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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 394: Bloody Mary Bahasa Indonesia

The trip only took three days before she reached the capital city. She immediately went to the place marked on the map.

It was a bar. When she entered, she instantly startled everyone because of how beautiful she was.

However, Anna ignored all of them, especially their vulgar gazes, as she made her way to the bartender.

Right after she sat down, a big muscular guy approached him.

“It turns out there is such a beautiful young woman here. Hey, Miss, what do you think? Both of us can go straight to the inn after this!” The guy smirked, glancing at her breast.

Anna coldly stared at him before snorting. “Shut up before I shut you up for the rest of your life.”

“Oh! A tough woman. I do love a tough wo—” The guy wanted to laugh, but Anna suddenly grasped his neck and pulled out his tongue. The Spiritual Energy suddenly sparked around her fingers as she used them to cut the man’s tongue.

“Aawawaawhhh!” The guy instantly screamed in pain but couldn’t muster a single word.

After that, Anna punched his jaw, knocking him out.

“Shut up.” Anna snorted, looking at how the guy dropped to his knees before falling unconscious.

In that instant, the entire bar fell silent as all the people dropped their jaws to the ground, not believing what had just happened.

An unknown woman who had just come to the bar actually cut someone’s tongue and knocked him out.

Seeing their friend treated brutally, all of them suddenly stood up as if planning to avenge him.

Anna ignored the and asked the bartender, “One sweet luvu with a cherry on top.”

“!!!” Not only the bartender but also the rest of the people recognized that code.

That code was used if they wanted to enter the secret hideout. It meant this unknown woman wanted to become an inquisitor.

Before the bartender could reply, one of the guys roared, “Do you think you can join after what you have done?!”

“Just shut up! Do you think I want to join your little gang? You’re the one sullying my reputation!” Anna snorted. She looked high and mighty because this was supposed to be her original personality.

She never showed it to Noel this whole time, but to make everything a success, she had to revert back to this character.

“A little girl like you who doesn’t know what’s good for you?! I’m going to discipline you right now!” The guy gritted his teeth. With their number, it wouldn’t be that hard to suppress Anna alone.

Little did they know, Anna was different. These people were only Spirit Practitioners while she was a Spirit Wielder.

And Anna also had that notebook. She had read it and remembered a paragraph.

‘The organization doesn’t have laws outside their hideout. As long as normal people don’t see what you’ve done, you’re free to do whatever you want among the inquisitors. Killing, crippling, and so on are allowed, so there’s no need to hold back. When they’re using their numerical advantage, if you have the ability to face them, don’t hesitate and… kill them all.’

As soon as she remembered that paragraph, her expression turned extremely cold as she released her killing intent, planning to fight all these people.

Looking at how they seemed to be targeting her, she thought these people were working with the royal family. They were trying to suppress her by using numbers to test her strength.

So, Anna understood what she had to do in this situation.

As soon as the guy reached her and was about to grasp her shoulder, Anna swiftly dodged to the side while pulling out her sword, cutting his arm.

“!!!” Everyone widened their eyes as a scream soon echoed inside the bar.

“Aaaaahhhh!” The guy fell to his knees while holding his arm. “You… You bitch!”

“Do you think I don’t know what you’re planning to do?” Anna snorted. “You want to sleep with me even though you’re so weak? And you are trying to use your numerical advantage to suppress me and r*pe me?”

“This place is different. Do you think you can get away after doing all this?!” The guy glared at Anna before shouting, “Attack her!”

“Get away after all this? Of course, do you think I came here without knowing anything?” Anna smirked as she cut the guy’s other arm.


The people were shocked because this was the first time they had seen a woman who would do something like this.

‘Ah, I was planning to enter peacefully, but why did all of you have to provoke me? You don’t know how cruel I was in my past life… I guess I don’t mind showing it again so that no one bothers me anymore.’ Anna glanced at the guy and cut his legs this time.

“NO!” One of them shouted, trying to stop her. But it was too late, she had cut his legs and the guy screamed in pain. “Aaaahhhh… My arms, my legs.”

“If I lose, my fate would be worse than death itself. Then, don’t you agree that you have to experience the same thing?” Anna smirked while releasing her killing intent as if she had gone insane. “Don’t worry. Painless death will be the last thing I’ll give you. You shall experience the last hours of your life in agony.”

When they heard it, all of them attacked Anna, trying to suppress them.

A few minutes later, a bald man suddenly entered the bar, finding the entire mess. The people were screaming in pain. Some of the lucky ones passed out and would surely die without experiencing all the pain. Some of them were in agony as if begging Anna just to kill them instead.

All of them had at least two of their limbs cut down. Just like she said, she left them alive but made sure they had no ability to fix themselves, so their only fate was to die slowly.

The blood covered the floor, and some splattered on her clothes, dyeing them red.

“What is this?” The bald guy was utterly shocked as he saw the woman drenched in blood, releasing a killing intent that made his body shudder.

“Branch Manager…” One of the guys recognized him and tried to beg for help.

The Branch Manager couldn’t understand what had happened. The only thing he could see was Anna and the bartender who was presenting a drink to Anna.

“This is my present for you, Miss. Please enjoy this… Bloody Mary.” The bartender said as if giving her a nickname from the drink itself.


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