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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 388.1: When Twilight Falls [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

It didn’t take long before Lux and Millie arrived in the Dark Plains, and even from a distance, they could tell that something was wrong.

Dark clouds covered the horizon, and lightning snaked in the heavens like living snakes, waiting to strike at the unwary.

The low rumbling of thunder reached their ears, as if it was waiting for something before it roared in full, making everyone in Wolfpine Barony realize that something very sinister was now headed in their direction.

Several more minutes passed, and then, they finally saw it

“…By the Earth Goddess,” Millie sharply inhaled cold air when she saw the 40-meter tall Monstrosity that was sluggishly walking towards their location.

“Cerberus can’t hold a candle to this guy,” Lux muttered as his face became grim.

The Bearkin, Boss, had already told him what the Monster of Ruin looked like. However, being told and seeing it personally were two different things.

The sheer size of the Monster, along with its seven dog heads, which looked very similar to that of a husky, was enough to make Lux want to go back to Solais and call it a day.

However, since he, his friends, and the people of the Wolfpine Barony were under the Curse of Ruin, he just couldn’t pack up and leave.

“Is that the Monster of Ruin?” Millie asked as she used her power to hastily back away because she felt that if she were to go near the monster’s strike range, it wouldn’t hesitate to attack her.

“Yes,” Lux replied. “That’s none other than Teju Jagua, the Monster that required a dozen Saints in order to seal it due to how powerful it was.”

Seeing was believing. Millie, who had personally seen the evidence right in front of her had no choice but to admit that Lux was telling the truth.

“Tell me, how do we stop this thing?” Millie asked. “Should I go back to the capital and inform his Majesty of this threat? Should we mobilize all the Rankers and ask the help of the Saints in order to defeat this thing?”

Lux shook his head. “Right now, that is not our priority. This monster is after the Baron’s second son, Clyde. No matter what happens, he must remain in Wolfpine Barony in order to prevent the drought from spreading to other parts of the Kingdom.

“If we let him go, the monster will just follow him and destroy every village, town, and city along its path. You can take the Princess back to the capital, but Clyde must remain no matter what.”

Millie nodded and no longer asked any questions. She just flew as fast as she could in order to catch up to the carriages that were departing for the capital city.

Lux turned around to give the Calamity-Ranked Monster one last glance before shifting his attention to what was in front of him.

Now that he had Millie on his side, he should finally be able to convince the Princess to let the Baron’s second son remain inside Wolfpine Barony for the sake of her Kingdom.

Half an hour later, the two finally arrived in Wolpine Barony. They then followed the road that the carriages had taken in order to go back to the capital.

A few minutes later, they finally caught up, but this wasn’t the scene that the two of them were expecting.

The carriages were all destroyed, and several of the escorts lay on the ground with heavy injuries, while some were dead.

‘My God! Did Cai and Keane do this?’ Lux couldn’t believe that his two friends were capable of such merciless destruction. ‘No. They wouldn’t resort to killing people.’

The Half-Elf knew that no matter how obnoxious the Boar was, it would never kill anyone unless it was the last resort. Keane might not bat an eye in chopping off people’s limbs, but he wouldn’t go as far as killing people.

Also, Lux believed that there was one more Ranker protecting the Princess. This was why Princess Anastasia was confident that she could travel back to the capital, even if Millie was away from her side.

The green-haired Dwarf’s face had turned ashen as she called out for the Princess’ name, as she searched for her among the wreckage.

Lux did the same, and to his surprise, he saw someone whom he didn’t expect to see.

“Fei Fei?” Eiko, who was perched on top of Lux’s head, looked at the golden slime who was hiding under one of the carriages that were partially destroyed.

“Wuwuwu Sis!” Fei Fei started to cry as soon as she saw Eiko, making the blue slime jump towards her and give her a hug.

“Eiko, ask her what happened.” Lux felt his blood turn cold as a realization hit him.

The Boar would never leave Fei Fei behind unless something incredibly serious happened. After some coaxing, Eiko was able to get the gist of the story from the golden slime, who was pushed to the wreckage by Cai before it was captured by the people who ambushed the Princess on her trip back to the capital city.

The golden slime’s narration wasn’t very clear, but Lux was able to get the gist of it. Cai and Keane decided to block the path of the carriages using trees in order to delay their journey. However, before they could do so, several people wearing black robes attacked the carriages.

Cai and Keane went to help, but both of them were overpowered by their enemies and were captured as well.

Before the Boar came to assist the Princess, it told Fei Fei to hide first. The golden slime had just been born, and it was not really a slime meant for battle. Because of this, Fei Fei hid in one of the destroyed carriages and watched the battle unfold.

When Cai was subjugated, Fei Fei wanted to go out, but the Boar sent her a message through their contract, telling her to keep on hiding and wait for Lux’s and Eiko’s arrival.

“Don’t worry, Fei Fei,” Lux held the golden slime in his arms and patted her head. “We will find them. I will do my best to find them.”

Millie, who had confirmed that the Princess had been kidnapped while she was away, felt that everything was her fault. If she had only remained then this thing wouldn’t have happened, making her feel regretful.

“It’s not your fault, Millie,” the other ranker, who served as Princess Anastasia’s escort, Megan, said while cradled in Millie’s arms. “There were too many of them, and they had four rankers in their group. Even if you had been here, the end result would still be the same.”

“Even so! I should have been here and fought alongside you,” Millie replied as tears streamed down the side of her face. “Maybe we would have stood a chance if we were together.”

The green-haired Dwarf was busy applying healing potions to the injuries that Megan had suffered during the clash against the other Rankers.

If not for the fact that Princess Anastasia threatened to commit suicide if they didn’t stop killing her people, the robed figures would have made sure that no witnesses remained behind.

“Who was it?” Millie asked as she poured the last healing potion in her possession to help her friend recover from the serious injuries that she sustained during the battle.

“Twilight Rain.” Megan held on to Millie’s robes firmly as she used her remaining strength to answer her question. “They are from Twilight Rain.”

As soon as Megan spoke those words, she finally lost consciousness, and Millie’s roar of anger reverberated in the surroundings, making Lux, who had realized who the perpetrators were, feel that the difficulty of the mission he was trying to accomplish, suddenly went up several notches.


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