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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 334: Alone Bahasa Indonesia

Anna and Stella were going wild on the battlefield. Stella could utilize her wind to improve her speed while Anna moved like a lightning. They kept eliminating demon after demon while covering each other up.

On the other hand, Noel had been using his Sword Fall and Bouncing Spiritual Slash to kill the demons they didn’t manage to kill in the first strike.

The same applied to Jonathan. In the end, they had an easy time during this battle, allowing them to conserve their energy.

It seemed that the squad to take down the Peak Level Demons had been decided.

The moment they cleared up the entire wall, Rose’s voice echoed in their ears.

“Jonathan and Noel will be going to kill the Peak Level Demons while Stella and Anna handle the rest of the demons.”

“Got it!” Jonathan nodded and immediately brought Noel to the other battlefield.

“For now, I’ll be with you, making sure the demons can’t harm you. If you have anything strong that can penetrate the Peak Level Demon’s skill, then you can use it. If possible, attack them from afar like that burst of ice of yours.”

Noel nodded, trying to formulate a plan to handle these two demons.

The two Peak Level Demons seemed to be buffalo and a snake. Paul was fighting the buffalo and achieved a better result compared to Zion and Ben.

The buffalo had both horns crushed, while the snake only had some superficial wounds on its body.

As soon as he noticed them, Paul pointed at the snake and shouted, “There!”

Jonathan and Noel immediately headed straight to help Zion and Ben.

The snake spat a mouthful of poison toward them as if telling them not to get involved in the fight.

However, Jonathan used his Telekinesis to disperse the poison. Still, the poison seemed to be able to melt everything it touched and it was releasing gas after melting them.

Jonathan hurriedly used his Telekinesis to push the wind so that the poison gas would be blown away in another direction.

Meanwhile, Zion leaped back to them and explained the situation. “The snake has powerful poison and sturdy skin. If we want to attack it, we have to either release an attack that can destroy the scale or hit it from the inside.”

Before Noel said anything, he actually approached the poison and used his Water Purifying. Although he didn’t know whether it would work or not, the poison was also liquid, so the purification should be able to affect it in a way.

Surprisingly, the poisonous purple liquid suddenly turned transparent.

“!!!” Jonathan and Zion widened their eyes, not believing what they saw. “What are you doing?!”

“I’m trying to purify this liquid.” Noel thought for a moment and said, “I think you can allow me to enter the snake’s body and kill it from the inside. My attacks will be useless against this snake from the outside, but the inside shouldn’t be tough. Even I can cut it.”

“No!” Jonathan shouted with a cold expression while Zion explained, “We’re not at a level where we can get reckless yet. I know that you’re planning to get the best result, but this is not the way to do it. As expected, your brain is good since you can come up with one plan after another.

“But you’re lacking compassion. Do you think we like to see you recklessly playing with your life? Noel, look around you!” Zion had noticed Noel’s weird behavior. He had good observation ability, but everything seemed to be centered on him.

Even Noel didn’t realize he had been acting this way. He might have gotten used to the fact that his parents had died, so there was no one he should think about anymore. This way, he could recklessly push his body to achieve his goal.

This kind of thought had been planted for a few months and became his new reality. Even the letter couldn’t really break apart this feeling.

Even when fighting together with Anna, Noel still acted like he was alone. That was why he had been trying to convince himself otherwise. And the first time he did, it was by thanking Anna for being with him during the rescue mission.

He wasn’t alone anymore. The people around him were like brothers and sisters that would help him instead of plotting against him. The Zero Squad was his new family.

Zion gently flicked his forehead and smiled, “Stop fighting alone, Noel. We’re here.”

Noel bit his lips. This was the breaking point of his heart, making him realize that he wasn’t alone anymore. The letter and Anna might crack his cold heart, but Zion’s words truly shattered everything.

“Ah…” Noel had forgotten this feeling. There were people beside him. He wasn’t alone anymore.

Noel wanted to apologize, but he knew it wasn’t the time. Instead, he said, “Let’s change our plan. Ben and Jonathan will stop the snake for a while. Zion and I will kill the snake.”

Noel didn’t specify his plan and might even try to do something reckless again, but when they saw his expression, they realized Noel had changed.

Zion smiled. “Sounds good to me.”

Jonathan nodded as he flew toward the snake’s head, helping Ben stopping the monster.

Meanwhile, Zion ran toward the snake’s body with Noel while asking, “So, what are we going to do?”

“Let’s plant a nail on its body!” Noel smirked while summoning his Sword Fall. This sword was heavy and sturdy, so it shouldn’t break against this snake’s scale.

Zion finally agreed to his plan. Noel used his control to make the three swords curve and fly to the snake.


As expected, the swords couldn’t even leave a dent in the scale. However, Zion came in and kicked this sword as hard as possible.


*Shaaaa!* The snake screamed in pain because the sword managed to pierce through its skin.

Zion didn’t stop there as he kicked the other two swords, impaling the snake.

The snake tried to turn around to stop Zion and Noel, but it was stopped by Ben and Jonathan.

Zion smiled. “Good! Let’s continue! We will be able to kill this snake after repeating this a few times!”

“No, no need.” Noel’s voice entered his ears, startling Zion. The latter turned around and found Noel rushing toward the snake’s body.

The three giant swords suddenly disappeared into thin air, exposing the three holes leading into the snake’s body.

“Wait, are you going to—” Zion thought Noel planned to enter through the gap.

“Of course not.” Noel smiled, showing he wasn’t going to be reckless anymore. Instead of going inside, Noel formed his Freezing Crystal and sent it through the hole, allowing it to explode inside.



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