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< Congratulations you have learned Power Shot Skill! >

Lux panted as he sat on the ground. After killing his hundredth horned rabbit, his skill had finally been upgraded successfully.

‘Finally.’ Lux sighed in relief before checking his stats in his Soul Book.


Name: Lux Von Kaizer

Age: 16

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: (None)

Health: 25 / 25

Mana: 4 / 25

Strength: 10

Intelligence: 5

Vitality: 5

Agility: 9

Dexterity: 8

Special Abilities: Skill Evolution [EX].

Skills: Power Shot.


Elysium Copper Coins: 145

Elysium Silver Coins: 2

Elysium Gold Coins: 0


Lux allocated his 25 Skill Points to Diablo in order to help his named creature become more powerful. Right now, Diablo’s progression rate was at thirty five percent.


< Diablo >

Progress: (35/100)


The red-headed boy was quite excited to see what changes his Named Creature would have once he upgraded him.

Lux was also looking forward to the new ability that he would learn once he had upgraded his body constitution to its next stage.


< Immortal Conqueror’s Legacy >

Rating: F

Progress: (16/100)


‘I guess it’s time to head back,’ Lux thought after looking at the sun that was about to set in the horizon. His whole body ached due to all the running he had done all over the plains as he chased the horned rabbits he’d killed.

He had also completed his gathering mission a few hours ago, and was only waiting until he had upgraded his Accurate Throw Skill into Power Shot before he headed back to Leaf Village.

On his return trip to the village, the Dwarves who had been at the plains were staring at him in a weird manner. Some of them were even gossiping, while glancing in his direction every now and then.

Lux knew that these Dwarves were younger than him. Although it was a bit embarrassing, he was without a doubt, the oldest “Foreign” teenager in the Leaf Village.

Because of this, most of the Dwarves looked down on him because he started out late compared to their older brothers and sisters, who were already in the Intermediate Zones of Elysium.


“Everything seems to be in order,” the guild receptionist said with a trace of surprise. “Have you handled herbs before?”

“Yes,” Lux replied. “When I was younger I usually accompanied my grandma to go foraging.”

“So that explains why all the herbs are in excellent condition. Usually, first timers don’t know how to gather them properly and just pull them up by the roots. Because of this, the herbs are damaged and lose their quality.”

The receptionist smiled and handed Lux the reward money for completing his mission.

After checking his compensation, Lux frowned because he realized that he got more than the quest had been commissioned for.

“Um, the Quest Rewards should only be seven copper coins, I have ten coins here,” Lux said as he tried to return the three coins that had been overpaid to him, but the guild receptionist only shook her head.

“Those who commissioned the herb gathering quest explicitly told us to add three more copper coins if the herbs that were handed into our care were in excellent condition,” the receptionist explained.

“Don’t worry, you are only getting what you deserve. Would you like to reserve the Herb Gathering Quest for tomorrow? I’m sure that our client will have no problems if you are the one who will carry out their mission.”

Lux pondered a bit before nodding his head in agreement. “By the way, do you buy horned rabbit meat here?”

“We do. Depending on the quality of the corpse we will buy one horned rabbit for one copper coin,” the receptionist replied. “But, if the corpse is damaged then the price is halved.”

Lux nodded his head and took forty horned rabbit corpses out of his storage ring at the dismantling area of the Adventurer’s Guild.

The corner of the receptionist’s lips twitched when she saw the battered corpses in front of her. As she inspected one of the horned rabbits, she noticed that most of them seemed to have been hit by a bludgeon type attack that damaged their fur, and body organs.

Although she could understand that horned rabbits were difficult to kill, seeing the bludgeoned corpses in front of her made her feel pity for the so-called Pests of the Plains.

“Sorry, but the prices will have to be lowered further due to the quality of these corpses,” the guild receptionist said. “How about this, we will pay fifteen copper coins for these forty horned rabbits. Will that be fine with you?”

Lux nodded. “Yes.”

The red-headed boy felt slightly embarrassed because he had gotten carried away when he was hunting the horned rabbits. Instead of giving them a clean death, Lux had smacked their bodies using the fist-sized rocks he collected in order to train his Accurate Throw Skill.

Only the first ten kills were in good condition, so he decided to keep them for himself to use as food rations during his travels.

Meat that was stored inside a storage ring didn’t rot, so he could be assured that the rabbits would remain fresh even if he carried them around for a long time.

After earning an additional fifteen copper coins, Lux returned to his inn to rest for the night.

“The Alpha Beast of the Plains of Aspiration is the Carbuncle,” Lux muttered as he opened his Elysium Compendium. “It is the Lord of the Horned Rabbits. Fortunately, its territory is at the center of the plains, so I don’t have to worry about meeting it anytime soon. But, just to be on the safe side, I won’t wander too far into the plains tomorrow.”

The Carbuncle was a meter-tall, blue rabbit with a red, diamond-shaped, crystal on its forehead.

These so-called Red Diamonds were highly sought out by Mages, and Magic Swordsmen because of its ability to amplify magic. However, as an Alpha Creature, a party of six—whose members had stepped unto the Apostle Rank—was needed in order to challenge this quick and nimble beast.

Although it was weaker than the Field Boss, Forest Wolf King, it was without a doubt one of the apex creatures in the Beginner’s Zone.


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