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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 366: Mole Bahasa Indonesia

“Hurry up. Where is it?” Jonathan asked while scrambling through the piles of items they had in their carriage.

“It should be in the first carriage. Since we haven’t used it before, we shouldn’t have moved it.” Ben also helped him but to no avail.

They were gritting their teeth since they didn’t have a lot of time. There would be something happening soon, so they had to call the two captains as soon as possible.

But no matter how hard they searched for it, they couldn’t find this item.

“Where is the item?” Ben gritted his teeth, starting to become frustrated.

“I also want to know that answer.” Jonathan bit his lips. “How about searching for the second carriage?”

“Alright. You, too, should bring out all these items to make it easier for us to find them.”

Jonathan and Ben reached an agreement. While Ben ran to the second carriage, Jonathan used his Telekinesis to bring out all the items.

Yet, despite searching both carriages, they couldn’t find the item they were looking for.

“What is this? How in the world could we not find the item when we need it the most?” Jonathan stomped to the ground, releasing his anger.

“Wait, that is…” Jonathan stopped him and pointed at the basket where they placed a bunch of tools.

“What are you pointing—” Ben followed his finger and found the basket before falling silent.

Both of them seemed to understand what each other was thinking.

“Ben… This is…”

“Yes. The position of the tool has been changed. Although we just toss every tool into this basket without tidying it up, we always put the heavier tool at the bottom. But why is this hammer actually at the top?”

Jonathan and Ben gasped, realizing something.

“No way. You are thinking what I’m thinking, Ben?”

“I sure do. There was a mole who knew about our signal, so this person took it away. And the only person who knew about our meeting with the Valley Master was…”



Numerous demons were coming toward their city, startling all the soldiers on the wall.

They immediately rang the bell to inform the rest of the soldiers to fight.

“All the soldiers have to go to the wall right now. There are a lot of…” The soldier, who was informing the others, gasped when he saw the sheer number of demons coming toward them. “What is this…”

Normally, they would fight one or two hundred demons at the time. But the number of demons they could see right now surpassed anything they had ever seen.

“There are a thousand, no, a few thousands… No, it might even reach ten thousand…” The soldier dropped his jaw to the ground. His body began trembling because he didn’t even know whether they could stop this or not. “We only have one thousand soldiers in the city and we always win the battle. But this time, there are a few thousand demons at the very least. Are we supposed to fight all of them?”

But before he could think of anything, there was a shadow in the distance. Every step it took made the ground vibrate.

“What is that monster…” Another soldier pointed at the shadow in shock. “The height alone is around fifteen meters and nothing can stop that giant body, even this wall.”

“That must be the Superior Demon lying on our south, that Demon Bear.”

“Not good. We have to tell the Valley Master to take action. We can’t let the Superior Demon come here!”

Before they could even go back to tell the Valley Master, another soldier reached the top of the wall while bringing emergency news.

“This is bad. I have received the news from the castle. It’s said that the Valley Master is poisoned. His current condition is unknown!”

“!!!” The people were shocked when they heard it. They always thought that the Valley Master was capable of repelling the Superior Demon. But they never imagined they would be in a situation where the Valley Master couldn’t fight while the Superior Demon came.

“This is…” The soldiers started to fall on their knees as if realizing this battle was as good as lost. There was no way they could stop a Superior Demon without the Valley Master.

They didn’t realize that Rose was among the soldiers. She had reached this place for a while to do her mission of observing the demons. However, she couldn’t help but remember what Noel had said earlier.

“I’ll make sure that you can get your revenge today. But to do that, I need you to mark all the people who know about this poisoning incident.”

‘Why does he want me to mark these people? No, wait…’ Rose suddenly came to a realization. ‘To boost the soldiers’ morale, they should hide the news about the poisoning incident. Yet, giving this kind of news to the soldiers will pummel their morale. No, in the first place, there are only a handful of people who know about the poisoning incident.

‘Other than us, the maids and the butlers are locked in that room to be investigated. There are only two butlers who come out of that room, the butler that leads us to safety and the head butler who… No way.’

Rose gasped as she could finally understand what had happened. The only reason why this news could get out was from mouth to mouth. The butler who led them had to return to the dining room to be questioned, but they had never seen the head butler anywhere after that.

There was a mole in the castle. This was something they had agreed on. But they never expected that the mole was actually the head butler, a Spirit Grandmaster.

As she came to that realization, Paul was holding his left arm, so the blood didn’t come out of the wound.

He was glaring at the head butler who was supposed to be getting the doctor. Instead of dragging a doctor here, he was bringing his sword and inflicting that wound.

Paul gritted his teeth, glaring at the head butler. “What do you mean by this?”


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