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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 395: Violence Bahasa Indonesia

“…” The bald Branch Manager was sitting in front of Anna with an awkward expression. He glanced at Anna’s calm expression as if she wasn’t bothered by what had happened earlier.

She even had the nerve to sip her tea like a noble lady.

He was completely taken aback by what happened and the brutality inside his own place.

‘What the hell actually happened earlier?’ He muttered inwardly, recalling what happened earlier.

Ten minutes ago.

“What is happening here? Who are you?” The Branch Manager glared at Anna while covering his body with Spiritual Energy, planning to fight.

However, the bartender stopped him by saying, “Manager. She would like to register as an inquisitor.”

“Huh? Register? After all this?” The Branch Manager looked around, smelling the foul stench of blood. There was so much blood splattered on the floor and wall that he couldn’t smell any fresh air inside the bar.

If not for the fact this bar was quite remote and shady, there would be a lot of people listening to the shrills of these grown men.

However, the Branch Manager couldn’t dismiss the words of the bartender easily since there was a rule to make sure the master couldn’t be touched as they were the ones connecting everything.

No matter how big the fight would be, as long as the bartender remained neutral, they shouldn’t touch him.

So, seeing the bartender protecting Anna made him reconsider his decision. He glanced to the side while muttering inwardly, ‘Now that I think about this, these guys are from the same group. Although they’re reckless, they’re not the type of people who would provoke anyone without knowing the other party’s identity.

‘And from the looks of it, the girl in front of me is the famous Anna Stargaze. I don’t understand why she is here and joining the organization, but it seems there is something fishy going on.

‘And the third party must be influencing these boys to take action. In other words, these guys are at fault. Still, how am I supposed to handle the matter after all this…’

The Branch manager wanted to cry but had no tears. He was truly speechless that someone who wanted to join the organization actually killed a total of 14 men before even joining. At the same time, it also showed her strength. Anna Stargaze wasn’t someone easy to bully.

The Branch manager took a deep breath and asked, “Let me confirm this again. You want to join the organization, right?”

“Yes. I believe that the royal family has given a statement about it.” Anna nodded.

“Royal…” The Branch Manager paused for a moment, remembering the letter. However, they only stated that they would send someone over without specifying their name. He thought it was a letter of recommendation, but after what happened earlier, it seemed that the letter was a kind of punishment for Anna.

He wasn’t planning to get involved in their feud, so he said, “I understand. I’ll process your registration. But I have to remind you that no matter what kind of connection you use, you have to start from the bottom.”

“Don’t worry. I know the rules of the organization.” Anna nodded.

“Well, we allowed anything, including killing. But please refrain from making a big mess in the organization.”

“I will… as long as others don’t provoke me.” Anna agreed without hesitation before adding, “Of course, if they dare to do something to me, they should prepare for the worst. Death might be the easiest way…”

“…” The Branch Manager couldn’t rebuke her. Death might truly be a mercy after that incident.

To think Anna would cut them up into pieces but make sure they wouldn’t die for a while. It was gruesome to see. At the same time, for those who were cut down, the despair of being unable to do anything other than waiting for their death was simply excruciating. The pain from the wound itself added to their misery.

If they provoked Anna, she wouldn’t mind showing them what it meant to be cruel.

The Branch Manager felt like there would be a lot of problems coming his way soon. However, he could do nothing to stop it. He could only sigh and suck it up.

“Alright. Let me grab the registration paper and notify the badge master. Please wait here.” The Branch Manager rose from his seat and left Anna alone.

As soon as the door was closed, Anna let out a breath of relief.

‘Luckily, Noel wasn’t with me. If he ever saw me doing all that, no one knew what would happen after that. He might join them and kill me…

‘Well, I did all those things in my past life. But the targets weren’t my enemies, but innocent people. Aaaahhh… I’m too embarrassed… Now that I’m looking at it again, I wonder how in the world I could do that…

‘And now, my soul has gotten used to it. The organization didn’t allow me to erase the bloodthirsty nature that had grown in me… No, is this a perfect opportunity for me to test it?

‘Since I wanted to remove the bloodthirsty nature and brainwashing, shouldn’t I take advantage of this opportunity? If I could endure all their useless ramblings, I should be able to suppress those negative traits…

‘Although I wasn’t as cruel as the Blood Berserker, I was pretty brutal in my past life. Then again, I did this for another reason.’

Anna couldn’t help but recall one of the quotes in the notebook.

‘If you want to make an impression, make a big impact. The scarier you are, the safer you are in the organization. Hence, if you ever wish to tell them not to provoke you in the future…

‘Gather all those people in one place where other people could see as well and show them what it means to provoke you. The moment they see and spread that, your name will resound in everyone’s ears. Although you’re known for your infamy, you’re going to be pretty safe inside the organization. Yes, this might be a bad thing to say, but…

‘If violence can’t solve your problem, that means you haven’t used enough violence.”


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