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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 189: Spirit Levels Bahasa Indonesia

“By the way, what is your strength? For you to confidently say to leave the Advanced Level Demons to you three, I don’t think you’re weak.” Noel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Are you aware of the Spirit Level, Young Master?” Elsa asked.

“Yes. It’s said that Spirit Level is basically the amount of Spiritual Energy in your body.” Noel nodded.

“There is another reason for the Spirit Level to exist. It’s to generalize our power. For example, there are Spirit Magician, Spirit Swordsman, and even Spirit Commander, right? If each of them has a unique term for them, it’s going to complicate things.

“Hence, the Spirit Level is to generalize them. There are seven levels: Spirit Apprentice, Spirit Practitioner, Spirit Wielder, Spirit Master, Spirit Grandmaster, Spirit Transcendence, and Spirit King.

“Although they’re based on your Spiritual Energy, they also have to understand the application of Spirit. For example, Spirit Apprentice only has a little amount of Spiritual Energy, so they can only strengthen their strength or something. I’m pretty sure this is what they’re teaching in the Demon Banner Army. They’re turning you into Spirit Apprentice to prepare for the next one.

“Spirit Practitioner is a stage where you have awakened the spirit and can use some Spirit Abilities. It’s pretty similar to the difference between Low Level Demon and Mid Level Demon, right?

“That’s the same for Spirit Wielder, who is equal to Advanced Level Demon. The rank continues and you’re forced to understand more Spirit Applications the further you go.”

Noel nodded in understanding. He was already aware about the levels, but it seemed the reason for the levels were more profound than he thought. “I see. In that case, what is your level?”

“Me?” Elsa was startled and immediately answered. “I have reached Spirit Master a few months ago.”

“I am only a Spirit Wielder.” Alanton raised his hand before turning to Ilzen. “He is only a step away from Spirit Grandmaster.”

“Hmm?” Noel narrowed his eyes and nodded. “I see. It seems that fighting against an Advanced Level Demons will be easy for you.”

“Well, we can’t underestimate anyone.” Elsa smiled wryly as if she had experienced a dark past because of underestimating someone. She explained, “When you have seen people utilizing their spirits, you’ll be more sensitive to Spiritual Energy. You can easily discover their power when they’re utilizing their energy.”

“I see. So, what is my level?” Noel asked.

“Ehm… you have to use the Spiritual Energy first. Well, you can also measure it with the amount of Crystals you have taken, but we need to converse it with the rate. The rate is your privacy, so we can’t do that.”

“No one wants to know your talent after all… Unless they’re trying to show it off.” Noel nodded in understanding and released his Spiritual Energy through Spirit Aura Breathing, covering his body with Spiritual Energy. “Can you measure it with only this?”

Elsa gasped when she saw the amount of Spiritual Energy. She never expected Noel to have this much Spiritual Energy. “Young Master… You’re only one step away from reaching Spirit Wielding Level.”

“Mhm.” Noel nodded while closing his eyes. He thought, ‘Seriously?’

He remembered his status, especially the amount of crystals he had taken in the past few months.

Low Quality Crystal – 902/5000

Mid Quality Crystal – 129/3000

Advanced Quality Crystal – 1/1500

It wasn’t much in his eyes, considering he hadn’t even filled twenty percent of his quota for Low Quality Crystals. However, he almost forgot the fact that he had two spirits, so his limit was doubled.

‘That’s right. If it’s the normal limit, I have already absorbed a big number of crystals. And I have to remind myself that my conversion rate is one hundred percent. Even Anna is hailed to be the greatest genius with 95% conversion rate. As for others, the talented people usually have around 70% to 90% conversion rate. I guess I can understand the reason why I almost reach Spirit Wielder Level.’

Noel understood the reason in his mind, but it was still shocking to him since he never expected that his effort finally paid off. Of course, the big reason was the mission about the Saintess. He managed to scam all those crystals from Anna.

‘Young Master should only have trained in the Demon Banner Army for a few months, right? This amount is crazy. Has Count Ardagan been feeding Young Master some crystals since young?’ Elsa wondered. She was also worried that Noel was absorbing the Spiritual Energy without much thought that might result in his future, so she had to check it. “Young Master. I may have overstepped my bound with this question, but I have to check your condition. Have you been absorbing crystals since you’re young?

“The reason I have to know this is due to the amount of Spiritual Energy. If you absorb too much crystals without being able to wield it, you can be controlled by the Spiritual Energy itself and might even kill yourself. We call this Spirit Overload. And there’s another reason… You can also be called useless for just taking Spiritual Energy and not practicing how to use it.

“There are many noble children who use this method, but when they meet a real expert, they’ll be cut down in an instant.” Elsa was worried that Noel was irresponsible in this area.

“No. I didn’t absorb anything. I only learned about Spirits a few months ago.”

“Is that so?” Elsa let out a sigh of relief. The first problem seemed to have been solved. She then moved to the second problem. “Still, I’m a little worried… I don’t know if you can control all that Spiritual Energy.”

Elsa indirectly implied that Noel shouldn’t be rash, especially when he wanted to fight one Advanced Level Demon. She was worried Noel was too confident in his Spiritual Energy, neglecting his actual prowess.

Noel understood the concern and simply said, “You don’t have to. That’s my part. You are here to observe my progress, right? Just do it and see whether I’m worthy or not.”

“This…” Elsa made a wry smile and glanced at Ilzen to get his opinions.

Ilzen was worried as well, but still gave a nod, thinking he could save him if necessary. Elsa then agreed with Noel and said, “Then, please allow us to observe you, Young Master.”

“Mhm.” Noel nodded.


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