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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 83: CH 74: SWEET DATE (2) Bahasa Indonesia

After the little episode with the curse, even though Medea’s mood dampened for a short while, it did not take long for it to pick up again.

The streets were currently crowded, as families, couples, friends, or singles people walked around. Joyous music filled the air while the merchant shouted to attract people to their stalls.

Medea could only marvel at all that.

Even though she was sealed, since she could observe everything happening in the tower, she wasn’t completely behind the time and had a concrete idea of how the world looked like.

But, imagination and reality were always different. In her mind, despite all the innovation, Lustburg was still this little, cold street where she lived, or rather survived, as a street urchin with hunger and anger in her belly.

It was still this poor and destitute country that needed the protection of the elves to not simply become a huge cake for all the countries.

It was still this war-torn country that was trying to fight for its freedom under her leadership and that of Jupiter.

Thinking of Jupiter, she was surprised to not feel the usual pangs of sadness his name brought her.

“Ea… Medea.”

Medea yelped when she finally heard herself being called by Sol. Laughing stiffly, she shook her head and berated herself in her mind.

‘Don’t lose yourself. Sol is doing his best for you.’

She knew that this date would eventually lead to many things. Even though at this level her answer was clear to the two of them and more akin to a formality, it was still a very important step in their relationship.

More than anything, this was her first date. She wanted it to be a success.

Meanwhile, Sol didn’t miss the myriad of expressions that flashed on Medea’s face. But it didn’t matter. He was willing to take his time for her. She was more than worth it.

He had been thinking about this date yesterday, letting her walk around and explore the city was the best thing.

Like that, until lunchtime, the two of them enjoyed themselves while walking around. Even Medea was feeling a little stuffed from everything they ate.

Though, for the two of them, this wasn’t a problem. Sol’s stomach was basically bottomless while Medea could simply rewind the time of her own body.

Deciding to take a rest, Sol found a bench under the shade for them. They weren’t particularly tired, to be honest. But sitting à little was always nice.

Once Sol sat, he looked with curiosity at the fidgeting Medea who seemed to gather her courage, before finally seating on his lap.

One thing to remember was that Medea wasn’t wearing her usual long robe, but rather a simple short skirt.

Sol could clearly feel Medea’s ass through her thin skirt, and it was truly a tremendously destructive force striking right into his reasoning.

To be specific, he couldn’t move as if he was completely turned to stone because he felt like if he moved, a certain part of his body would react and turn into a stone instead, so he was trying to make an effort in not moving and keeping his mind free from obstructive thoughts.

Thankfully, he was already used to women and so, once the shock passed, he was in control of his urge.

“Today was really fun. Everything seemed to be shining… It made me feel really happy.”

“I’m also having a lot of fun with you by my side.”

A warm atmosphere seemed to surround the two as they spoke like that.

He hugged Medea from behind as tight as he could without hurting her. Medea twitched in reaction, but she didn’t seem to be resisting as she let him hug her body, making him feel her soft warmth filling his whole body.

Still feeling the warmth of her body, his hand was heading to the bulges of Medea’s breasts, but he managed to control himself at the last moment. After all, no matter what they decided to do, he would never disrespect her by feeling her up outside in the streets.

Thinking so, he let his hand trail down before taking her hand in his. He felt like his heart was beating so fast it was about to explode.

He wanted to continue like that for the rest of the day, but good times were always fleeting, and he sadly had to visit the Traver family during the night.

To make the best of their remaining time, Sol and Medea stood up before continuing to walk hand in hand.

They ate different things, played in different stalls, and simply enjoyed themselves the best possible.

It wasn’t a luxurious date. But, for Medea, this was perhaps the best day for her since very long ago.

She only remembered having felt such happiness when she was following Ambrosia, her teacher, and mother, after becoming a witch.

This was a moment she wished to keep in her memory for eternity.

They finally reached a tall hill in a park that seemingly overlooked a great part of the city.

Medea admired the beautiful view while Sol stood behind her and hugged her.

Murmuring in her ears, he said his heartfelt feelings,

“This is the kingdom you valiantly fought to create. I am sorry that you never got the recognition you should have. Thank you for everything. Without you, I wouldn’t be here in my current position.”

In the story, Medea was vilified and treated as an accessory. But the reality was clear. Without Medea, there would be no Lustburg as it is now.

It was unjust for her to be known as the bad guy even though she was the one who deserved the most thanks.

From a political standpoint, he could understand why none of the previous rulers gave the truth. Firstly they weren’t close to Medea, and what’s more, the truth would only weaken the royal prestige.

Jupiter was basically worshipped as a god and if the truth was known, people would either be in disbelief or be greatly disappointed.

Still, Sol did not care. He wouldn’t rush it, but, once he became king, he would slowly wash clean her name and give back her rightful place in history.

Medea, hearing those words, fell in a short daze.

Truth be told, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t saddened by her bad name.

But at the same time, she understood enough about the situation and never resented anyone from Jupiter’s line.

Still, hearing those words from Sol, seemed to break a dam in her heart as her eyes began to moisten a little.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply before taking away his arms from around her and turned to face him.

“You know, I already told you this, but I always hated myself.”

Sol wanted to speak, but chose to keep quiet and simply listen to her.

“I was an orphan who had to eat the trash in the streets to not die. Even after I became a witch, I always felt somewhat inferior to Freya and the other.

“So, when Jupiter showed that he needed me, I felt so happy. For the first time, I thought I was really needed. For the first time, I thought I was really appreciated.”

She gave a hollow laugh as if mocking her own naivety and stupidity.

“I hate myself because of how naive I was. I hate myself because even though I sort of understood he didn’t really love me, I continued to trick myself into thinking that it was because of the stress he was feeling. I hate myself for all the grief I made Ambrosia and my sisters feel. I hate myself for not hating him even after he betrayed me.”

Tears began to spill from her eyes, but she did nothing to wipe them. Looking straight at Sol’s eyes, she continued, “Truly, I am a foolish woman. Don’t you think so?”

Sol did not answer, for this was not really a question.

“For years, I asked myself. What did I do wrong? Did he not like my childish body? Was he so scared of the curse? Did he love someone else all this time? Was I too much a bother?

“I thought and thought again. So much I nearly became crazy. So much I thought I would die. But, no matter how much I reviewed our moments together, I could not really understand, or rather I refused to understand. After all, the truth was too much for me.

“He had never really loved me. He only used me and discarded me once he thought that I was useless. And I hated myself because I thought that I wouldn’t have minded if he wanted to continue to use me as long as he kept me by his side.”

She laughed, a laugh devoid of any happiness, a laugh-filled with sadness and self-hatred.

“I thought I was in love. I thought I really loved him. But, now, I understand.

“I have never loved him. I was just in love with the notion of love. I was just dependent on him because I wished to be appreciated and needed. From the very beginning, our relationship was doomed to fail.”

Her tears stopped falling and a slight smile bloomed on her face. This time it wasn’t a derisive smile, but rather a smile filled with joy and happiness.

“They say that everyone has a different definition of love. For me, love was being useful and giving everything to the one you loved. But, I understand now. This isn’t love. Love isn’t supposed to be a one-way street. It’s supposed to be a mutual feeling linking people.”

“When I am with you, I feel happy as if I was walking on a cloud. Every day, I would wait eagerly for our lessons. Passing time with you made everything more bearable and more beautiful.”

She blushed as she continued.

“Sol, you know, right here right now, I can easily confirm. I really love you. From the bottom of my heart, I love you. I love you so much it hurts.”

She declared in a soft and firm voice. Taking his hand into her, she continued,

“Sol, I am an awfully needy and spoiled woman.”

“This isn’t a problem.”

“I am someone prone to depression and self-doubt.”

“I know.”

“Despite my appearances, I am an old woman who lived for many generations before you.”

“Age is just a number.”

“Even though you are extremely resistant to my curse, it will still affect you even if slightly.”

“I was ready for that from the beginning.”

“Then, I am in your care.”

This time, Sol’s answer was a gentle and light kiss.

This was the second time Medea was kissed in her life. All she could remember was how sweet it tasted.


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