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When Princess Anastasia and Clyde were about to board the carriage, Lux suddenly grabbed hold of the Baron’s second son and transformed his right hand into dragon claws.

“Nobody move!” Lux shouted as he placed the tip of his claws on Clyde’s neck. “I’m taking him with me, and if any of you does anything stupid, I’ll kill him.”

Everyone at the scene looked at the chubby teenager in surprise. They didn’t know why he suddenly attacked Clyde and was now using him as a hostage.

“What do you think you are doing?” Princess Anastasia asked coldly. “Are you mad? You dare to raise your hand against a noble of this kingdom? Do you want to be hanged?”

“I also don’t want to do this, but you left me with no choice,” Lux replied. “The Kingdom of Gweliven is going to be destroyed if I don’t take him into my custody. So, if you don’t want that to happen, just behave like the good girl you are and go back home.”

Princess Anastasia narrowed her eyes before snapping her finger.

“Millie, do it.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Before Lux could even react, the green-haired Dwarf had already delivered a blow to his head, making him collapse on the ground.

Just as the Half-Elf was about to lose his consciousness, he heard the Princess’ words, which made him feel cold.

“It’s a shame, but I really thought that you were a good person. Millie, be sure to lock him up in the prison in the capital. Make sure that he will never be able to see the sun ever again.”

“Yes, Your Highness”.


Lux’s heart shuddered as he suddenly thought of this bad ending.

At first, he planned to forcefully take Clyde hostage, but after seeing that scene, he was forced to think of another way to deal with the situation.

‘Then, should I try to take Princess Anastasia as hostage?’ Lux thought. ‘No. I don’t want to die.’

Taking a noble as a hostage was one thing, but taking the princess of a Kingdom hostage? That was just asking for you to be killed.

Even if Lux succeeded, and the Princess’ escorts felt threatened enough to not do anything stupid, the Half-Elf would still suffer a lot of hardships in the longrun.

Lese Majeste wasn’t a simple crime. The punishment for it would be lifetime imprisonment if you were lucky, and a one-way trip to the guillotine if you were unlucky.

Just as the Half-Elf was still desperately trying to think of a way on how to detain Clyde in the Wolfpine Barony, an idea popped into his head.

“Lady Millie, there is something important that I need to discuss with you,” Lux said as he blocked the Ranker’s path. “This has something to do with the Order. Can we talk in private?”

Millie frowned because she didn’t expect someone would stop her as she escorted the Princess to the carriage. However, the phrase “something to do with the Order” caught her attention.

Her Master was one of the members of the Order of the Griffon, and she was very proud of her. The green-haired Dwarf’s dream was to become part of this organization, but it had very strict requirements, and only the King had the ability to recruit members.

This was why she was very upset when she saw the golden locket in Lux’s hands, making her feel like the goal she had set for herself had been snatched away by a random stranger.

“Something to do with the Order?” Millie asked back. “Why are you telling me this now? Can’t you see that we are about to depart for the capital.”

Lux sighed. If possible, he didn’t want to resort to this method as well, but he no longer had any leeway to take things in a casual manner.

“If you don’t come with me, the Kingdom of Gweliven will suffer a calamity,” Lux stated. “You are the only one that can help prevent this disaster from happening. So, please, come with me.”

The green-haired Dwarf looked up at the Human who had a very solemn expression on his face. She could tell that something was wrong, but she was hesitant to follow him because she only took orders from the Princess.

“Your Highness, Sir Lucien wants to tell me something in private,” Millie said as she looked at the Princess who was waiting for her to board the carriage. “Can you give me a few minutes?”

“Take your time, Millie,” Princess Anastasia replied. “I have Megan with me, so you can just catch up when your talk with Sir Lucien is over.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”


Lux had sent Cai and Keane a message through their Guild Chat, informing them of the sudden turn of events at the Baron’s Residence. He asked them to do everything in their power to delay the Princess’ trip back home. The Half-Elf added that they should also inform the Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild, Boss, to help them stop the Princess from leaving.

Since his life was on the line, Lux knew that Boss would think of something. He was first going to deal with Millie, who might be the key to solve this problem once and for all.


“You asked me to bring you here, so what is this important matter regarding the Order?” Millie asked as he took Lux to the same place where she had dragged him a few days ago to know his identity.

The red-headed teenager knew that the time had come to come clean, so he decided to use facts in order to convince the green-haired Dwarf of the real danger they were facing.

“Do you know about the Monster of Ruin?” Lux asked.

Millie pondered for a bit because the term sounded familiar. She was someone who had been trained by her Master to read history books, so she was well educated when it came to stories about the past.

“Is that the Monster that was sealed away by the Saints of the Arondight Territory?” Millied asked back. “A tale that mothers use to scare their children when they are misbehaving.”

“No. This isn’t a made up story,” Lux replied. “It is real, and this monster is heading towards this location even as we speak.”

Millie stared at Lux with a doubtful look on her face.

Seeing that she was showing an expression of disbelief, Lux decided to bluff his way out in order to convince the dwarf to believe him.

“How about I give you this locket as a wager?” Lux said as he took out the golden locket of the Order of the Griffon. “If what I said was false, this locket that is given only to the members of the Order will be yours.”

Millie’s eyes widened in shock because she didn’t expect that Lux would use the token, which she coveted all her life, as a wager for her to believe him.

“You’re serious?”

“I am very serious. Millie, believe me when I say that you are the only one that can help me prevent this Kingdom’s destruction. If you leave now, everything you hold sacred may come to ruin.”

The green-haired Dwarf was still half-doubtful whether she could believe Lux’s words or not. However, seeing how desperate he was to convince her, even going as far as to offer the Locket of the Griffon, she felt that she needed to give him the benefit of the doubt before making the final decision.

“I need proof.” Millie demanded. “Proof that you’re not lying to me.”

Lux sighed internally because this was the exact scenario that he was hoping to achieve. As long as Millie gave him a chance to prove that his claim was true, he had half won the battle.

“Understood,” Lux said as he handed the golden locket to Millie before pointing in the direction of the Dark Plains. “Let’s go to the Dark Plains. The proof you are looking for is there.”

Millie nodded. She waved her hand, and a gust of wind enveloped her and Lux, allowing the two of them to soar towards the sky in the direction of the Dark Plains. The green-haired Dwarf was an expert in Wind Magic, and her forte was speed.

Because of this, the speed at which they traveled was quite fast, and according to Lux’s estimate, it would only take them half an hour before they arrived at their destination.

If what the Half-Elf said was true, then Millie would do everything in her power to prevent a calamity from befalling her kingdom. She would do this, not only to save the people that she deemed important in her life, but for the sake of her homeland, which her Master tried so hard to protect.


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