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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 324: Fighting a Peak Level Demon (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Meanwhile, the fight still continued. The cheetah was struggling to resist the pressure. Its Spiritual Energy kept rising and eventually, the cheetah let out another roar, sending forth a blast to all directions.


The shock wave from the blast hit the pressure on top of him, scattering it.

But when the cheetah was about to move to kill Jonathan, Zion suddenly appeared on top of him, falling down with his foot covered in Spiritual Energy.

“He said kneel, you idiot!” Zion dropped a kick at the cheetah’s head and knocked it to the ground.

The loud crashing sound echoed in the field and the cheetah had his head planted on the ground.

This was the time Stella made her move. Since the cheetah had been restrained, she covered her sword with Spiritual Energy and struck the cheetah’s head. The Spiritual Energy turned into wind and scattered upon hit.

The gale was so sharp that it cut the cheetah’s skin, covering the cheetah head in hollow wounds.

Stella didn’t stop here. She continued moving to the side of this demon and struck her sword again, scattering the wind and cutting the skin as well.

She struck the cheetah a few more times, completely covering his entire body with wounds.

The Spiritual Energy from the demon’s body became even fiercer.

“Oh, this is not good.” Stella muttered while leaping back to regain some distance. In that instant, the Spiritual Energy erupted, creating a shock wave that pushed all of them back.

The demon stood up again while releasing a roar. The roar’s strength was similar to the first one that could destroy the ground, but this time, the roar spread in all directions, causing a massive destruction to the area.

“Is this the strength of the peak level demon?” Noel sucked a cold breath.

“There are two states of mind for the peak level demon: calm and berserk. In the calm state, the demon usually uses their brain to fight their enemies. They are skillful and annoying. However, their full strength will be unleash if they’re in berserk state. In that state, they’re drawing all the potential in their body and fight like a beast. So, yeah… Choose your poison.”

“Calm and skillful, insane but strong,” Noel muttered while contemplating. “I see. Depending on the situation, you can make them berserk or keep them calm…”

“That’s right. Well, they’re unnecessarily making this demon berserk… Someone is probably wanting to show off. Yeah, this must be Stella.” He pointed at Stella and said, “Her Spirit is a Wind Spirit. She scattered her wind to find a weak spot. Still, as expected of a Peak Level Demon, its skin is tough. Low Level and Mid Level demons would have died in a single hit.”

“…” Noel narrowed his eyes, realizing the wounds truly covered the body. This way, she could see which wound was the deepest to concentrate their attacks on that spot.

Without anyone noticing, Stella had actually regrouped with the other two. She said, “The ears, the eyes, the tail, and the leg’s joints. Zion, you kick the tiger’s legs while I cut the rest. After that, we’ll deliver the killing blow.”

“Got it.” Zion nodded and leaped to the demon.

The demon instictivelyy gathered its energy on its paw and stomped Zion. The latter smiled for a second before disappearing from that position.

Still, the paw actually shattered the ground around that area. If he took it head-on, Zion might probably get injured.

Fortunately, Zion’s speed was enough to avoid this paw as he went straight to the other leg and kicked the joint.


*Roar!* The demon screamed in pain as the shock wave from the kick cracked the ground. It turned out Zion’s kick wasn’t any weaker compared to the demon’s. And that kick dislocated the bones, causing the demon to fall down.

It was at that time, Stella came in. Instead of dispersing her wind like earlier, Stella concentrated that wind to cut the demon’s ears.



The demon became angry but he couldn’t hear their movement anymore. He could only rely on the smell and vision to track them, but Jonathan didn’t allow him to do that.

He concentrated the air with his Telekinesis and pushed it to the eyes.

The demons felt the fluctuation of the Spiritual Energy, but because it couldn’t move due to Zion’s attack, the demon could only close its eyes, hoping the eyelids were strong enough to protect his eyes. The demon even lowered down his head to avoid this attack.


The telekinesis ended up hitting the demon’s forehead, but this was enough for Stella because she had arrived in front of the eyes. She slashed her swords horizontally, cutting both of the eyes.


The demon was truly helpless when fighting against these three. It tried to resist with its Spiritual Energy again, but Jonathan wrapped his body with Telekinesis, suppressing the Spiritual Energy for a few seconds.

After that, Jonathan raised his other hand and lifted a huge chunk of dirt.

Stella’s eyes flashed as she cut down the dirts, turning it into a nail. With Jonathan’s placing it right on top of the demon’s head, Zion gave enough strength for the nail to impale the head with his kick.


The demon couldn’t do anything as it was already half dead the moment the dirt entered his head. And Stella delivered the killing blow by slicing its head through the hole from the nail.

“And this is how we fight. In the end, the demon couldn’t use all its strength,” said Ben as he watched how the three finished a Peak Level Demon. “Of course, there is only one demon this time. Normally, we have to take care of the other demons as well and if there are two Peak Level Demons, we’ll have some trouble.

“Just imagine, we have to take care of two of that demon while holding off at least thirty to forty Advanced Level Demons, let alone the numerous Mid Level and Low Level Demons.”

“I see. Still, it’s amazing.” Noel nodded in understanding. “Although I can’t really handle a Peak Level Demon, I hope I can somehow lessen your burden.”

“No need to rush. Besides, Rose will be the one giving you instructions.”


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