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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 260: Butler Bahasa Indonesia

Joseph hurriedly covered his body with thick threads, knowing that this opponent wasn’t something he could handle. So, he could only buy time, waiting for that shadow to appear until he felt he couldn’t hold on any longer.

With this thread armor, Joseph leaped forth and pulled his fists.

Wendy looked at both fists and controlled the blood creature to come between them.

“!!!” Joseph had steeled his resolve, so he struck this creature with his fists. The strings began to disperse as well as if trying to sweep away the blood.

But the moment a hole was created on the creature’s body, a sword came through it.

Joseph hurriedly threw himself to the side, avoiding the sword that ended up grazing his cheek.

“Tsk.” Joseph gritted his teeth while wiping the blood on his cheek.

Wendy chuckled and said, “It seems that the Demon Banner Army’s vice captain is weaker than I expected… This is why you shouldn’t prioritize the people’s safety over your advantage.”

Joseph didn’t have the energy to rebuke it. If he was inside the town, he could attach the strings anywhere, so he could do much more like throwing an object, destroying houses, and more things. However, it also meant that there would be hundreds if not thousands of deaths. That wasn’t something he would like to have.

But Wendy took advantage of this and injured Joseph in an instant. At that moment, she raised her hand and tried to suck Joseph’s blood.

“!!!” Joseph saw that his blood felt like being pulled out to the outside. His body began to weaken due to the blood loss, so he hurriedly covered the wound with his string so that no more blood would be able to pull out. “Kh.”

“That’s a good amount.” Wendy smirked while forming a smaller creature with Joseph’s blood. At the same time, she could also see some injuries on their subordinates, so he pulled the blood from Joseph’s subordinates to be used as a warrior.

“Not good.” Joseph hurriedly attached the strings to the back of his subordinates and pulled them out of the battle. He then covered their wounds with his strings so that they became weaker.

“This is an impossible fight.” One of the soldiers gritted his teeth, knowing that it was too reckless to challenge a Devil Bishop without a single captain.

Joseph couldn’t say anything to them because there was no definite proof that he could tell them. He thought, ‘It seems that I have put my hope in the wrong place.’

“This is the difference in our ability, Joseph. You should have brought your captain before challenging me.” Wendy laughed while being surrounded by her subordinates as well as the creatures she created earlier.

But at that instant, a man’s voice resounded across the battlefield. “You too, old hag. You should have brought a Saint if you wanna live.”

“!!!” Wendy and Joseph hurriedly turned their heads. What they found was truly ridiculous.

There were three bodies who had their heads flying. The shadow began to move around as a middle-aged man came out of that shadow.

The man had long black hair tied neatly on his back and slanted eyes. His smile looked like a sly fox, making one wonder his next plan. But surprisingly, he was wearing a butler outfit instead of anything else.

“You—” Joseph and Wendy were shocked, but before they were fast enough to do something, the middle-aged man had severed another five heads.

“No, you don’t!” Wendy roared and leaped toward him before he could finish all her subordinates.

The middle-aged man simply leaped back to gain some distance while stating, “There are only three people left along with all those blood creatures, I’m sure that you can handle the rest, right? Vice Captain?”

“!!!” Joseph realized that the situation had been turned around in an instant. Without Wendy, all these creatures and the rest of the enemies were easy for them.

However, Wendy laughed at this middle-aged man. “You are a fool. To think that you’re allowing me to summon more creatures to use. Even if they’re dead, they can still be used as a warrior. I’ll show you what it means to challenge me!”

When she raised her hand, she realized that there was no blood that could be extracted from the bodies, stunning her. “Huh?”

She turned around to check but realized that all the bodies and the blood were gone as if they were swallowed by something.

The middle-aged man smiled, saying, “Yeah, yeah. Because you took too much time saying all that stuff, I have finished cleaning the battlefield.”

He was the culprit. By swallowing the corpses and their bodies into the shadow, there was no way Wendy could use them anymore.

“You b—” Wendy was angered thoroughly, but before she could finish her words, her shadow had turned into a circle as if the moon was directly on top of her head. With that round shadow, a pair of red eyes appeared as if it found its prey.

Suddenly, a huge creature appeared from the ground, swallowing Wendy.

“You have anger issues, ain’t you? Don’t talk too much because you can use that time to use your power. Old hag, just because you’re old, don’t turn everything into a lesson.” The middle-aged man shook his head helplessly.

“…” Joseph widened his eyes in shock, never expecting that this reinforcement was able to deal with the Bloody Queen so easily.

Still, as one would expect from a Devil Bishop, she wouldn’t die that easily. The shadow gradually turned red before it fell down like a blood, releasing herself. She even covered the soil with blood so that no shadow would come out again.

“Kh.” Wendy gritted her teeth while glaring at this man. “As expected, this shadow manipulation… There’s only one person of your caliber with this kind of ability. To think I would be meeting the famous shadow, Dimitri Val Heizer.”

The man turned out to be the butler of the Ardagan Family’s Dimitri. After hearing those words, Dimitri simply smiled and said, “What are you talking about? I’m simply a butler. Butler Dimitri.”


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