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Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven’s Gate – Chapter 20.1: Monster Outbreak [Part 1] Bahasa Indonesia

Lux was sleeping peacefully when the loud tolling of several bells sounded in the middle of the night.

The Half-Elf opened his eyes and opened the window of his room. He didn’t know what was happening, so he decided to take a look outside to get a better understanding of what had caused this commotion so late into the night.

It didn’t take long for Lux to see several Dwarven patrolmen running towards the South Gate of the village.

Judging by the anxious expressions on their faces, Lux knew that something bad had happened.

The red-headed boy immediately equipped the Wolf’s Leather Armor that he had acquired in his Gacha Pull before leaving his room in haste.


< Wolf’s Leather Armor >

– Defense: 20

– Pierce and Slashing damage reduced by 10%


When he arrived at the first floor of the inn, several Dwarves were organizing themselves into parties. All of them were wearing armor, and they were holding their weapons firmly in their hands.

“Excuse me, but can you tell me what is happening?” Lux asked the innkeeper who was standing behind the bar and smoking a pipe.

The Innkeeper took a deep drag of his pipe before answering Lux’s question, “Every once in a while, we get monster outbreaks. Right now, we have an Undead Outbreak and everyone’s gathering at the South Gate in order to bolster our village’s defenses. Are you planning to participate in the village’s defense?”

“Yes,” Lux replied in a heartbeat. “Although I just arrived here in Leaf Village, I feel that I should do my best in order to protect this place.”

The Innkeeper’s gaze softened as he lightly patted Lux’s shoulder. “I’ll give you something good for breakfast later. Go, but make sure that you don’t get yourself killed.”

Lux nodded with a smile as he headed towards the door. The Dwarves heard his discussion with the innkeeper and they were somewhat impressed by Lux’s conviction to help the village in its time of need.

“What are you numbskulls dawdling around for?” the Innkeeper shouted at the Dwarves who were still loitering at the tavern area of the Inn. “Are you Dwarves or are you Goblins? Are you going to let that Half-Elf fight alone? If any of you don’t want to fight then you can scram. I don’t need useless brats here!”

The Dwarves immediately left the inn because they were afraid that the Innkeeper would really throw them out if they didn’t participate in the village’s defense.

When everyone had left, the Innkeeper sighed as he looked up at the picture of a teenage Dwarf that hung on the wall.

“Times like this, I wish you were here, son,” the Innkeeper said as he sighed a second time. “This place will never be the same without you.”


As Lux hurried towards the Southern Gate of Leaf Village, he noticed several Dwarves running alongside him.

“Big Brother Lux!” Colette waved her hand as she ran alongside him. “Are you going to participate in the village’s defense?”

“Yes,” Lux replied. “Colette, is it just me or are you pretty hyped about this thing?”

“Of course I am hyped! This is the first time I get to participate in a village’s defense. My Pa and Ma usually forbid me from doing dangerous things like this, but now I am here in Elysium, they won’t be able to stop me!”

“… Just do things in moderation, okay?”


After having some small talk with Lux, Colette increased her running speed and left Lux behind.

The Half-Elf had a dumbfounded expression on his face as he looked at the speedy little Dwarf who was already fifty meters ahead of him.

‘She sure runs fast,’ Lux mused. ‘I didn’t expect Dwarves to run this fast.’

A few minutes later, Lux arrived at the South Gate, which had been shut tight. Several Dwarven patrol guards could be seen standing on the ramparts, holding crossbows in their hands.

Colette and her party had also gathered on one side of the protective wall, just beside the entrance, and were looking at something in the distance.

Lux didn’t waste any time and also climbed the ramparts to see what kind of enemies they were fighting against.

As soon as he stood on top of the village’s protective walls, his expression immediately became grim as he saw a countless number of skeletons and zombies, walking shakily towards Leaf Village.

‘This is a Monster Outbreak?’ Lux frowned.

He was not unfamiliar with a Monster Outbreak because Wildgarde Stronghold had experienced them as well in the past. However, the children would always be gathered into the underground shelter of the stronghold, preventing them from participating in or observing the battle.

Now that Lux was facing a Monster Outbreak in Elysium, he now understood why the adults chose to safeguard the children, instead of letting them participate in a battle of this magnitude.

‘Grandma always participated in the defense against Monster Outbreaks,’ Lux thought as he clenched his fists to shake away the fear that was starting to take hold of his body. ‘It’s fine. As long as I stay here on the ramparts, I will be fine. The village’s guards are here, so I’m sure that they will be able to handle the rest.’

Lux tried to assure himself that everything was going to be fine, but the wild beating of his heart, and the pounding in his ears, prevented him from being able to calm his senses.

It was at that moment when he felt a small hand hold his own.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother! I will protect you!” Colette said with a big smile on her face. “Those skeletons and zombies are nothing. I can beat them with ease!”

She noticed that Lux’s expression was turning pale, so she decided to tell him the words that her sister always said to her, whenever they were up against a dangerous situation.

Lux snapped out of his daze as he looked at the smiling little girl who was holding his right hand.

‘Get a grip, Lux!’ Lux berated himself internally. ‘I am the oldest here! I should be the one protecting these kids! Grandma would definitely feel sad if she found out that I was hiding under the skirt of a girl that is younger than me by four years!”

Lux lightly squeezed Colette’s little hand as he gazed at the Undead Swarm that was only a few hundred meters away from the walls of the village.

“You don’t need to protect me,” Lux said with a smile. “I’m not afraid of these weak skeletons and zombies. Heck, I can even summon a skeleton of my own. Do you want to see?”

“Really? You can summon a skeleton?”

“Of course I can. Just watch me. Come forth, Diablo!”

Immediately, a white skeleton appeared in front of Lux.

Colette’s jaw dropped when she saw the skeleton that Lux had summoned.

Before Lux could even brag about his Named Creature, several bolts flew in Diablo’s direction. Fortunately, some of them passed harmlessly through his skeletal ribs, but a few hit its head, sending it flying away from its body.


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