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The demons were screaming at each other right before the crash. However, their momentum was too fast to stop.

Some of them managed to stop, but the demons behind them didn’t know anything and ended up running over them. Some demons tripped and fell, causing another to trip and fall as well.

And those that couldn’t stop ended up crashing into each other.


The demons were destroying each other. Some even got thrown into the air.

Meanwhile, Jonathan used his Telekinesis to bring Noel float in the air, looking at the crash.

“I’ll start!” Jonathan pointed his palm toward the demons and pushed the air downwards, pressing the demons down.

Before Anna and Stella could attack them, Noel made his first move. He gathered all the Spiritual Energy he could muster to form a snowflake, throwing it toward the demons.

Freezing Crystal.

The moment the snowflake touched the demons, it burst out and devoured at least two-thirds of the entire army, covering them with thick ice.

Noel got the notification of killing so many demons, but he couldn’t launch a second attack because Jonathan had pulled him back.

He noticed Anna and Stella had been charging their Spiritual Energy on the side. Anna’s ferocious lightning was ready to be launched from the sword, while Stella’s atrocious wind was ready to devour all these demons.

Although it looked like Stella poured more Spiritual Energy into her sword, Anna was the one who managed to control and make sure no Spiritual Energy leaked from it. In the end, the amount of power inside their swords was equal.

“Her control is extraordinary. There is no leak in her Spiritual Energy.” Jonathan muttered while staring at Anna.

“Leaked? What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain to you after we finish this battle.”

Noel nodded, knowing this wasn’t the right time to listen to the explanation either.

He then watched how these two attacked their enemies.

Both of them raised their swords at the same time. Upon the signal from Rose, they both slashed downwards, shooting forth their elements.

The crescent-shaped lightning ran through the ground, destroying everything underneath. When it reached the demons, the lightning obliterated their bodies, not letting anything stop it.

Meanwhile, Stella had a different application for her Spiritual Energy. The moment the crescent-shaped wind reached the first demon, it slashed the demon into two, but the impact caused the wind to split. From one wind attack to two, two to four, four to eight, Stella steadily eliminated the demons.

Because they attacked from opposite directions, Anna’s lightning was about to hit Stella’s wind. Surprisingly, Stella became even more excited like this to the point she controlled her wind to go straight toward the lightning.

“Huh? What is she doing?” Noel gasped, not understanding her plan. He thought Stella would continue killing the demons, but it seemed not to be the case.

“Stella’s Spiritual Energy is soft and easy to control. Though, it lacks a bit of power. On the other hand, Anna’s Spiritual Energy is overbearing and hard to control. It gives power, but it doesn’t allow her to control it. I’ll teach you about control over the Spiritual Energy after this fight. There is a lot for you to learn.”

Noel nodded with a serious expression. He also learned why Stella actually made her wind hit the lightning. Due to her soft approach, the wind acted as a wall and dispersed the lightning in all directions. The more wind slashes added to the wall, the more it scattered.

Stella was matching Anna’s movement to get as many kills as possible. Even as an experienced fighter in her past life, Stella’s support had left nothing to be desired from Anna’s perspective.

“So, this is the level of the Zero Squad,” Anna muttered with a smile.

Noel shouted, “We must kill the rest of the demons, including the one near the wall. With that, we should have cleared enough space to handle the Peak Level Demons!”

They agreed to Noel’s suggestion. Even Jonathan couldn’t help but remember the time when Noel gave them this idea.

At that time, Paul gave him two problems.

“First of all, there is a chance that the Advanced Level Demons or even the Peak Level Demons will stop them before they crash. Secondly, we need people to escape from that crash, so someone with high speed like Zion.”

“The second problem is the easiest one to fix. I’m more familiar with this plan, so I’ll be the bait. As for the second person, it’ll be Jonathan!”

“!!!” Paul instantly understood what he wanted with Jonathan. “I see. You’re planning to fly in the sky?”

“Yes.” Noel smiled. “As for the first problem, we’ll only need to meet right in the corner instead of in front of a certain wall. With so many demons getting killed in one’s corner, it can act as a wall, stopping the demons from seeing what happened on the other side. Then, we can focus our force on eliminating the demons on a side where the Peak Level Demons come. Two of us will stay at the other corner to stop the rest of the demons while six people will take down the Peak Level Demons.”

“Mhm?!” Even Paul was surprised. He thought Noel planned to let them crash in front of a certain wall and split their forces to clean up that wall. But with this plan, they could shorten their time since they could concentrate their forces.

It took only two seconds before Paul accepted the suggestion. And this was the result.

Looking at this wall made of demon corpses, he realized the demons couldn’t even see what was happening on the other side. So, he immediately picked up Stella and landed next to Anna.

“In that case, let’s clear this side of the wall before regrouping with Paul and the others.” Jonathan nodded.

Stella and Anna nodded with a smile, ready to exterminate all the demons.

They immediately began killing while Rose kept the surveillance, making sure nothing went wrong.

She couldn’t help but smile when seeing this efficiency. “So, this is the new Zero Squad.”


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