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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 214: Waking Up Bahasa Indonesia

After following the route for a bit more, they finally reached the pattern that acted as a wall.

“Hoh?” Anna squinted her eyes, amused by this one. In front of them stood tall a wall that completely blocked the entire path. “Are we going to tear this up?”

“So, our strongest strength? But then again, we have to carefully examine it before coming to that conclusion. We don’t like to be buried here after all.” Noel shook his head helplessly.

“Well, I don’t know what we should do right now. I mean, look at this wall…” She walked to the wall and placed her ear on it before gently knocking the wall to measure the thickness. To her surprise, the wall itself wasn’t quite thick, making her want to smash it open.

Meanwhile, Noel was inspecting the wall, wanting to see if there was anything special from this wall.

“This should be the wall separating us from whatever is inside the last mountain, right?” Anna glanced at Noel.

“Yeah. I don’t know much about structure, but don’t you think this cave will collapse if we break the wall?” Noel raised his vision, noticing the wall was holding up a giant stone that was different from the rest of the ceiling.

“What do you mean?” Anna was confused and followed his line of sight, noticing the same thing. “Ah! The difference in structure… If we break the wall, the different stone placed on top of the wall will fall down. I think that’s the mechanism.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. So, there must be another mean to enter.” Noel nodded with a serious expression.

“Your Family Crest? Do you have your crest?” Anna asked.

“I’m a fallen noble. Do you think I can still have a family crest? You must be joking.” Noel narrowed his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Don’t look at me that way… I was just trying to suggest something.” Anna looked away while waving her hands down to calm him down.

“Though, if we’re talking about the Sword Saint, whose ability is related to sword and soul… I think there’s another solution.” Noel thought for a moment. “I don’t know if this is a bit of a stretch, but how about I use my sword to cut my hand and smear my blood on the wall? The blood should awaken the soul, no? Considering I’m an Ardagan, it should recognize me if what we’re talking about is correct.”

“That’s probably true. But how much blood do we need? It’s not like I can let you just use all your blood?” Anna worried that Noel would become desperate and do something reckless.

“Either way, nothing will happen if we’re not trying.” Noel took a deep breath and pulled out Ardagan, cutting his palm a bit. He then waved his hand to the wall, splattering the blood on its surface, wondering if it would react.

“Is it not enough?” Noel contemplated as he was prepared to give more blood. At the same time, he asked Anna. “Can you search for another clue around here? I’m trying to use my blood to see if it’s going to work.”

“Alright.” Anna nodded. Although she walked away, she kept glancing at Noel to make sure he didn’t push himself.

Meanwhile, Noel prepared to smear the blood again.

When he was about to cut himself again, a light suddenly shone on the wall, forming words after words as if reacting to the blood.

“Welcome, Young Ardagan. You, who wields the Ardagan, have finally arrived like my old friend’s prediction. It seems that my ability is of use for you. I’m sure that it’s been hard for you, young man. However, it’s time for you to wake up from your nightmare.”

“Huh? My nightmare?” Noel squinted his eyes, not understanding what these words were saying.

“What’s this?” Noel widened his eyes in shock. He felt that his body became light as if all the flesh in his body suddenly disappeared.

When he lowered his head, he saw his body become translucent.

“Eh?” Noel glanced at Anna to check her situation as well and realized she experienced the same thing.

“What happened here?” Anna looked at Noel with a worried expression.

“I don’t know.” Noel shook his head and started using his Spiritual Energy but to no avail.

His consciousness began to become fuzzy as his vision turned blurry.

‘What is going on?’ Noel could only think that in his head because his mouth didn’t produce anymore sound. His vision gradually darkened as if his eyes were closing.

Out of desperation, Noel tried to move his body to Anna, trying to do something at the last second.

Unfortunately, it was for naught because his translucent body dissipated into the air.

“Aaaahhhh!” Noel shouted as he lifted up his body.

His shout startled everyone in the room. In his left sat down a man with white robe. He was clasping his hands while releasing a yellow light from all over his body. In his right sat down a mature woman with long brown hair.

Despite her age, she didn’t show any wrinkles on her face. Instead, she showed a warm and energetic smile.

Noel was shocked beyond his belief because he simply couldn’t understand why this person actually sat down here with him.

“Is this… Hell?” Noel muttered subconsciously.

“Hell? Are you having a nightmare?” The woman still kept her warm smile as if trying to soothe Noel’s heart. She gently placed her hand on Noel’s hair and stroke it.

“What is happening?” Noel looked at her with a horrified expression, feeling like he had forgotten something.

“What is happening? Do you not remember? Actually, you have been in coma for eight months, dear. This is the first time you wake up. Look at you, so thin. I’ll ask the maid to make you something light to eat.”

“I have been in coma for eight months?” Noel clenched his fists and looked at the entire room. His body was shaking as he looked at the woman. “Is it true…



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