“Go on.” He extended his hand, giving the opportunity to Paul.

“Then, Rose. If you may.” Paul took a step back.

Rose nodded. Without hesitation, Rose put the pieces away and replaced them with her illusion. This time, the demons, the structure, and the area were easily visible.

Soon, a red line that connected this city, the neighboring town, and the fort appeared.

“This is the current supply line just by looking at this map. There is one nest located approximately five hundred meters from this line, while the other two are located within one kilometer of the bridge.

“It’ll be hard to hunt the demons and protect the bridge at the same time. I don’t mind if you think the bridge is not important, but the more the demons destroy the bridge, the longer it’ll take to repair it. Hence, the longer the supply route for your headquarters gets fixed. You should know the consequences, right?

“Hence, we have to mix our groups and split into two. The first group will become the vanguard that hunts all the demons while the second group will protect the bridge.”

“Hmm?” The Demon Hunting Squad’s Vice Captain noticed something and asked, “Why don’t all the vanguard be filled with my squad?”

Rose had expected this question. She flawlessly laid down the reasons. “First of all, the vanguard has to know about the connection between the demons and the bridge. Unfortunately, we need an expert that can measure the situation and make sure the demons don’t go all the way to the bridge. That’s why you need our people.

“The same applies to the second group. Our squad might be good at defense and fixing the bridge, but your Demon Hunting Squad is more adept at searching for demons around. Hence, you will support us to make sure the place is safe.”

Rose didn’t explain it in the way their Demon Relief Squad was the best. This way, the Demon Hunting Squad should agree with their suggestion without hard feelings.

Even their Vice Captain couldn’t really disagree with the plan as he perfectly understood the reasons. However, the problem was their number. “So, how do you plan to split the group?”

“Since you have promised the baron to lend one of your people, then we’ll split the group this way.” Rose used her illusion to show blue and green dots.

There were four dots near the bridge and the rest were next to them.

“Our Vice Captain is the strongest in strength, so he will stay behind with me. And your group is going to lend two people who are good at scouting and assassination to eliminate the demons. In the worst case, our Vice Captain will be there to handle the rest.

“As for the vanguards, it will consist of the members who are good at hunting demons,” Rose explained.

The muscular guy thought for a moment and asked the guy with slanted eyes. “What do you think?”

“You can bring Becky and Shawn to the front while Brad and I will stay near the bridge. Hugo can go with the soldiers.”

“Hmm? I can understand Becky, but why Shawn?”

“I believe she is planning to strike the nest one at a time, right?”

Rose nodded with a serious expression. “That’s right. No matter how confident we are, we don’t know the situation on the field, so we must first be cautious. This situation is the result of a huge battle happening in the fort, so you should understand my concern.

“Hence, we have to destroy one nest at a time. During that time, we don’t know what will happen to the other nest. Hence, having three Spirit Masters and one Spirit Grandmaster near the bridge is the best option.

“This is the plan. If you have any objection, I don’t mind explaining more to you.”


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