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System vs Rebirth – Chapter 140: Unexpected Revelation Bahasa Indonesia

After that speech, the citizens had agreed to participate in the battle. There were some complaints left, but they were minority this time and couldn’t influence other people.

At the very least, they should take care a third of the soldiers’ jobs, making them having an easier time on the wall.

Meanwhile, Noel and Anna immediately headed to the building where the Saintess lived when she was in this city since they were going to distribute the water.

“And now, you need to go out.” Noel commanded as soon as he reached the house since he was going to take out the water gallons from the system.

“What? Why do I need to go out?” Anna narrowed her eyes. “You’re going to miraculously pull out some water, right?”

“How do you know?” Noel had thought about using all kinds of excuses to fool others, but Anna seemed to have known about his power. ‘Is Ardagan’s system known by others? But the only person who should know about it was the first wielder of Ardagan, my ancestor. How does she know?’

Seeing Noel’s confused but displeased face, Anna immediately raised both hands and said, “Fine, fine. I just need to go out, right?”

Anna left the house without any more complaints. She was considerate enough to show some space for Noel even though she had known a bit about Noel’s power. There was no need to look into the information desperately since she would end up being annoying which could lead the friction in their relationship this way.

“…” Noel even felt grateful for her consideration.

‘There are three big questions in my mind right now. Firstly, Anna seems to know me and my power more than I expected. Secondly, the answer to what happened to my family. Lastly, there seems to be a connection between Ardagan and this Moon Goddess… It looks hostile at first, but I have a desire to protect in the end. I have to meet Ardagan, but that’s for later. I have jobs to do.’

As soon as Noel sorted his thoughts, he immediately used all points to summon the water gallon. Two water gallon could feed more than sixty people for a day and there was still an excess water, so if he stretched it, he believed one gallon could feed a hundred people for a day. The rest would depend on the ability of the Saintess.

Without hesitation, Noel summoned twenty water gallons due to the lack of space. But it was still a huge amount of water.


The door was opened as a voice echoed in the house.

“Excuse me. It seems that you are here since your friend is outs—ouch!” The Saintess accidentally kicked the gallon and stumbled. “Wa—!”

She ended up falling on top of the gallons while fidgeting like a fish trying to find water.

“What’s going on?” The Saintess tried to save herself from the embarrassment.

Noel chuckled and hurriedly helped the Saintess by pulling her up. “Here you go.”

“What are you doing, Mr. Noel? Are you trying to embarrass me?” The Saintess’ face reddened from embarrassment.

“No, no. You’re falling on top of the water gallons that I bring.” Noel chuckled.

“Water gallons?” The Saintess frowned.

‘She doesn’t realize the obstacles? What’s going on? Shouldn’t she be able to understand her surroundings since she has been walking around without any problems this whole time?’ Noel asked the questions inwardly.

“So, those are water gallons… I thought you also received the blessing…” The Saintess let out a sigh of relief.

“Blessing?” This statement confused Noel since he was here to get the blessing.

“My eyes might be blind but it can still perceive Spiritual Energy. And the energy from this water has a similar kind of energy like that of a blessing.”

“Huh? It doesn’t make sense. I can’t even see anything.”

The Saintess fell silent, turned around, and bent her knees in front of the gallon, examining it. She touched every nook and corner before pulling it up.

“I see. Judging from the size and the weight…”

“Can it feed one hundred people for one day? It might be a stretch though.”

“It definitely can and it’s not stretching.” The Saintess shook her head. “If I see the amount of energy from the water, I can see that it has a refreshing effect. Have you ever felt refreshed and not get thirsty easily after drinking this water?”

Noel scratched the back of his head. The only experience he had with this water was the first water bottle he brought. He wanted to test the power, so he drank it. Her explanation was accurate but he didn’t drink enough water to determine such effect.

“It seems that you haven’t realized what kind of power you have.” The Saintess nodded in understanding. “This water gallon can provide one hundred people with enough water for a day. I just have to make sure they don’t get more water after drinking it just because they like it.”

‘So, those people in the village actually liked the soothing effect that they kept drinking it? If I knew, I would only provide them with only a single gallon…’ Noel remembered the village where he needed to destroy the dam.

“Anyway, I’ll distribute them right away.”

“Ah, one more thing.” Noel stopped her and said, “We’ll be leaving the town in a moment to locate the demon since according to you, the demon won’t be able to go that far away from the demons they control. Hence, I want to ask you if you prefer to leave the town by yourself or escorted by us?”

The Saintess understood what he meant. If they were outside, they would have a hard time going back to this town. So, they asked her to know whether they should return to the town or wait in a rendezvous point.

“I’ll have a group of knights to escort me. While it is true that we’ll be chased by the demons, I’m pretty sure this is better. Not only can we work together to take down the demons but my Holy Knights can help you in stopping the demons that will most likely protect the Advanced Level Demon.”

“You entrust me with that job easily… Isn’t your holy knight stronger than us? Since we’re younger than them.”

“No. I can see that both of you are stronger than any of them. After all…” The Saintess took her blindfold for the first time, revealing gray-colored eyes that lacked of light to signify her blindness. If it was any other person, they would be appreciating how beautiful she was. Her beauty, in fact, wasn’t any lower than Anna. But Noel was more focused on those eyes that seemed to be able to see through him.

And the Saintess even made his heart skip a beat by saying, “I know that you have two Spirits in your body, Mr. Noel.”



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