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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 190: Preparation Bahasa Indonesia

After reaching an agreement, Noel immediately turned the horse into the mailing service since he couldn’t take the horse with him or it would die. It was that dangerous.

Alanton and Elsa also brought their own items while wondering if Noel didn’t plan to get some rest.

Meanwhile, Ilzen was standing next to Noel as if he was serving him.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you make some preparation too?” Noel asked. His eyebrows twitched, not understanding Ilzen’s thought.

“I have prepared for everything, Young Master. There’s no need to worry.” Ilzen smiled.

“Mhm?” Noel narrowed his eyes. “We won’t use horses and will camp there. So…”

“All have been packed in my bag, the tent and all related items for camping. Please don’t need to worry.” Ilzen calmly ensured Noel, showing his skill as a butler by preparing everything the master needed before asked.

“…” Even Noel was speechless and said, “Well, whatever. By the way, what’s the real reason for the demons to go here? I don’t think they’re coming to us out of whim, no?”

“Certainly.” Ilzen nodded. “Are you aware of the world’s map?”

“Yeah.” Noel nodded, recounting the world’s map. “In the world map, there are two big chunks of territory that is split by the Dark Territory filled with demons.

“The first chunk is none other than the territory ruled by the humans. They formed four kingdoms to resist the Dark Territory, trying their best to expand the territory. Another chunk is said to be formed by other species, I’m not very sure since I haven’t seen them.”

“That’s understandable. You have to cross the dangerous path if you want to meet them after all. So, people have no way to know about their condition. But seeing how the demons are getting pushed to our way, there’s a possibility that the other party is fighting back so fierce that it causes a migration for the demons, pushing the demons near us to enter our border.” Ilzen explained.

“I see. That’s a possibility as well, considering the other party is located in this direction.” Noel nodded in agreement.

“That’s just a conjecture. We have no way to know it unless we send a group of elites that can cross the Dark Territory to investigate the reason.” Ilzen sighed, knowing that the problem would be much bigger if this was the case.

“Well, my job doesn’t change.” Noel shook his head. “I’m here simply to visit my mother’s family.”

“I’m aware of it. However, you have to be careful because if what we’re talking about is true, there’s a chance that you’ll be sent to the front line by the Demon Banner Army. It’s going to be dangerous, very dangerous.”

“Worrying too much will just make me paranoid. I’ll just keep trying my best and see what will happen in the future.” Noel shrugged. “Anyway, we’ll be going after lunch. And it’s not like we can go straight to Ezenholm Family after solving the problem. I need to go back to report it first.”

“Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, Young Master. This mission is going to be completed before you realize it.” Ilzen ensured him that his strength was enough to handle this mission.

“Mhm.” Noel wanted to talk about his family but realized Ilzen wouldn’t be aware of the real reason for the execution. So, the only way to understand it was none other than to go to his grandfather.

Since this was the case, he continued his preparation by bringing all the necessary items and reporting to the army. After having a lunch, Noel regrouped with Alanton and Elsa.

Ilzen also had changed his clothes to a butler suit. It seemed he liked the suit that much as if it had become his second nature. When he lowered his vision, he saw a thin sword on his waist. It wasn’t as thin as a rapier, but he wondered if the sword wouldn’t break after fighting against a demon with tough skin.

Meanwhile, Alanton brought a big bag by himself. Half of them was filled with equipment while the other half contained money. Noel didn’t understand why Alanton was bringing so much money.

Still, the most surprising one was Elsa. She was a Spirit Magician. Due to the high number of people who became a Spirit Magician, there was an official guild that took care of them. Obviously, they had a uniform that symbolized their affiliation.

Noel originally thought there would be a robe that covered the rest of her body and a heavy hat that would make her tired. But it turned out, she dressed as lightly as possible.

She only wore a plain white shirt and a miniskirt that made him think she just wanted her legs to be shred by thorns or brushes in the forest. However, it seemed there was a reason for such an outfit.

As a Spirit Magician, she would be vulnerable to an attack, so she chose light clothes so that she could maneuver around easily. As for the miniskirt, it was her preference. Noel understood her after remembering how she dared to try seducing him earlier.

“You’re going to lead the group, Ilzen?” Noel asked.

“No, Young Master is the leader of this group. Please use us as you see fit.” Ilzen declined without hesitation. It was an opportunity to observe his ability after all.

“I understand. But I don’t know much about your power, so you don’t mind using you quite a lot to see your capability, right?” Noel smirked.

Ilzen was surprised by this question. It seemed Noel understood the basic information needed to lead a party. Without asking them about their power, he wanted them to show their strength so that he knew what to expect from them, decreasing the possibility of making a judgment error. Ilzen smiled and confirmed. “Yes, please use us as you see fit.”

“Got it. Let’s go then.” Noel nodded.

The group immediately headed straight to the border. The Greenwood Kingdom and the Muivell Kingdom were separated by one long river that gave birth to a forest. There were some hills too, making the terrain a bit complicated to cross.

Ilzen guided him to a certain area where he spotted the Advanced Level Demons.

But before they arrived, they were stopped by multiple demons that spotted them.

It was the time for Noel to see what these three were capable of.


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