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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 221: Soul Contract Bahasa Indonesia

“Beautifully said. You were exactly like my sister and she ended up becoming my old friend’s wife.”

“Eh? What?!” Both Noel and Anna dropped their jaws in shock.

The Sword Saint tilted his head in confusion. “You don’t know? Don’t tell me that cheap bastard has been hiding the whole truth?

“Back then, my sister almost killed him a few times and annoyed him. Then, she soon changed her way and became his companion. A few years later, she planned to repay him for all the killing attempts by becoming his wife and taking care of his children for the rest of her life.”

“Huh, what?” Noel was speechless. There were many things to comment, but not a single word came into his mind.

“You seriously don’t know? I guess they were too embarrassed to tell it to the future generations. I was the one suggesting it by the way. I called it the punishment for the rest of your life.” The Sword Saint smirked proudly as if he had done the best thing.

“Stop it! She had kill—”

“You are the one who should stop clinging to it. You should admit it that your parents are still alive and probably the entire execution is a fake. My power can see through one’s soul and enhancing one’s memory. That’s why what you see is not completely fake because the father you saw not long ago was created by your memory, a part of your and his soul, and the opinions you have.”

“What? They’re still alive.” Anna widened her eyes in shock.

“!!!” Noel gritted his teeth, not knowing why the Sword Saint said all those words. Now that Anna knew about his parents’ conditions, she would surely come up with another evil plan.

But to his surprise, Anna suddenly dropped to the ground as if her legs had given up. She made a relieved expression as if she was happy with the outcome.

“That’s… a relief.” Anna smiled. This was the best news she could hear.

“You…” Noel pointed his finger at Anna because of her unrealistic reaction.

However, the Sword Saint playfully said, “I told you earlier that my power could see through one’s soul, right? I saw her soul and she truly wanted to repent from her action. So, I judged that she should be given a chance.”

“Do you think I will accept it?” Noel gritted his teeth.

“Even though you have been thinking about it? What’s that all about? A murderer that has—”

“Stop!” Noel gritted his teeth, never expecting that the Sword Saint would remind him of his thought about a murderer that should be given a chance in the society so that he wouldn’t become a murderer again.

The Sword Saint examined his expression before saying, “How about a request from your ancestor’s? Well, your ancestor’s wife is my sister, so I guess I can be called ancestral uncle. How about taking the words of this uncle?”

“I don’t know whether you are truly my ancestral uncle or not.” Noel snorted.

“Is that so? Then, how about I pay you to do it? Let’s see, how about this…” The Sword Saint snapped his finger.

Suddenly, Ardagan’s react and gave the notification about missions.

[Mission: Explore the Sword Saint Ruin]

[Description: A Soul of the Sword Saint Enzelgal has been buried under this ruin. Meet him and pass his test.]

[Reward: Ardagan Swordsmanship +3 Levels]

[Mission: Investigating the Ardagan Family’s Mansion]

[Description: Investigate the Ardagan Family with Anna.]

[Reward: Rune Mastery +2 Levels]

“What… What did you do?” Noel gasped because he might be the first one that could intervene with the system directly. Even Anna could only do it with her information.

“I told you that I’m your ancestor’s best friend. Do you think I don’t know this secret?” The Sword Saint harrumphed.

“But do you think this is enough to move me?” Noel gritted his teeth.

“Right? How about I do this?”

[Mission: Investigating the Ardagan Family’s Mansion]

[Description: Investigate the Ardagan Family with Anna.]

[Reward: Rune Mastery +2 Levels and two Special Missions.]

“!!!” Noel widened his eyes because a Special Mission was different from a normal or repeatable missions. Special Missions were called special missions because nothing could replicate it. Just like this Sword Saint Tomb Mission and the Ancient Demon Tree Extermination Mission, no one would be able to replicate it. Of course, the reward itself was extremely good.

“…” Noel bit his lips and raised his finger. “Plus tell me about Ardagan’s secret.”

“No. You should be the one to discover it.” The Sword Saint rejected it without hesitation. He turned to Anna and said, “But I can make her not to pry your secret.”

“Tell me about Dark Butterfly you mentioned earlier.” Noel didn’t want to take a loss, so he changed his condition.

“That can be done. I guess we have a deal.” The Sword Saint smirked.

The Sword Saint gave an offer. “Young lass. Let’s have a trade. You tell him about Fire Bird Nest and Body Strengthening Liquid and promise me that you won’t pry his secret. In exchange, I’ll give you the blade you want so much.”

“Huh? How did you know?” Anna also had the same reaction as Noel. After all, this information came from the memory of her past life. In other words, the Sword Saint actually knew she was reincarnated.

In her previous life, she remembered the blade was auctioned by someone. The blade was so sharp and strong that it could become a national level treasure. This was a perfect blade she wanted. But the fact that the Sword Saint said he would give her the blade meant the blade was his.

And the one who auctioned it must be Noel.

After contemplating for a moment, Anna nodded her head. “I understand. I promise.”

“This is the Soul Contract.” The Sword Saint clapped his hand and formed a piece of paper, stating the conditions. “This contract will bind your soul making sure that you follow the conditions. If you don’t, depending on your actions, your brain can explode.”

The last condition was exactly Anna’s will because if she took this contract, she wouldn’t be able to seek Ardagan’s secret. At the same time, it also showed Noel that she wasn’t hostile.

“I’ll take it.”

“Press the contract with your thumb.”

Anna followed his instruction and the paper soon turned into a blue ball and entered her head.

“The contract is now valid.”


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