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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 388: Josephine Bahasa Indonesia

“Father. I’m here.” Anna knocked on her father’s door with a serious expression, not knowing why her father suddenly called her here.

“Come in.”

As soon as Anna entered, she saw her father’s concerned expression as if something bad had happened.

“Is there anything I can help you with, Father?” Anna asked with a calm expression like she never noticed his concern.

“I want to ask you about something. What do you think about your teacher?”

“Are you talking about Teacher Josephine? Or is it Sir Shale?”

“The former.”

Anna looked down for a moment as her expression became cold. On the one hand, she wanted to kill the teacher that killed her in the past. On the other hand, she couldn’t do it right now for two reasons: she wasn’t strong enough and she hadn’t prepared for the consequences of killing her.

The royal family would attack them as soon as Anna tried to harm them. And she had to act as if she was still following her teacher’s words for the time being.

Hence, Anna explained, “I’m indebted to Teacher Josephine for teaching me many things. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to reach this level.”

Kevin frowned when he heard her answer. However, that expression soon disappeared as he calmly said, “I see. If that’s the case, I’m here to inform you that your teacher will be visiting soon. So, you have to greet her later.”

“!!!” Anna was surprised to know her teacher was coming. Although she had expected this, she thought the teacher would be coming far later. She would have a lot of time to prepare for it.

However, it seemed the situation wasn’t going according to her expectations.

‘It seems that I have to adjust my plan for a bit.’ Anna muttered inwardly before politely bowing to her father. “If that’s the case, I shall prepare for her visit.”

“Yes.” Kevin hesitated for a moment before saying, “However, if you think you want to practice by yourself, I can tell your teacher about it.”

Anna was surprised once again. Although he worded it that way, Anna knew if she wanted to reject her visit, her father wouldn’t hesitate to not accept Josephine from entering the territory.

However, Anna had to face this Josephine sooner or later. Since the opportunity had arrived, she chose to face her teacher head-on.

Anna smiled. “Thank you, Father. But that won’t be necessary. It’s been so long since the last time I met her.”

“Is that so?” Kevin made an awkward face before agreeing to her. “Since you want it that way, then I’ll inform you when she’s arrived in our territory.”

“Yes. Thank you, Father. I’ll be—” Anna stopped when she felt a fluctuation of Spiritual Energy from the outside.

Even Kevin turned around, furrowing his eyebrows.

If the Demon Banner Army had their captains and the Tower Association had their elders, the nobles had their Arbiters.

And from the fluctuation just now, they knew that one of the Arbiters had arrived. Third Arbiter, the Royal Magician, Josephine Brown.

Kevin gritted his teeth. He had told his people to inform him before she reached this place, so there was no way they wouldn’t do it. Hence, the only reason why he never heard a single thing from them was because Josephine had traveled faster than them.

“It seems that your teacher has arrived.”

“Then, I’ll be greeting her.” Anna politely nodded while maintaining her calm face.

But when she left the room, her expression turned cold. ‘Now, I wonder how much influence is left in this body… Although I have reincarnated and my soul is strong, the body is still my previous body. So, it should be reacting to her words. And I have to measure it so that I can adjust my plan accordingly.’

With that thought in mind, Anna came out of the mansion, looking at the gate. Despite releasing that amount of Spiritual Energy, it seemed she didn’t enter the marquis’ mansion without permission.

In fact, she was waiting without saying anything as if she knew someone would come for her.

And as she predicted, Anna had come out.

“…” Anna took a deep breath. Just looking at her appearance could make her shiver. It seemed that she would still have some problems getting rid of her influence.

She looked at this red-haired woman with an emotionless face. Despite her short notice, Josephine was wearing a plain white shirt and black pants coupled with long black robes that signified her identity as a magician.

These were her usual clothes every time she met the king, so it was polite enough to visit a marquis.

As soon as their gazes intertwined, Anna politely bowed to her and greeted her. “It’s been a while, Teacher Jose.”

“Indeed,” Jose smirked, wondering how much Anna had changed because she joined the Demon Banner Army.

Of course, Anna was sensitive enough to know what she wanted. Without hesitation, she released her killing intent and shouted coldly, “Open the gate! You commoners are too blind to not even recognize the great arbiter! Do you want to die?!”

If Noel was here, he would be shocked because Anna was always polite to others despite their different status. Though, if he never knew Anna and saw this behavior, there would be nothing to stop him from killing Anna.

Meanwhile, the soldiers panicked because they had heard a lot of rumors about Anna from the other guards or staff in the mansion.

They hurriedly followed her instructions as if their lives depended on it.

As soon as the gate was opened, Jose entered the mansion while smiling. She stood in front of Anna and said, “It seems you have returned from the Demon Banner Army. So, did they kick you out?”

“No, Teacher. I went there simply to fulfill your teaching. You once told me that commoners and nobles are different and that their lives are in our hands.

“So, I went there to torture Noel Ardagan before killing him. He had even contributed a big time to the point it would become a problem even for me. If only Teacher could see his despair right before he died.” She smiled evilly.

“Good, that’s my student.”


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