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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 259: Fight Bahasa Indonesia

“Vice Captain. They’re coming.” One of the soldiers came to him with a serious expression.

“Are we really going to do this?” Another soldier expressed his doubt. After all, it would be impossible to take on a bishop without a single captain.

However, Joseph nodded his head as if he was determined in doing it. He said, “We can’t find a single captain around our area, so we have to fight them so that they don’t destroy this city.”

“…” The soldiers looked down, hesitated. This order only meant one thing. They had to sacrifice their lives.

Joseph understood their concern as well, but he could only trust that person for the time being. He said with a sigh. “Just trust me this once. We’ll win.”

“We understand.”

With a heavy heart, they walked outside the city, not wanting to take the fight inside because it would cause too many casualties.

The five soldiers that walked together with him had steeled their resolve. They were meant to protect the people from the Supreme Devil Organization, so if they died, they had at least died for the people.

Joseph could see a carriage moving toward the city and a group of knights protecting it. However, each knight was a powerful Spirit Wielder, so they knew this was the man they were waiting for. Even Joseph could feel the eerie aura coming from that carriage.

“Tsk.” Joseph gritted his teeth, trying to envelop the area with his Spiritual Energy to see whether the person that was going to help them would appear or not.

Since he couldn’t sense anything, Joseph said, “If I die, you all should leave immediately and report it.”

“Vice Captain!” The five soldiers knew that Joseph would most likely sacrifice his life to give them some time to escape. They had known Joseph for a long time after all.

Joseph ignored their reactions because it would just make it hard for him. He simply walked to the front, stopping the carriage bravely.

“From the looks of it, you aren’t the knights from this city. For what pleasure that a random person stops us?” One of the knights came forward as if trying to converse with Joseph.

However, Joseph simply said, “I’m not sure. I just happen to know you from these two people. That’s the only reason why I’m stopping you.”

The Supreme Devil Organization acted like a normal person outside, so he still had to make sure that they were his targets.

Joseph dropped two heads in front of them, the middle-aged butler and the brothel receptionist’s head.

“!!!” The knight in front of him was startled, recognizing these two people.

Joseph saw his reaction, which was different from the shock. So, he said, “It seems that you have recognized them.”

“No. I was simply startled to find the person before me would act this cruelly.” The knight regained his calm.

And soon, there was a silence filling the atmosphere and the tension started rising.

The Spiritual Energy gathered in Joseph’s hand began to revolve violently.

Joseph was the first to make a move as he sent forth numerous strings from his right hand toward the carriage. He aimed for the Devil Bishop right away since he was the priority.

On the other hand, the knight next to the carriage hurriedly pulled out his sword to stop these threads but to no avail. He managed to cut a few of them, but the rest had reached the carriages, slicing it into pieces.

Surprisingly, the carriage didn’t crumble. Instead, the threads were the ones cut afterwards.

“!!!” Joseph widened his eyes and took a leap back. Suddenly, a huge figure emerged from the carriage. The figure was like a ghost wearing a long robe that covered everything, including his hand. The long sleeves circled around the scythe, making it look more scary. But more importantly, this creature was created by blood.

Seeing this creature, Joseph conjured another thread, but this time, it was a thick thread that wouldn’t easily be cut. He sent it forth straight to the creature.

The latter struck it with its scythe. The thread couldn’t easily be cut, but the blood creature seemed to know what it should do.

The creature shifted its scythe a bit, deflecting the thread to the side.

“!!!” Seeing this clash, the rest of the people hurriedly entered the fight as well. The soldiers and the knights stepped forward, trying to stop each other from interfering.

Meanwhile, Joseph controlled his thread carefully, making it turn back as if it was alive to disperse the blood.

However, a red strike coming from the carriage reached the thread and cut it easily, along with the carriage itself.

“As expected from the Vice Captain of the Demon Observer Squad. I don’t know how you get the information about me, but it seems that I have to capture you to get that information.” An old woman came out of the carriage while glaring at Joseph.

“You are…” Joseph recognized her in an instant. “The Bloody Queen, Wendy.”

“It seems that I’m a little famous.” Wendy smiled while raising her hand. She used the thumb’s nail to cut her middle finger as blood began to drop.

However, that blood turned into a sword for her to wield.

Joseph gritted his teeth, knowing what kind of opponent he had right now. Among the Devil Bishops, Wendy’s rank was quite high, so her prowess was too much for him to handle. Even Septa wouldn’t be able to defeat her easily.

“Without a single captain, you are trying to kill me?” Wendy smiled. “It seems that I have been underestimated.”

The killing intent and bloodlust from Wendy spread in the area, startling both foes and allies. It was so intense that some people began to tremble.

“And even a thread user like you dare to stop me in this plain. So good for a Vice Captain, you prioritize the people’s lives after your advantage. That’s why you’re going to be captured this time.” Wendy smirked and stepped forward, planning to end this battle as quickly as possible.

However, they didn’t know this time, there was eyes and mouth in Joseph’s shadow. And that mouth was making a smile as if it was excited by the development.


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