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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 220: The Sword Saint Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing Noel acting this way, Anna could imagine what kind of illusion he had seen. At the same time, this was also the second time Anna saw Noel expressing his emotion to the fullest. This was coming from the bottom of his heart like the anger he showed in their first meeting.

How much Noel loved his parents? Everything was clear when they saw him this way. How much her action influenced Noel? That was the question that was answered in Anna’s heart just now.

“…” Anna couldn’t say a single thing when she saw Noel like this. It was far easier to say something when Noel hated her or acted normal, but when Noel broke down, everything she said would be completely useless.

She bit her lips as this action also made her remember the time when she killed all those people. Her enemies aside, she had killed numerous innocent people. What would their relatives felt when they realized she had killed them when they were just trying to help her?

‘How much did I make others suffer in my previous life?’ This thought appeared in her mind.

Suddenly, the grumbling sound underneath the floor disturbed them. Even Noel took a few deep breaths to calm his heart as he wasn’t supposed to let go of his emotion at this place.

Still, he had a hard time suppressing that desire. He couldn’t even control his emotion when he saw Anna. The killing intent from his gaze told Anna everything, but they were distracted by the a gentle voice echoing in their mind.

“Come here, children. You have passed the test.”

Noel and Anna were confused but still took a step forward behind the wall. Seeing nothing happened, they continued to walk until they saw light at the end of the horizon.

They approached the light carefully but because of their vision had adjusted themselves to the darkness due to the Moon Blessing, the light was blinding than they originally thought, forcing them to close their eyes for a moment.

When they opened their eyes again, they had come into a room with a white light, emitting from the ceiling.

“Where is this place?” Noel muttered while looking around.

On the right side of the room, he could see a few treasure chests that seemed to be the treasures they were looking for. Meanwhile, there was nothing in the opposite side. The only thing that they could see beside the chests were a coffin.

Suddenly, a translucent figure appeared, sitting on the coffin. He had a long white hair tied into ponytail. His eyes were fierce but the gaze he gave was gentle. He wore a white robe that covered his entire body.

He smiled at them and said, “Welcome, children.”

Noel was the first one to kneel in one knee and said, “I am honored by your presence, Sword Saint.”

“As expected from the Ardagan…” The man smiled.

“Ah!” Anna also kneeled down to greet him.

“It’s surprising to see you bringing someone else here. But well, it’s fine, I guess.” The Sword Saint walked to Noel to touch the black sword on his waist. “It’s been a while, my friend’s partner. Have you been well?”

Ardagan didn’t react. However, the Sword Saint actually smiled and said, “I see. It seems that you have got a good master.”

“Uh…” Noel wanted to say something but didn’t know whether he should or not.

“Haha, just say anything you want. I’m not as strict as your ancestor.” The Sword Saint smiled, assuring Noel.

“It might be presumptuous to ask, but you really can talk to him?”

“My Spirit is about Soul. Of course, I can feel the soul of the sword. It seems that you have been a good master to him. He’s satisfied with you.”

“I see.” Noel felt a bit happy since he knew Ardagan was alive.

“How old are you?”

“I will be sixteen in two months.”

“I see. How is the Ardagan Family? Are you treated well by them? Are they still adhering to the rules of their ancestor?”

“Ardagan Family…” Noel looked down with a sad expression. “…have been destroyed.”

“What?!” The Sword Saint widened his eyes in shock. “Your family has Ardagan, yet, it’s been destroyed? Are you kidding me? If not for Ardagan, I could beat your ancestor.”

“That’s…” Noel closed his eyes for a moment. “Because the Ardagan Family has to be executed.”

“Executed? By who?”

“The Royal Family.”

“Are they so ungrateful? When I was with your ancestor, we helped that brat Kairvan to build a kingdom and this is how his family repaid us? If I have my body, I would have split that castle into two.” The Sword Saint clicked his tongue, annoyed. He then turned to Anna, “So, that’s how it is.”

Anna’s heart beat rapidly, wondering what the Sword Saint had understood. However, she coughed when she heard his words.

“Is she your wife? You two are going to recreate the Ardagan Family? Hmm, this kid is quite good. For real? She even has a Humanoid Spirit, looking at the age, it seems that the Humanoid Spirit is special, maybe at the same level as the Dark Butterfly… This is quite amusing. I see, It seems that I don’t need to worry about Ardagan since you two will do just fine.”

Noel’s expression darkened. He was speechless, not understanding how the Sword Saint could actually reach this conclusion.

He pointed at Anna and said, “She is Anna Stargaze, the daughter of Marquis Stargaze. She’s deemed to be the most talented person in the kingdom and she’s… the one instigating the execution of the Ardagan Family.”

Anna’s body trembled, realizing Noel’s plan this whole time. He wanted to use the Sword Saint to kill her. But the Sword Saint was just a soul, so he might only be able to make her suffer. Still, it was enough for Noel since that suffering would surely be great because the Sword Saint’s strength was comparable to his ancestor.

This was shown when the Sword Saint’s expression darkened. He glared at her and said coldly, “So, you killed the family of my old friend?”

“This…” Anna’s hand wanted to move but she felt her body was frozen in fear. She finally felt the power of soul. She raised her head to explain since this was the only way to save her life. “I—”

But before she could say anything, the Sword Saint suddenly smiled as if he was impressed. “Beautifully said. You were exactly like my sister and she ended up becoming my old friend’s wife.”

“I… What?”


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