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“This…” Noel and Anna obviously recognized him since they had seen him when they were watching the sword dance. They never expected to meet him today.

“I guess there’s no need for me to introduce myself since you have seen me yesterday.” Septa smiled.

“!!!” Noel and Anna tried to maintain their calm, but their heart skipped a beat, surprised to how they got found out.

“The guy who was glaring like crazy and the girl who observed me… Hahaha, don’t worry. It’s just my job. In fact, I kinda remember all the people I met yesterday.” Septa chuckled.

Shale coughed and finally opened his mouth. “Even if you have seen this guy, I think it’s better to introduce him again. He is Septa, the captain of the Demon Observer Squad, one of our elite squads as well.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you.” Septa smiled before turning to Noel. “Though, I’m quite curious about you. Your glare wasn’t normal yesterday, so I assume you’re the one those kids mentioned yesterday.”

Noel’s expression turned grim as if he was preparing to fight him. It was foolish to fight against someone like him, but he didn’t want to get beaten up without putting up any fight now. There was one big question in Noel’s mind. ‘How does he know?’

Noel had put on a disguise yesterday, so it should be impossible for him to know unless such a thing didn’t work against him or the commander himself told Septa about it. However, there was one more possibility, which was quite impossible. Septa had actually investigated him, even bypassing the commander’s knowledge. This also showed Septa’s ability as the captain of the Demon Observer Squad.

Septa was amused by Noel’s reaction and waved his hand as if telling him everything wasn’t like what he thought. “I’m not planning to do anything. I’m just curious with the kids, that’s all. It’s not like I have a lot of time to teach them, so I’ll just use some spare time to do it. In fact, that drive can make them get stronger faster. There’s no way I’m going to erase that drive.

“Well, it’s true that revenge is a force that can drive you forward far faster than anything else, but I’m just worried about their future. After that revenge, the kids would be broken and ended up dead. And what they did to get stronger… would be questionable. Hence, it’s better to let them think this way.”

Septa’s words actually hit him more than the kids. His current main driving force was revenge. But he never did something unthinkable to get stronger. The only reason he could stay sane in this situation was due to his true goal. He had been thinking about what he would do after the revenge, allowing him to know which one would be bad for the body in the long run or not. This way, he could continue to pursue his goal after his revenge.

Still, Noel couldn’t drop his guard down against this unknown guy that appeared out of nowhere.

Seeing Noel’s expression, Anna asked, “Either way, is there a reason for us to be called here?”

“Oh?” Septa looked at Anna amusedly as if he never expected this kind of action from Anna.

Shale, on the other hand, didn’t beat around the bush and explained. “I told you, right? Septa is the leader of the Demon Observer Squad. This squad only has one purpose. It’s to investigate anything related to demons. That’s why they’re called Demon Observers.

“He has been recalled by the commander for several reasons, but surprisingly, all of them are related to you. So, I call you here to introduce him.”

Anna furrowed her eyebrows. “By the way, which matters are related to us?”

Septa was the first to answer this question. “Ancient Demon Tree, the Supreme Devil Organization, and the incident about bandits using the demons.”

“!!!” Anna and Noel instantly forgot about the previous problems as they recognized all these problems. It was true that they were related to everything.

Septa thought for a moment. “I can’t say much to you guys, but I guess I can say these things… I have checked the place where the Ancient Demon Tree appeared. There is something weird about it because I notice some markings that I don’t recognize. It should be related to the things from a thousand years ago.

“I’m going to check those markings and seek some trace of them all around the world. It’s possible that there are more hidden demons than we originally thought. If it’s just a natural thing, then we can consider it a natural disaster. But if a person has the key to unseal all those powerful demons, then we can only call it a weapon.” Septa’s expression darkened.

Noel was confused, but Anna’s heart skipped a beat. She thought, ‘So, that’s how it is. The Demon Festival! In the future, demons suddenly appeared and terrorized the lands. It was a chaotic situation. Noel was one of the people who stood out the most in this incident because he killed numerous demons. It was also one of the biggest reasons Noel had received huge support for rebellion. But whether it’s natural or not…’

The answer would come from Septa.

“Well, that’s the first matter. As for the second one, I don’t know about them that much. It’s a hassle to investigate those maniacs. The guy you killed might be related to the third one as well such as becoming the beacon of those demons or something. But we have to investigate it again since it’ll just become a conspiracy theory without proof.

“In any case, the fact that there is a low level member in this fort means there is someone from the higher level. They will think that we won’t be on our guard anymore since we have found out about the spy since there shouldn’t be any more spy. Hence, I’m the one in charge to investigate the whole fort.

“Last but not least, the demon and the bandit… I don’t know what to say about this one other than ridiculous. This is the first time I have seen something like this. The report stated that the demons only attacked the people other than the bandits, so we’re assuming they had a way to disguise their presence in front of those demons. If only we have some bandits to interrogate.

“Well, those are the things I can tell you right now since you’re involved. If you know anything or a clue that I can use to investigate, please tell me about it.”


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