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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 367: Signal Bahasa Indonesia

“What do you mean by this?” Paul gritted his teeth while holding the pain. He never thought that the head butler was going to do something like this. “I have some suspicions about a mole in this place, but to think the mole is you…”

The Head Butler, who was also a Spirit Grandmaster like him, snorted without saying anything.

“You are unqualified to be a butler. To think you would point your sword at your ma—” Before Paul could finish his words, he felt a jolt in his body as he fell to his knees. “This is…”

“As expected, it seems if you don’t take it directly, it is less effective and takes a long time to get affected.” The butler narrowed his eyes.

‘I can’t even move a muscle?’ Paul gritted his teeth, never expecting the poison to be this powerful. He realized that the poison came through his slash after the sword grazed him, but even so, this was still too much, considering he had been using his Spiritual Energy around that area.

“It’s useless. What I have used is the Seven-Colored Poison. You won’t be able to fight against it.”

“Seven-Colored Poison?” Paul recognized this name. ‘The Seven-Colored Poison was a mixture of seven deadly poison herbs. Although it’s hard to produce because not only you have to find all the seven deadly poison herbs, but the amount you can turn into the real poison is low. And it should be impossible for them to be able to acquire it…’

“The Fagant Leaf should have gone extinct a few hundred years ago and the only person left who possesses this leaf is…” Paul gasped. “No way, one of the twelve leaders of the Tower Association, the Poison Lord, has joined your side?”

“That’s how it is.” The Head Butler smirked. “It’s truly hard to acquire this leaf since its effect is the best. They can seal one’s Spiritual Energy, no matter if they’re a demon or a human. And now…”

The Head Butler placed his sword right at Paul’s neck. “I can kill you both effortlessly.”

He raised his sword and swung it down.

On top of the wall, Rose and Stella noticed a few people who had been dampening people’s morale.

Rose and Stella had understood why Noel wanted to pay attention to them. Without hesitation, they followed them quietly, wondering where they were going after this.

To their surprise, there were a total of ten people gathering in a dark alley.

“We have done our job. All we need to do is to wait for the bishop to come.”

“That’s right. Did you see their faces? They were completely hopeless.”

“No one would be able to stop us now.”

They thought they had won the battle, but they didn’t know Rose and Stella had been tailing them this whole time.

Both of them looked at each other as if whispering something.

‘There doesn’t seem anyone strong in their group. However, we shouldn’t take them out right away. We have to open their mouth to know about their plan.’

Stella heard Rose’s voice through illusion but gave her a confused look, not knowing how to do it.

‘Wait for a moment. I have a plan.’

Both of them nodded as they disappeared to discuss their plan.

In the meantime, Jonathan and Ben had gone to the opposite wall as if they had a plan.

“We can’t use the bomb anymore because it has been seized and we don’t know where it is right now. So, we have to call the two captains in another way,” said Jonathan while raising his hand. “I’m going to shoot a ridiculous amount of Spiritual Energy into the sky to alarm them.”

“But we can’t do it right now because we have to pull the enemy in first. If we miss this chance, we might not be able to kill that bishop. We have to kill him since he is one of the first few people we have to kill in the Supreme Devil Organization.”

“Are you serious? We only have two Captains now and the Valley Master can’t help us with anything. Do you think the two of them can handle both the bishop and the Superior Demon? Let’s think about this rationally.” Jonathan bit his lips.

Ben couldn’t say anything. Of course he knew about it, but the Blood Berserker was that big of a deal.

“In that case, how are you planning to do this? Are we gonna call the captains right now to scare the enemies?”

“But if there is a mole inside, those people must have known about the existence of the two captains…”

“Yet, he still dares to come…”

“Does he have some assurance in handling both captains?”

“I don’t think so. Then, what is his aim that can stop both captains?”


Both of them looked at each other as if they understood who would become the next target. Yes, they were the targets.

“If we’re the targets, then shouldn’t we try to escape from this place? If he dares to fight the two captains with that Superior Demon, it’s clear that he has a way of dealing with all of us. In that case, we shouldn’t become the burden for the two captains…”

“…” Jonathan fell silent, contemplating. “Then, should we inform the rest of the group?”

“No, we should inform the two captains first to come here. Since he’s going to come no matter what, it doesn’t matter whether we call the captains now or later. In fact, it’ll be safer to do it now.”

Jonathan nodded in agreement as he started gathering his Spiritual Energy into his arm. “Alright. Let’s do it.”

Ben nodded. “I’ll support you later.”

Jonathan took a deep breath as the Spiritual Energy around the area began to concentrate in his arm.

The blue-colored light began to shine on top of the wall, startling the soldiers. However, Jonathan didn’t care about their distress as he raised his hand, shooting out a bird into the sky before making it explode to create a huge blue lamp in the sky.



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