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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 323: Fighting a Peak Level Demon (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s here.” Stella smiled while pointing forward. “We’ve reached the border.”

Even though Stella said so, Noel couldn’t see any differences. They had been traveling on the plain for a while, so there wasn’t any change in their surroundings.

Stella chuckled, seeing Noel’s confusion. “I told you earlier, right? There aren’t that many changes whether we’re still in the human territory or not, except for more demons. We’re barely crossing the border, so we won’t find too many of them, but if we continue our way to that direction…”

Stella pointed at their left and continued, “You’ll start finding more and more demons.”

“Still, there would be many Low Level and Mid Level Demons, right?”

“Of course. Or how do you think they’re found inside the kingdom? The border to the demon territory is vast, so it’s impossible to block everything, especially since we’re expanding continuously.

“And the stronger squads must have killed enough Low Level Demons for them to use and sell the rest for their pocket money. I mean, that’s how you become rich in the first place.” Stella smirked. “Even I have a quite amount of money.”

“So, you have absorbed Low Level Crystals to the limit… How about the Mid Level Crystals?”

“Yeah. I’ve finished it as well. I’m working on the Advanced Level Crystals right now.”

“I see.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. “If that’s the case, how do you usually split the crystals among all of you?”

“We usually gather the amount until everyone can get one each. So, if you have five crystals, you won’t get the split for the time being until we get another crystal. If you have ten, everyone could get one and wait for another one after another two crystals.”

“I see.”

“And because there’s an addition of both of you, we’ll split every eight crystals.”

“Huh? But…” Noel was confused for a moment. It was clear that they wouldn’t be able to contribute as much as the others, but they actually planned to split it with them too.

Stella patted Noel’s shoulder and said, “No need to think too much. You are one of us now, so there’s no need to feel reserved. Just make sure you keep getting stronger, and who knows, in the near future, we might be the ones getting your kindness.”

Noel couldn’t help but smile, realizing there was a group like this. They still cared about their personal achievement, but it didn’t stop them from functioning as a group. In fact, the group looked more solid.

“I understand.” Noel nodded with a serious expression. When he was about to ask her something, Rose’s voice suddenly resounded in their ears.

“On our left!”

“!!!” In that instant, all people were alarmed. Even Stella turned to the left to see what was going on, finding a gigantic cheetah running toward them. The demon was covering all his feet with purple-colored Spiritual Energy, and his bloodshot eyes were targeting them.

Paul jumped into the field, pulled out the warhammer on his back, and said, “It’s a Peak Level Demon. Rose will keep watching our surroundings. Stella, Jonathan, and Zion will take care of it. Understood?”

Stella smiled while handing the reign to Noel. “Just keep it stable. It won’t take long. Don’t forget to watch how we fight… It might be an important lesson for you.”

Noel nodded, staring at the three of them who were about to take a Peak Level Demon on.

When Noel saw this demon, he could feel chills down his body. There was a dense amount of killing intent fell on top of his body. In the demon’s eyes, he was nothing but prey.

“This is…” Noel muttered in a low voice while looking at his shaking hands. “Not good. The demon’s gaze alone is enough to make me trembling. And if I take another look at it, each time the demon takes a step, the ground underneath was compressed downward.

“This is only the step, what’s the feeling of taking down a Peak Level Demon?” Noel furrowed his eyebrows, wondering the difference between an Advanced Level Demon and a Peak Level Demon.

He once fought against the Ancient Demon Tree, but that demon couldn’t even muster a percentage of its original power. So, he never had seen the strength above Advanced Level.

Stella was smiling when Noel watched intensely. “Well, gotta show off a bit. Help me, will you?”

“Just don’t be too reckless because he might catch your stupidity.” Jonathan shrugged.

“Stupid? Noel has recognized me as a knowledgeable person, you know. So, just support this time.” Stella harrumphed. “Stop him for me.”

“Tsk.” Jonathan clicked his tongue but still walked forward. He looked at the cheetah with an annoyed expression.

The cheetah let out a roar filled with Spiritual Energy. The roar blasted everything on its way. Even the ground was swept by the sheer pressure. And this blast went straight to Jonathan.

“!!!” Noel was astonished. “A single roar can even shatter the earth? Then, Jonathan…”

He was worried about Jonathan, who had to take this roar, but it seemed his worry was unnecessary.

Jonathan simply waved his hand and the pressure was suddenly pushed by an unknown force, neutralizing it.

“Annoying. If you’re a cat, then no need to become that fierce!” Jonathan waved his hand down. “Kneel!”

“!!!” The demon suddenly felt tremendous pressure that fell on top of him.


The ground suddenly cracked as the pressure continuously pushed down the demon.


The demon tried to resist the pressure, but the more it exerted strength, the more the ground was destroyed.

“…” Noel was speechless. “This is… Telekinesis. It’s so strong.”

“Well, it’s truly strong. Jonathan is a master of Spiritual Energy’s manipulation. Normally, Telekinesis is used to wrap the target around it and then lift it. However, Jonathan has a different style. Instead of wrapping the tiger with his telekinesis, he is controlling the air to push downwards. The amount of control you need to even start influencing the air… Even I can’t replicate it.”

“Oh…” Noel nodded in agreement, understanding Jonathan’s strength. However, he also glanced to Ben who had been standing next to the carriage this whole time. “I’m sorry, but since when you are here?”

“That’s your question?”


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