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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 196: Defeating the Bull Demon Bahasa Indonesia

“Sword Fall!”

The bull demon saw the three swords falling at a different location and speed. He tried to avoid the first sword, but the second and third sword came from different directions, trying to lock him in the middle.

At the same time, his momentum was already far too fast to stop, so he either had to take this on or do something about those swords.

Surprisingly, the bull demon actually lowered his speed as much as possible so that the sword fell first. Although he couldn’t stop it, he could simply crash to these swords and destroy it with his head. There was no horn, but its head should be hard enough with the help of his ability, turning it into metal.


The sword was planted on the ground and the bull demon struck the sword with his head, trying to shatter it.

Unfortunately for him, the Sword Fall was Noel’s strongest attack. It also included the tough blade.

The thick blade stopped the demon’s advance to the point its head started bleeding due to the collision.

“Moo?!” The bull looked confused for a moment while trying to regain the focus he lost from the collision. Seeing there was a huge sword in front of him, the bull leaped and grabbed the sword, planning to kill Noel with this huge sword. In fact, this sword might be a better weapon than the trunk.

It seemed that the bull had hurt his head in that crash earlier to the point he forgot the fact that the giant sword was made of Spiritual Energy.

When he grabbed the sword’s handle, the sword disappeared entirely before Noel released the snowflake into the air. This time, Noel managed to predict the bull’s movement, so he shot the snowflake right at the bull.


The snowflake touched the bull’s skin directly before exploding. Not only did the ice trapped the bull inside, the cold from the explosion would directly enter the bull’s skin, making the metal skin more brittle.

Still, as expected from the bull, it managed to crack the ice before he fell to the ground. If this continued, the bull would be able to escape right after it landed on the ground.

Noel wouldn’t let such a thing happen. He hurriedly summoned another three swords diagonally, trying to match the bull’s posture. This way, he could split the bull into four.

Sword Fall.

The bull shattered the ice and looked up, seeing the incoming sword. He jumped away right after but it was too late. One of the sword fell right on his arm, chopping it down.

*Roar!* The bull screamed in pain as this was the first time a human injured him. With his extraordinary strength, it wasn’t supposed to be possible.

Noel maintained his smile as if he was proud he got the upper hand, but he was also concerned with his current state. ‘This is still too much even for me. Those three swords requires three times the Spiritual Energy, so I won’t have much Spiritual Energy to spare, especially after dealing with demons earlier.

‘Can I actually kill this guy right now? Well, if only I can use Rune, I can trap the bull with my Chain Bind Rune, but it’s not wise to use the runes in front of the servants of a Spirit Magician Family.’ Noel thought, wondering what his next move to be able to defeat the bull demon.

The bull demon jumped back, trying to reach out for his trunk. He thought letting this trunk go was his biggest mistake.

Still, Noel didn’t show any mercy. Since he couldn’t use his rune, he didn’t mind using the Ancient Spirit Technique.

Noel used the Bouncing Spirit Slash to attack the trunk itself, launching it far away. He just wanted to make sure the bull didn’t grab it.

But the bull was also desperate so he immediately ordered the other demons to stop Noel until he grabbed the trunk.

“Tsk.” Noel clicked his tongue and saw the incoming demons. He stopped and summoned the snowflake.

Freezing Crystal.

The snowflake exploded, trapping the demons in a thick layer of ice. Unlike the bull demon, the Low Level Demons couldn’t withstand the extraordinary freezing power from the ability. So, they died.

After that, Noel jumped using his Four Points Circulation to catch up with the demon.

When the demon grabbed the trunk and was about to lift it, Noel appeared next to him and stepped on the trunk as hard as he could.


The Four Points Circulation was utilized to the utmost limit, knocking the trunk off the bull’s hand.

“No.” Noel gritted his teeth and summoned his Sword Fall, piercing the trunk to the point planting the trunk on the ground. This way, the bull demon wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.

The bull demon thought this was his chance. Now that Noel used the giant swords to pin his trunk, he wouldn’t be able to use anything to attack him.

This was his chance to get rid of him. He tried to grab Noel and crush his head.

But Noel also smiled at him as if he was expecting him to do it. Noel struck the bull’s hand with his sword, which was pointless. But the sword released a Spiritual Energy that bounced in the air until it went straight to the bull’s eyes.

Even if the bull covered his whole body with metal skin, there was no way the eyes would be the same. This created an opportunity for Noel. He just had to create a situation where the bull gave such an opening.

As expected, sacrificing himself was the best way to make the bull think he would win, lowering his guard.

With both eyes pierced by the Bouncing Spiritual Slash, Noel retracted his Sword Fall and summoned it again on top of the bull, chopping the bull down.

“Moo—” The demon let out his last roar before his body fell to the ground.

Noel finally managed to kill an Advanced Level Demon by himself, albeit he almost exhausted all his Spiritual Energy. If he was alone, he would already be overwhelmed by the number, so he was lucky to have these people with him.

When he turned around, he saw Alanton and Ilzen helping Elsa after defeating their own enemies.

“Tsk. They’re still too strong for me.”


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