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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 141: Connection Bahasa Indonesia

“I know that you have two Spirits in your body, Mr. Noel.”

“!!!” Noel’s heart thumped and his body trembled. Noel raised his hand as if he wanted to grasp that neck, but he restrained himself for a bit.

He didn’t want to strike her first without giving her any time to explain. He already had a time when he was so impulsive back then, so he was already mature enough to control his emotion.

“What do you mean?” Noel asked.

The Saintess smiled and put on her blindfold. She said, “I’m sure that you are here for the Moon Blessing. My Moon Blessing is a bit different than the rest. Not only can you see in the dark, but you can also see the Spiritual Energy easier. Though, it also comes with a price of my eyesight. Not that I complain for my blindness… since it can help more people that way.

“But don’t worry. Only my eyes can see something beyond the Spiritual Energy, which is the source of our power, the Spirits…” The Saintess smiled, locating the two Spirits in Noel’s hand and heart. “I know that you don’t want your secret to be exposed and the best way to do it is to eliminate me.

“But to be honest, the reason why I’m exposing you like this is because I want to gain your trust. Instead of sneakily holding your secret, I want you to know that I have known your secret. This way, if the information is leaked somewhere, you surely can think of me as the suspect.”

Noel narrowed his eyes, feeling suspicious. “And why do you come to a conclusion that you want to gain my trust?”

“The Moon Goddess,” The Saintess answered without hesitation. “I am not so sure, but it seems that the Moon Goddess wants me to support you.”

“Wants you to support me?” Noel remembered the feeling of him wanting to protect her earlier. He wanted to question the connection between Ardagan and the Moon Goddess but it would reveal a lot of information, so he wondered if this was the right thing to do.

As if she could see Noel’s doubt, she added, “We’re the same. We both know nothing and have the doubt. But never in my life that the Moon Goddess ever did something bad to me… She might give me some hardship to overcome, but she wouldn’t harm my entire being. That’s why I choose to believe her and reveal this information to you.

“Have you ever asked these questions? What is actually the Spirit? Why are they inside of us this whole time and why must we discover them first before we can gain their power? What’s the difference between the spirits and the demons? The spirits reside in our body like the demons reside in living beings.”

Noel fell silent because he never asked those questions. He had been learning many things in the past few months through the books in the library, but he never questioned the information itself. How did they come up to such a conclusion?

Noel could see that the spirits and demons were more mysterious than he thought. “So, you are assuming that there’s a connection between spirits?”

“Yes. But because they don’t have the uniqueness like us, they don’t realize it.”

“So, what’s the connection between our spirits?”

“That’s what I want to know as well. We can even use the Spirit Oath to share our finding.”

“…” Noel knew that he wouldn’t be able to lie when using the Spirit Oath, so he decided to refuse because he didn’t want to get trapped again. “No need. Instead of talking about this, we should distribute the water as soon as possible.”

“That’s right. The longer we’re here, the more impatient they will be.” The Saintess smiled, not pursuing the matter further.

Both of them were curious about the Spirits, but they knew that the situation was more complicated than they thought.

In the end, the Saintess opened the door and asked the knights that stood by outside to help her in bringing the water gallons out of the house.

The knights immediately distributed the water and Noel could see their faces after drinking the water. It was truly a bliss. It seemed the water from the Ice Pearl couldn’t be compared to the water from the system. But then again, the Ice Pearl gave him free water while the latter used two Honor Points. Of course, the water from the system was better.

While distributing the water, Noel was often distracted by the connection between Ardagan and the Moon Goddess.

It was so visible that Anna could see through him easily. After checking Noel’s condition from a distance, she approached him to know what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” Anna asked worriedly.

Noel looked at Anna for a while.

‘What should I do? I should get going with Anna to locate the demons, but my mind is distracted from this thought. If I go outside with this kind of thought, it’ll be dangerous. I might get distracted in the middle of a fight. This time, my curiosity is far higher compared to any events in the past.’

On the one hand, Noel wanted to act like normal. On the other hand, he would just endanger their lives if he went out right now.

He knew it would be rude for him to take back his plan like this, but he still asked, “Sorry, Anna. I think I’ll have to meditate for a while to sort my thought about the previous incident. Do you mind waiting for me?”

Anna was surprised because Noel never abandoned his plan just because of a small matter. It felt like she was abandoned just for his cause. It wasn’t fair.

However, Anna also knew that if something had distracted Noel to this degree, the matter wasn’t small. Hence, she nodded her head with a smile, assuring him. “Sure. That’ll be the best. I’ll take care of your job here, so you should finish it quickly.”

“Sorry and thank you.”


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