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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 213: Tunnel Bahasa Indonesia

“Where’s the entrance?” Anna let out a long sigh, feeling a bit tired. They had been walking around in the mountain for a few hours to find the entrance. However, they didn’t find a single clue.

“This is weird. Does this mean my conjecture is wrong?” Noel put his hand on his chin, contemplating.

“Or maybe we’re missing a clue somewhere.” Anna sighed.

Despite doubting their own speculation, none of them actually believed this place had the Sword Saint Tomb.

Anna was certain that the tomb was in this place since it had been proven by her previous life. On the other hand, Noel had Ardagan confirming the Ardagan Family Crest.

As a Spirit, Ardagan had lived that long and met the Sword Saint himself when his ancestor still wielded him. So, Ardagan declaring it was the Ardagan Family Crest was the clue itself. He just had to find the entrance to the tomb.

“Still, do you think it’s going to be dangerous inside the tomb?” Noel asked.

“What do you mean?”

“If we’re talking about a long tunnel inside the mountain, shouldn’t we be worried about the air? Will the air be enough for us to move around?”

“The air?” Anna muttered in a low voice. “That’s right, the air! With the fact that the Sword Saint prepared the crest for the Ardagan Family, it’s clear that he’s showing that this place can welcome you.

“In other words, the inside should have enough air. We simply need to find a hole that can let the air through.”

Noel blinked his eyes a few times, staring at Anna in disbelief.

“What?” Anna was confused by Noel’s action.

“No, I feel like defeated… How can you be this smart?”

“What do you mean I can be this smart? I am smart compared to average people. But it’s different if I compare myself to you.” Anna gritted her teeth.

“Even though you’re Anna?”

“Why are you talking like I am a special species?” Anna was about to explode but Noel suddenly turned around. “Alright. I know where it is.”

“Huh, what?” Anna was bewildered by his words.

Noel didn’t say a single thing because he could hear an echo. He walked toward the echo and somehow found a gap in a tree formation with high bushes as if trying to hide something. If they didn’t have the need to find something here, they wouldn’t notice this formation. But because Noel heard the echo earlier, it was clear something was inside.

When Noel opened up the bushes, he could see a huge hole leading to the underground. There was even an exposed stairs they could use to go down.

“This is…” Anna gasped. Now that she was near the hole, her voice echoed inside this tunnel. “Wait a minute… You’re using my voice to find this hole?”

“Yeah. Since the air is there, it means there’s a tunnel leading there. I don’t think he will cover the entrance.” Noel nodded.

“Then, why are you taunting me earlier? You could have shouted yourself.”

“What’s the use of you if I don’t use you?” Noel shrugged and started walking to the hall.

Anna’s eyebrows twitched. “Do you want to get beaten?”

“Try it.” Noel smirked since Anna wouldn’t dare to do it.

“Maybe later. Since you indeed found this tunnel.”

“Then.” Noel pointed at the hole like a gentleman. He even put his other hand on his chest as if asking Anna politely. “Ladies first.”

“…” Veins bulged on Anna’s forehead, realizing that Noel was planning to use her as an experiment to see whether the hole was safe or not. “I seriously want to hit you. Well, whatever.”

She took a deep breath and put down her bag. After that, she took a thin cloth and wrapped it around her mouth and nose. “There might be insects living there and the dust will surely fill the tunnel. It’s been a thousand years after all. I don’t know about demons though.”

“Indeed.” Noel also put down his luggage and prepared the same thing.

There was actually another reason why Anna didn’t hesitate to go down first. After covering her mouth, she smirked, saying inwardly, ‘Jokes on you, Noel. I have the memory from my previous life. There’s a piece of information stating that the tomb doesn’t have traps or demons. So, I just have to destroy those bugs with my lightning and we’ll be good to go.’

“This should be impossible to explore since it’s too dark inside. I guess we’re lucky to have Moon Blessing.” Noel nodded, satisfied.

“Haha, thank me.”

“I have done that by making you famous. It seems that you don’t like how the others thank me whenever we saved a village, so I made you famous within that city. Shouldn’t I get a reward instead?” Noel chuckled.

“A reward? You scammed me from my portion of Demon Crystals. I’m the one who want to ask for compensation.” Anna sighed. She shook her head helplessly. “Somehow talking with you makes me more irritated. I should just go instead of listening to you.”

She covered her body with Spiritual Energy and even her lightning started sparking as if she would destroy any insects that dared to come to her.

Meanwhile, Noel kept some distance with her before he started going down. It was a vertical stairs, so they could only go one at a time.

It was quite deep underground and no light could enter.

Although it was stable, the air was thin inside. Unless they needed to fight, they shouldn’t waste their breath in this place.

When Noel reached the bottom, he could see a quite inside. The tunnel size was 4×4 meters made of limestone.

Since his Moon Blessing was active, he could clearly see what was inside this tunnel. As expected of a thousand year, the dust on the floor was one centimeter thick. There were spider webs here and there and some insects had truly made this place their nest.

Though, all of them had died as soon as Anna came.

“Nothing dangerous should be here. Let’s not waste our time.” After seeing Noel successfully descended, she said.

“How do you know there’s nothing dangerous? How about giving me your brain so that I know what kind of information you have?”


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