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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 85: CH 76: MEDEA (2) Bahasa Indonesia

“Let’s do it.”

The moment Medea heard those words, she felt as if her heart would explode. She had dreamed of this very moment for years. In fact, she had even given up the notion of ever finding love.

Remembering words she saw in some of the books Freya liked to write, she stammered,

“Please… make a mess out of me.”

Sol felt his reasoning nearly snap. Letting out a big sigh at how destructive Medea could be, he bent down and kissed her deeply, their bodies slowly entwining.

Finally, while Medea was completely focused on the kiss, he slowly pushed his gland in her tight vagina.


Medea leaked out a small groan. Having a penis that’s bigger than a finger spread her entrance was a bit painful. At the same time, her body that was driven into climax several times was rampaging from expecting pleasure and began to convulse.

Meanwhile, Sol could feel a fierce resistance once he reached her hymen. His worries were proven true, but he calmed down.

Sol hesitated for a short while before deciding that piercing through it in one go would be better for her.

“Medea, I am sorry.”


Her hips shook the moment he gave a deep thrust.

“Ah, ahh~!”

At that moment, she lost the chastity she had protected for so long.

Her thin eyebrows curved as that thick stake was driven into her. While pain surged through her crotch.

She stifled a scream from the intense pain racing through her hidden hole as her hymen was broken and hugged Sol tightly. At the same time, her nails scratched his back, but Sol did not mind as the pain she was feeling was without a doubt way worse.

He could also feel the stream of energy leaving him since he began touching her expand greatly. But once again he did not particularly mind. He simply continued to look at Medea, his eyes filled with love and worries.

The part connecting them had red blood flowing. It was the proof that she was a virgin a while ago.

Unconsciously, she was tightening around his cock painfully. The vagina’s wavy folds entangled his penis, it felt so good that he thought he might ejaculate even if he did not move.

Looking at her face covered in tears, Sol slowly extended his tongue and licked them.

“… Salty.”

“*Huff* *Huff* *Huff* I-I am alright, you… can continue.”

Sol shook his head in refusal. He wasn’t a beast. Well, technically he was. But this wasn’t the point. He did not seek only his pleasure. He knew that she was rushing him because the longer they took, the more life energy he would lose. But, at this rate, even if they fucked for four hours straight, he would only lose about one or two hours of his life.

Even if they fucked ten thousand times, he would barely lose something close to three years of life. Three years out of potentially thousands. This really wasn’t a big deal.

Deciding that she needed more time to adapt, he began to nibble her ear before trailing down kisses on her neck. While doing so, his right hand was rolling her nipple with his fingers, sometimes pinching them, though not too much.

It didn’t take long for her expression of pain to loosen up before melting once again in pleasure. It was clear that she was extremely sensitive. What’s more, he knew that his life energy was also bringing her pleasure.

He could already feel her vagina twitch and moisten.

“I am going to move.”


Sol slowly began to move further his waist, until It was swallowed up to the base just like that, the point bumped against the mouth of her womb. Her vagina shut hard and tightened around the whole penis.

Even though her vagina’s entrance was tight, it was thankfully rather deep and could accommodate his full length.

He then began to go back and forth, while slowly accelerating. It did not take long for Medea to begin moving her waist alongside him.

With each thrust, her womb twisted, her slender body jumped, and moans escaped her thin lips.

Sol was astonished at how amazing a woman she was. The tightness was to be expected with a virgin, but the way she moaned in joy and agony was indescribably sexy. She stirred up his sadism like no one else.

He had considered being a little gentler with her, but she made him want to do it more roughly.

He lifted her up so she was seated on his lap and thrust powerfully up into her from below. To avoid the pain of having her full weight gathered on their union, she desperately clung to his body.

“Ah~! Ah~ !”

Beads of sweat appeared on her flushed face and heated breaths escaped her lips thanks to the unknown feeling surging through her entire body.

Her love juices dripped out with an obscenely wet sound while his massive member thrust in and out of her.

Her mind gradually faded away and she had trouble thinking straight, almost like she had a serious fever. A vague white feeling surrounded her and she could focus only on the presence of the giant penis thrusting up into her crotch.

Whenever he rubbed her vaginal wall, a seemingly pleasured panting voice leaked out from her mouth. Her panting voice was as clear as a bell, hearing it pleased him to no end. Having her purr with a caress was fine but making her cry with his penis was the best.

When he changed his angle, her body started trembling. He focused on the same place and rubbed his glans.

“Ah! There, it’s amazing there, it’s making me tremble, this, this is… sex?”

Sol smiled as he asked, “Indeed. Does it feel good? “

“Nn~! Yes! It’s hot deep inside my stomach… I… I’m cumming again.”

“Very well. I’m going to make you cum as much as you like.”

“Ah… I’m cumming. Nnnn…. If you’re so rough then I’m going to cum right away–Sol!!”

She screamed again and hugged him tightly. Her hot vagina began to contract, making Sol lose the little amount of control he had left.

The giant object inside her grew even larger and throbbed while she could feel something coursing through it.

Growling deeply, he kissed her as he began to release his semen inside of her.

“I-I’m cumming!” He announced while a hot liquid erupted from the tip.

“Ah, it’s going inside me. Th-there’s so much. Ah~ !”

A hot liquid was spreading within her vagina. And while she experienced being cummed inside for the first time, she also achieved another climax.


A shrill scream left her mouth and then she collapsed backward. The double stimulus being too strong for someone who was a virgin just a few moments ago.

After cumming all he wanted, he supported her limp body and slowly lay her down on the

His climax lasted so long. He felt like it was overflowing.

“Ah… Aaah… Ah..”

Once their mutual climax ended, the two were left breathless.

Still sitting on his lap, Medea looked dreamily at her first man. She could feel the hot liquid flowing in her body. She could also feel his life force fill her.

Gathering strength in her limbs, she closed in, nibbled on his collarbone, and with an entranced expression flushed with lust, asked,

“Could we do it again?”

How could he refuse such a plea?

Gently turning Medea around before pushing her on all four on the bed without pulling out,

“Eh? From behind?”

“Yeah. You don’t want it?”

“I didn’t say that… ”

She was anxious because of how obscene this position looked like, but still supported her body with her arms and legs for a crawling pose.

Sol grabbed her adorable butt as he stared at her back which glistened brightly with sweat.

Thankfully, the new position filled her with delight as it seemed to reach even deeper than she thought possible.

As the bare-breasted witch stood on all fours like a dog, he reached below her arms and grabbed her breasts.

He bounced them around for fun and stroked the hardened nipples while starting to move his hips again.


He parted the back of her silver hair and kissed the white nape of her neck. He then licked along with her shoulder blades and spine.

“Your back is so pretty.”

“Ah~ !”

Medea wiggled her back in embarrassment, though it was obvious how much she was enjoying his compliments.

The large quantity of love juices and semen were mixed by his rod.

It would flow out whenever he thrust inside and it was mixed together whenever he pulled back.

The sensation and the obscenely wet sound made the pure witch want to plug her ears, but at the same time, brought her even more pleasure.

The sound of slapping flesh continuously rang in the room. His rod kept moving without rest as it spread the deepest depths of her vagina, pushed back her folds of flesh, and pressed against her womb.

Medea’s face burned red, she dug her nails into the edge of the mat, and she cried out even louder than before.

“This position… Ah…AhAh…It’s going to drive me crazy.”

Her entire body was twitching in response to his raging erection. Her shoulder blades were visible in her back as she arched it.

Sol, happy to discover that Medea seemed to really love this position continued without any worries.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Medea closed her eyes and answered by simply nodding.

Seeing the line of her slender back bending left and right increased his libido, making him rub against her lower body at an even greater pace.

An avalanche of pleasure hit her and she could no longer support her upper body, so she started rubbing her face against the mat.

However, she kept her thighs straight and indecently spread to allow the thick rod to enter even deeper. And–


She started moving her butt in a circular motion to rub up against the manhood as it stickily reached her womb. She could not speak. She had never felt anything like this.


As soon as she screamed his name, Sol thrust his rod inside her as hard as he could. The head fits firmly into the entrance of her womb and he exploded. He tightly squeezed the breasts in his hands and he lifted her body up. His hot semen sprayed inside her womb.

Another orgasm washed over her like a great wave. That strong-willed woman ascended to a world of even greater pleasure.

Her brain gave a great cry at the intense pleasure. Her vision whited out and then grew black.

She had passed out because of the pleasure.


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