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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 197: Life Filled With Misunderstanding Bahasa Indonesia

Since the other two had joined together to deal with the rest of the demons, Elsa decided to take a rest since it was more tiring fighting against all those demons than the Advanced Level Demon.

“Young Master. Congratulations for killing an Advanced Level Demon. You haven’t even reached Spirit Wielder level, so it’s quite surprising.” Elsa politely bowed to him, recognizing his talent.

This was the first time she saw a guy who managed at Noel’s level after all.

‘Even if you’re a Spirit Wielder, you have to band together to defeat an Advanced Level Demon. Alanton can do it because of his power and I think he loses a lot of money right now. Still, this is the first time for me someone who hasn’t reached the requirement can actually defeat an Advanced Level Demon.

‘This must be the talent from the Ezenholm Family. If only Young Master has been trained well by the Ezenholm Family, his achievement must be amazing. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the young master has used around ten Spirit Abilities. I know that not everything is a power coming from the spirit itself like Muscle Strengthening, but it’s still too amazing.’

Elsa didn’t know that Noel never had the need to learn his Spirit Abilities. Everything was thanks to his system that shortened the process just by simply gathering the Skill Points. This was the reason why he could gradually close his gap with Anna, who was a reincarnated person. If he didn’t have the system, he wouldn’t be able to reach her no matter what.

He took a deep breath and said, “You’re exaggerating. I’ve wasted too much Spiritual Energy. Without all of you here, I can only accept my death even if I manage to kill an Advanced Level Demon. Besides, the bull demon has a powerful strength. It means, I can take advantage of its lack of speed to overwhelm him. If I was fighting against a fast monster, I wouldn’t be able to achieve it.”

“That’s… Young Master hasn’t even reached Spirit Wielding level. I believe you can defeat them when you reach that level.” Elsa smiled, assuring him. She was already shocked enough to see Noel defeat one, but he turned out to be complaining about his own performance. Despite his strength, Noel wasn’t complacent. This was something good to report.

Not long after, Ilzen returned after killing the remaining demons.

“Young Master. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Noel nodded. “I guess we’re going to make a camp soon. The sun is about to set.”

Ilzen took a glance at the orange sky and agreed. “Indeed. I have spotted an area which is perfect for our camp. We’ll go there to rest and I’ll immediately prepare the food.”

“You can cook?” Noel asked with a curious gaze.

“A little.” Ilzen nodded.

“What a little… Young Master, butler Ilzen is good at cooking, you know. His skill is not losing against a real chef. But whenever someone praises him about his skill, he will always say…” Elsa stopped, letting Ilzen finish her words.

Ilzen closed his eyes and humbly said, “Unlike a butler, you can’t really bring a chef to a dangerous place like this, so cooking ability is necessary to serve your master.”

“See.” Elsa winked her right eye. “You’re going to be amazed by his skill later.”

“…” Noel paused and looked down, contemplating. After a moment, he looked at Ilzen and asked, “Assuming that we’re going back to report and start our trip to the Greenwood Kingdom tomorrow, how many days will we need to reach the Ezenholm Territory?”

“I believe it’s around five days.”

“Then, can you teach me how to cook in those five days?” Noel’s expression was serious.

“That’s…” Ilzen scratched the back of his head. “Cooking itself is trials and errors. You can learn from the recipe, but it’s not like we’re going to get all the ingredients in the wild. So, we have to improvise. I don’t think I can teach you all that…”

“It’s fine. Teach me whatever you can during those five days. I’ll experience the rest.” Noel didn’t mind the situation. He just wanted to cook by himself.

“I see. I don’t know if my skill is enough to teach the young master.” Ilzen was still hesitating while Elsa smirked. “Butler Ilzen, I think you should accept the young master’s request. Young Master has shown such determination to learn how to cook.

“This can only mean one thing. He wants to impress someone with his cooking. This is joyous news because I’m sure I can love Young Master if he captures my stomach.”

“Wha—” Noel widened his eyes in shock, not knowing how she managed to misunderstand that. There was a reason like wanting to enjoy the adventure with good food, but she somehow reached the conclusion it was for someone.

She wasn’t entirely wrong, but still… Noel just wanted to escape from Anna’s control over food.

“I see. If that’s the case, I’ll teach you whatever I can. I’ll make sure that Young Master can learn anything you want. If you’re not tired, then I’ll continue teaching you. I believe that in a few months, Young Master can become a good chef.

“If your background is not enough, you can bring the girl to the Greenwood Kingdom. We’ll show them who is she dealing with.” Ilzen nodded in understanding, not realizing he was also misunderstanding things.

Ilzen’s eyes were brimming with energy as if he was prepared to investigate the woman he liked and planned to report it to the family to consider as their in-law.

Noel’s eyebrows kept twitching. He wanted to solve the misunderstanding, but he felt like they would just tease him instead of believing him. At the same time, he loved to see their expression when they misunderstood Anna, who was the murderer of his family, to be the one they were talking about.

However, the fate didn’t work that way. Noel didn’t realize that the misunderstanding he caused today would explode and created a bigger misunderstanding in the future.


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