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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 84: CH 75: EDEA (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After their sweet kiss, Sol and Medea found themselves in Medea’s world within the tower of babel thanks to Freya’s space magic.

Even now, as he sat on Medea’s bed, Sol could still feel the sweet aftertaste and wished for nothing more than giving her another kiss and much more.

What’s more, they had all the time in the world.

Medea, normally, could only accelerate the time up to four times the normal speed without straining herself. But, this time, Freya decided to also give her help. Bringing the current ratio to a staggering 10:1.

They could only last for about three hours in the outside world, but it still means 30 hours here or more than one day.

As of now, he was currently seated on her king-sized bed while Medea stood in front of him with her skirt pinched on both sides and raised.

Medea, who had slowly raised her skirt in a bid to seduce him under the advice of Freya, had her skin flushing because of how shameless she was currently acting. Underneath her skirt, she was showing bold sexy white lace underwear.

Despite her shame, she had no intention of stopping. After all, as Freya said. They didn’t have much in the body proportions department. So they had to make up for it with something else.

Sol, while a little bemused at first, was now completely savoring the situation as he thoroughly inspected her body with his eyes without moving.

Seeing his seemingly lack of reaction, Medea shivered a little as she asked, “Is my charm insufficient after all?”

It seemed that her low self-esteem was still eating at her.

“That’s not true. You’re an extremely beautiful woman, gentle, tolerant, a fine woman. You are also easy to tease. It makes me want to protect and dominate you a bit.”

Truth be told, the current appearance of Medea’s was truly awakening the sadistic feeling in him. She seemed so weak and vulnerable while standing here, in front of him, and showing her panties.

Hearing that, Medea’s expression had some joy mixed in. Her skirt was still rolled up and her face was still red, but power entered her eyes again.

“Come here.”

He beckoned her with his finger, and once she sat next to him on the bed, he gently put his hand on her thighs.

He enjoyed the feeling of her thighs as he stroked them. The thin flesh wasn’t bad, it was still soft, the feeling of his finger sticking to her soft skin felt pleasant as well as the white stockings wrapping her legs was enchanting.

Despite that, both her feet were glued together. It seemed that she was still feeling a little shy. But, she neither escaped nor refused his hand.

“Don’t be so nervous.” He spoke in a soothing voice.

“I-I’ll try…”

Sol understood that in such a situation, words alone were pretty useless. So, he decided to simply take his time and let her gradually adjust to the situation.

He let his hand wedge in the closed thighs. While he stroked her sensitive inner thighs, he waited for her to lose strength little by little.


Sol continued to gently caress her body, slowly heating it without startling her too much.

“How’s it?”

He whispered sensually before biting her ear, making her shiver in pleasure.

“it…feels a bit good.”

While satisfied by her innocent reaction, Sol further caressed her thighs. Before long, her body lost its strength and her expression loosened. Judging that the time was right, he made his finger crawl on her wet genital through the panties.

This made her yelp in surprise, but as fast as it happened, her expression began to melt even more.

“Have you masturbated like this before?”

Medea stammered at this question for a short while before finally nodding while hanging her head in shame. But Sol didn’t mind her silence and continued to loosen her.

He wanted to tease her more. Make her blush more. Ask her more private questions and bask in her cute blushing face.

‘I need to get hold of myself. It’s her first time.’

They could play as they wished later. But he wanted her first time to be a sweet memory.

Thinking so, he pushed the gusset of her panties aside and began to slide his finger up and down on her moist thin slit. It was still tightly shut, but still so alluring.

Medea gripped his clothes tighter but aside from that didn’t do anything else. He could feel a little apprehension in her, so he hugged her with his free hand.

‘She seems way smaller than I expected.’

He had been ready for her entrance to be somewhat small but still not at this level. This made him hesitant about continuing. Sol, while not too big, was no slouch in the length and girth department. When compounded with her small opening, he feared that it may hurt her far more than he thought it would.

“Excuse me.”

Saying so, he took Medea in a princess carry and stood up before placing her down on the bed.


She asked a little anxiously at the sudden change of position. But Sol didn’t answer.

Hovering above her, he slowly took off her panties sticky with transparent fluid. Once again he held the urge to tease her and smiled reassuringly.

“Entrust your body to me please.”

Saying so, he slowly began to disrobe her. Her clothing had hidden some of her curves. She was without a doubt very petite, but her well-proportioned body was very attractive…

The nape peeking through her disheveled silver hair, her neck, her slender shoulders, the contours of her shoulder blades, the swelling on her chest, and her narrow waist that looked as if it would break if she was held too tight.

All those elements mixed gave her an appearance of fragility, further promoting her ethereal beauty.

“You are beautiful.”

Sol was so lost for words he could only praise her using those words. Currently, he could feel his heart going wild and his mouth dry at the vision that mixed cuteness and lewdness in such a way.

He eagerly bent down and kissed her gently. Medea, hesitated at first, before slowly reciprocating.

While kissing her, he wrapped his hand around her beautiful breasts, their sizes, fitting comfortably in his palm.

When compared to his other women, it was without a doubt pitifully small. But Sol did not particularly mind. Small or big, breasts were one of the most beautiful things in the world. What’s more, small breasts had a charm of their own.

He continued to knead them with his palm while enjoying the feeling of her breast. It was small yet soft and elastic, the tip was hard, showing that she was aroused.

After a while, he slowly separated his mouth from her, only to see her eyes wavering.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly. He hoped that he didn’t hurt her.

“That… Don’t you find my body disappointing?”

Sol smiled. He knew where her insecurities were coming from.

“Honestly, your body is indeed one of the less curvy than the other. But– I still think that you are the most beautiful in my heart.”

He could see Medea deflate a little during the first part of his words before changing into joy at the last part.


Hugging him tightly, Medea screamed his name while her body began to shiver for a few seconds.

This scene astonished him,

‘She is cumming?’

It was the first time he saw someone reach climax just because the said person was praised.

He could even feel a hot liquid gush on pant, informing him about her even squirting.

Medea’s convulsions continued for a short while before she finally stopped. Sol, slowly raising his body while using one of his hands, managed to observe her dazed and blushing expression as she breathed roughly.

The scent of the room, already filled with her.

“Let’s continue.”

This wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

With his right hand, he covered her entire pubis with his palm and softly caressed it to enjoy how it felt. He moved the other hand roughly through her hair and kissed her so passionately it took her breath away. Then the storm of kisses moved down to her neck, to her collarbone, and to her armpit.

He coated his fingers with the love juices flowing from her vagina and rubbed all over the inner labia that had swollen out in arousal.

“Ah, ahh… ah, ahn.”

His finger stimulated her softened flesh in every direction like he was stirring her up. A ticklish pleasure soon ruled her crotch.

“Ah~… something, something entered.”

“It’s just a finger. If it hurts then tell me.”

“It doesn’t… hurt…Please… Don’t stop.”

She had never known how sensitive that part of her body was. She felt as if all her body was on fire.

She stifled a scream of pleasure when his fingers captured her clitoris. His thumb and forefinger pinched and lightly rolled around the pleasantly hard flesh bud.


The stimulation was too powerful, so her limbs trembled uncontrollably. He gave a focused vibration to the clitoris held between his two nectar-soaked fingers.

“You appear to be sensitive here.”

“Ah…stop. N-no, wh-what? I…this feels weird…I! Ah~ ! .”

Every woman’s clitoris was sensitive and he was attacking more than just that. He also massaged her left breast, brought the nipple into his mouth, and rolled it around while soaking it with saliva.

Medea experienced her second climax of the day. One that lasted even longer than the previous one.

“That should be good enough.” He said after seeing her refocus.

He stripped off his clothing to reveal the fit body created thanks to all the training. His penis was also revealed. Seeing it left Medea speechless.

Medea trembled in embarrassment and worry as he grabbed her slender ankles and spread her thighs wide enough to see what lay between them. He brought his manly cock right up to the hidden red flowers sitting open at her crotch.

The tip of his hard erection pressed against the nectar-wet valley and his precum mixed with the sexual juices flooding her maiden slit.


She had already been brought to climax twice by Sol’s skilled caress, so she did not have the strength left to even lift a finger and could only breath heavily while staring at him.

Sol, too before going for the last thrust, looked at Medea. His eyes filled with tender love but also a question in it. He was clearly showing that even though it would be hard if she wanted to stop, he wouldn’t force her.

This, more than anything, made Medea melt even more.

“Let’s do it.”

It was time for her to end her centuries-old virginity.


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