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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 387: Kevin Bahasa Indonesia

“Then, I’ll take my leave.” Anna bowed her head and stepped out of the room politely. She couldn’t help but look at the necklace in her hand. ‘Something is different in this life. It seems that I was too much of a mess in my past life… To think it would take me my entire life to even figure that out.’

She had planned a few things when she came back here, including meeting her teacher.

‘Noel is doing his best there, so I’m not going to lose here.’ Anna smiled while walking to her room. At the very least, she was going to rest for today since she would have a lot of things to do.

However, she couldn’t help but recall the change of expression her father had when she mentioned Noel. It seemed her father also knew about him.

‘As expected, the letter is right. There is a connection between my father and Noel’s family. He should have some plans regarding the Ardagan Family. Though, I can’t really tell him everything I know because I don’t know who I can trust right now. My father might even do something out of my imagination if I tell him like this. I’m not Noel, so I should keep this information to myself until I’m sure about it.

‘Now that I think about it, I should use this chance to increase not only my strength but my experience so that I can understand Noel’s plan better. That way, I might even be able to work together with Noel before he tells me his plan.

‘Yeah. This is what I should do.’ Anna smiled while pumping her fists.

While Anna walked to her room, her father, Kevin, pinched the bridge of his nose.

“My daughter has killed my best friend’s son?” Kevin’s expression darkened. “No, no, no. There is no way she has done it. After all, Luke told me that Noel was protected by someone. There was no way he would die.

“So, the problem is… Did he plan his entire death? And is my daughter in it right now? If she is, then doesn’t that mean there’s a relationship between them?

“Did Noel manage to solve the hatred between them? After all, my daughter should be the focus of the entire execution. What happened to them?”

Kevin tried to figure out what happened from all the information he had but to no avail.

His subordinate had been trying to tail them, but because Shale once spotted him, he had to move a bit further away. Hence, he couldn’t capture everything that truly happened between them.

That was why he lacked information about what transpired between Noel and Anna.

“This is confusing. I don’t know if my daughter has changed or not… Well, she has changed, but I don’t know if she still retains some of her past nature.

“Well, I haven’t asked for what she is coming back. But at least I have more chances to observe her now. Maybe in the future, she will truly change like how Luke predicted.

“Still, I have given the necklace that Luke gave me in the past. He told me to give it to my daughter if she had the potential to work together with Noel…

“Although he never said it, Noel was supposed to be the key to solving the Supreme Devil Organization that seems to be plaguing this kingdom.

“So, I should assume that Noel hasn’t died. Then, I should continue my plan.” Kevin took a deep breath before he felt someone rushing into his room. “Who?”


Suddenly, someone slammed the door, rushing into the room.

“This is bad, Sir.” A butler entered. Due to rushing here, he was panting and had a hard time catching his breath. His right hand was presenting an important letter that contained the royal seal.

“Hmm?” Kevin narrowed his eyes, looking at the seal. “This is a royal seal? Is there anyone from the royal family visiting us? No, wait. There might be someone…”

Without hesitation, he took the letter and waved his hand, dismissing the butler.

As he expected, the moment he took out the letter, it came from the person he had thought of earlier.

“I have heard that my disciple has returned to the capital city. I’ll be visiting her as soon as possible.”

Josephine Brown.

In an instant, Kevin’s expression became cold when he saw the name.

“She’s coming again? That witch sent by the royal family…” Kevin clicked his tongue. It all started with the betrayal of Noel’s uncle, Laufey Ardagan.

Because of what happened, the royal family put a close eye on Luke and his connections, including him.

And when they found out about Anna’s talent, they tried to control her. Though, it also became his ticket to get close to the royal family.

In exchange, the royal family sent an observer to ensure Luke and Kevin wouldn’t pose any threat to them.

With Josephine becoming Anna’s teacher, the brainwashing began.

Even though he had been sneakily helping Anna, he couldn’t remove her influence completely.

That was why he never disagreed when Anna wanted to go to the Demon Banner Army. At the very least, she would be away from Josephine’s influence.

Now that she had come back, he was afraid that Anna would return to the way she was.

‘What should I do now?’ Kevin bit his lips, trying to figure out what he should do to prevent Anne from returning to her past self.

“As soon as possible… Even if this letter is brought by a special carrier, she has to travel for another one or two days before reaching here. I should prepare some countermeasures before then.”

Without hesitation, Kevin began formulating his plan on the spot, pushing all the matters on hand away. Anna had changed for the better, so there was no way he would let Josephine change her back.

Unbeknownst to him, Anna wasn’t a simple sixteen years old girl. He didn’t know she had reincarnated. Her willpower wasn’t as weak as he thought it would be.


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