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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 179: Noel’s Plan Bahasa Indonesia

Anna closed her eyes as if absorbing the information she heard earlier. She wondered what she should tell him because the other party could start suspecting her as well.

Noel was a weird guy and her target, so it was fine if Noel knew about it. But it would be a different case with Septa since he was the formal investigator. She even knew what kind of figure Septa would become in the future.

Septa the Observer. When people thought this name, they would know he was the greatest investigator in the kingdom. Almost all cases he investigated would give the result. Even the Supreme Devil Organization would have a hard time to escape his eyes.

So, if he suspected her, it would be bad.

And Noel surely loved to take that opportunity… albeit, it was impossible for the time being. It would be better if he could snitch on her, but Anna would also snitch on him.

If both of them became Septa’s targets, the worst case scenario would be their death. Even in the bad scenario, he could picture themselves getting tortured for the information. And if all his doubts about how Septa figured out his identity from the disguise, it was impossible to hide anything from Septa.

Hence, Noel was planning to direct Septa’s suspicion somewhere else. He asked, “Well, our opponents are demons, so we’ll cooperate. But will we get anything from it?”

“Hoh?” Septa squinted his eyes, staring at Noel. Noel was indirectly implying that he would only give him some small pieces of information in his cooperation. If he wanted more, he had to buy that information from him.

With his authority, he could force Noel to cooperate. But he wouldn’t know how much information Noel was hiding. So, this was a negotiation.

“Interesting. What do you want from me?”

“The safety of the kids as well as you teaching them without making them do something they don’t want.”

“Mhm.” Septa was amused by this request. Noel seemed to be a selfless guy. Before coming here, he had investigated him as well. The result was surprising. Noel had been going around the town and helping so many people. So, this form of selfless act was like a nature to him. It was quite surprising to see it from someone who devoted himself in revenge against the royal family and the Stargaze Family.

If not for Anna to be stronger than him, Noel wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. So, he never expected that Noel to be this good.

Septa nodded and said, “I guarantee it.”

Noel took a deep breath and gave a piece of advice. “This is for the first one. Bring a blacksmith with you, the more skilled they are, the better. If possible Master Blacksmith.”

“Blacksmith?” Septa tilted his head in confusion because this was completely new to him. He wondered what kind of skill Noel was talking about. ‘The craving on the rocks… blacksmith… No, Master Blacksmith… Wait! Craving and Blacksmith… Shouldn’t it be the Spirit Enchantment? Is it related to that?

‘If I’m not wrong, he was with a girl back then. The girl might not be that famous, but it couldn’t escape our eyes. She was the daughter of Master Blacksmith Roel. He must have a piece of equipment with Spirit Enchantment from them. Is that why he is suggesting to bring a Master Blacksmith?’

This train of thought was quite interesting to him. He never thought about using the blacksmith to help him with the investigation. But if those cravings could be proven by those blacksmiths, they would know what was going on.

‘Who is this Noel? Should I investigate him further? No, he’s still useful. Rather than making him suspect me, I won’t do it for the time being to gain his trust to get more information. If he has become too suspicious, I’ll investigate him.’ Septa thought before smiling, saying, “Alright. I’ll take your suggestion.”

Noel nodded with a calm expression. Of course, it looked foolish since Noel told him about the information. This way, Septa would be suspicious. The best course of action should be telling him nothing other than what stated in the report.

However, Noel had one more reason to direct Septa’s attention to Master Blacksmith. The first would be the notebook containing runes in his room. If Septa knew about that book, he would suspect him to know the markings. And it would be weird for a guy like him to know about this.

Hence, Septa’s reaction actually proved that he hadn’t known the existence of the book. It meant he hadn’t investigated him completely.

And after some more time, even if Septa knew about the existence of his notebook, he could simply say that he had been learning the secret of the Ardagan Family that derived back to his ancestor.

After finding the similarity between them, Noel could use Septa to promote the book as well. This was an effective power against the demons, so it would be good to spread it. This way, his popularity would skyrocket, allowing him to gain some influence in the kingdom. Even the royal family had to give him a title for this groundbreaking discovery no matter how much they hated him. If they didn’t do it, the other kingdoms would snatch him from them. This was Noel’s long term plan.

On the other hand, there was another possibility, which was to capture him and torture him for the information. At that time, he could simply kill himself. He had nothing to lose anyway, so killing himself was an option. And Moon Temple could become his shelter when that time happened.

And it seemed he also gained a bit from Septa as he said to him, “That’s right. I think I should give you this information. When you were chasing after the bandits, you said you encountered someone that killed him from giving the information, right?”


“We’re assuming that they’re from the Supreme Devil Organization. With me investigating them, they’ll shift their attention to me and forget about you. That’s why you don’t need to worry about further assassination attempts.”

“I see. Thank you.” Noel politely nodded his head.

“No problem. It’s my job anyway.”


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