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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 133: CH 120: DEMI-GOD (2) Bahasa Indonesia

A few moments ago, the soldiers and knights were cheering after Lilith’s incredible displays of power.

“We–We did it!”

“Awesome! So this is the power of the Queen!?”

“Everyone! Don’t relax! We still have to deal with the small fries.”


None of the soldiers really understood what was happening, but they understood one thing.

They had won.

Now that the most dangerous threat was removed, they were free to now finish the zombies that had lost the support of the necromancer and could also deal with the rebels.

Just as they were getting more and more hyped.


An ominous sound resonated high in the sky. Everyone in the capital obtained a single premonition from the sudden change in the world.

–Something terrifying was going to happen.

*Crack* *Crack*

With the same timing, everyone looked up at the sky.

At the end of their sight, the cloudy sky distorted and what appeared was–a deep scarlet moon. The barrier that just protected them was completely covered in cracks as if one gust of wind would be enough to shatter it.

In the back of the mind of everyone that were dumbfoundedly looking up at that, a string of words sounded,

<<Dimensional encroachment: Fallen Paradise.>>

From the smallest bugs to the most battle-hardened soldiers, all of them fell silent in front of the overpowering might that had surpassed the limits of mortality.

For the soldiers, they had thought that after seeing Lilith’s power, nothing could scare them anymore and they were bitterly proven right.

What they felt wasn’t fear–but complete and utter despair.

The notion that in front of this being, no matter what they did or no matter how hard they struggled, everything would amount to nothing more than a meaningless struggle settled so deeply in their minds that all they could do was bow down and pray to beg their goddesses for salvation.

And then, among those people, there was only one person–a person who, despite her whole body shaking in a deep instinctive fear, stood proudly on her sword and looked at the sky.

She understood this power. She had already felt such a level of power a few times in her life.

With a steely expression, Lilith murmured,

“A demi-god.”

The very structure of the world around the capital seemed to change.

While from the outside of the capital, a large opaque dome seemed to cover it completely, as if separating the capital from the outside world.

Deep in the basement of the church, Camelia’s eyes constricted into a needlepoint.

Even though the effect of the pressure was weaker on her, she could still feel as if a heavy boulder was placed on her shoulder.

From what she knew, the leader of the wings of freedom was supposedly struck down by the concerted efforts of many powerhouses.

What’s more, because of her status, she was the first in the cleansing lists of all the churches.

The greatest heretic since the dawn of time.

‘She should be sealed in the underworld by the Necromancer King. How is it possible?’

She gasped at the realization that the wings of freedom suddenly went from a simple terrorist organization to something extremely dangerous.

She couldn’t help but clench her teeth. In the current era, kings stood at the peak of the world for the simple reason that all demi-gods were either dead like Mars, sealed like Echidna, or unable to land in the mortal world like the divine beasts.

But this completely changed the situation.

“Dear goddesses, you better send some divine help if you don’t want your game to be broken.”

[…You know the rules. We don’t intervene in the affairs of the mortal world.]

She scoffed at this. Sure, they didn’t intervene. They just watched everything while sitting on their own fat asses.

[…My ass isn’t fat… It’s just well-rounded.]

“Whatever, if it helps you sleep better at night, sure.”

Even though she seemed to be joking around, Camelia was currently quite angry.

If Castitas had chosen to descend in Camelia’s body, even though she might die because of the overlord of divine power in her mortal body, she would have been able to terribly wound or even outright kill that woman and as such get rid of a dangerous enemy for Sol.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as if there was no way to reverse the situation. Still, she couldn’t help but ask once again.


This was something she didn’t understand. What was the use of this game? Why make everything so complicated? Why were goddesses and divine beasts unable to fully descend on the mortal world, even though they could do so during the Age of Gods?


Receiving no answer, she could only close her eyes while clenching her teeth in frustration.

“You guys are really manipulative bitches.”

This time the answer she received was a derisive laugh,

[And you are no different from us. I wonder how our little prince will react when he learns the truth about how you used his beloved uncle? It will be really entertaining to watch. Hahaha~!]

With this last laugh, Camelia could feel the divine presence of Castitats vanish from her mind and all she could do was let a bitter feeling swell up inside of her.

She didn’t naively believe that Sol would just smile and forgive her like he did during her last stunt.

Thinking about this, she sighed before looking at the ceiling with determination.

Her hair and eyes began to shine in the darkness of the ceiling.

In the sky of lustburg, under the large crimson moon, a woman whose beauty could not be described flew peacefully.

The sole stain on her perfect body was a trail of golden blood that could be seen on her lips before she calmly wiped it out.

If one had to describe this woman, aside from her incredible beauty and her three pairs of wide crimson wings, her most striking figure would without a doubt be her long golden hair and her sky blue eyes.

Looking at the world from above with an impassive expression on her face, she was like an immortal goddess.


She didn’t even bother moving as a sword went through her as if it was passing through a phantom.

“*Tch* As I thought, you are also a dimension mage.”

She could already guess it from the effects and the name that sounded in her mind, but like Sol, this woman was clearly able to use the power of a dimension.

In fact, from what that woman did, she was clearly far more skillful than Sol.

This means that she would be unable to wound that angel without using her Avatar.

Lilith didn’t know whether she should be worried about facing such a powerful enemy or happy because this showed how much potential Sol’s power had.

Still, she there was something couldn’t understand,

“That hair, those eyes…Are you a Blessed?”

If Lilith wasn’t so confident in herself, she would have thought she was seeing wrong.

This woman was clearly a member of the Wing of Freedom. From her power, she should even be quite high ranked.

What was a Blessed doing in an organization that had a goal to support the greatest enemies of those goddesses?

The woman didn’t bother answering the question as she finally spoke in a languid voice, “You cannot stop me.”

“What if you add me?”

A gentle voice sounded as a woman literally walked in the sky toward them.

At each of her steps, a golden stair would appear under her foot before she stepped down.

Once she was close enough, she added, “Hello senior Dahlia. I have heard of you. You are a true legend, you know?”

Camelia lightly laughed as she asked. Still, her words allowed Lilith to confirm her suspicion.

This woman was without a doubt a Blessed, and since Camelia called her senior and she was an angel, this means she should have been the supreme daughter of Industria.

Lilith had many questions.

How could it be possible? Why did she still have her blessing if she had betrayed? Why did she betray in the first place?

But now wasn’t the time to waste time on questions.

The woman named Dahlia gave a disinterested glance at Camelia, “I have discarded this name long ago. Now, call me Nihil and– it is still not enough.”

She then moved her hand upward before slowly bringing it down.


But just as she was about to launch her spell, ten large green magical circles appeared all around her, then green vines appeared and entwined her whole body.

“Fufufu. Then, what if you add me as well?”

Another voice sounded while a green-haired green-clothed woman with butterfly wings on her back flew before stopping once she reached them.

Currently, three Kings class surrounded Nihil, but even then, she showed no change in expression.

Canceling her spell, she immediately became intangible once again and walked out of the binding.

“So the witches really decided to interfere?”

“Arara~!? Do not misunderstand. I couldn’t care less about what happened to this kingdom. Even if my dear friends died, that would simply be their fates. But see, you guys tricked my stupid little sister, and mother isn’t happy about that.”

For the first time, Nihil’s expression shifted a little.

After all, even though she had become a demigod, compared to Ambrosia who had reached that level a few centuries ago, she was still too weak.

This was even more so since breaking the Necromancer King’s seal had not been an easy task.

The worst was that if she stayed too long, the goddesses might stop caring about their stupid game rules and attack her.

Still, she wasn’t particularly disheartened. They had already succeeded in their main goals and had incurred zero loss while weakening Lustburg severely.

“I guess it’s time for me to withdraw.”

She was a little sad at the missed occasion.

She knew that if she dared to attack lustburg directly once again, she would most likely be reduced to ash or ganged upon by the divine beasts before she could do anything.

Seeing this, Lilith was about to unsheath her sword but was stopped by Camelia from a shake of her head.

The dignity of a demi-god couldn’t be defied. Right now if they once again attacked her, nothing would stop the fight from escalating and the best result would most likely be dying with her as well as the destruction of Lustburg.

Understanding this, Lilith could only calm herself as she said with a cold voice, “Before you go, tell Ibuki-Douji, that we had not forgotten her betrayal. Sooner or later, we will make her pay.”

“Ibuki? Ah, you mean Zwei? I see. But you know, who are you to order me around?”


Before Lilith could react, she felt a huge force crashing onto her before she was propelled a few tens of meters away in the opposite direction of Nihil.

Giving one last look at all of them, she finally vanished after entering a red portal while leaving those words,

“Soon, the chains shackling this world will be broken.”

At the same time, on the upper side of the tower of Babel, a blue wolf was holding a sword case in her hand, murmured the word, “Open.” and watched as a red portal appeared in front of her.

Giving one last look to another blue wolf lying unconscious in her own blood, she bowed and said, “Princess, this will be the last bow I give you. The next time we meet, only one of us will walk out alive.”

Saying so, she stepped in the portal and vanished.

Leaving behind her complete and utter devastation in the corridor of the tower.

In a corner of the ruin in the Gorfard’s Zone, a short man was hiding under the rubble of a destroyed house.

Feeling the familiar power, and after making sure that everything was alright, he let out a cheer of voice.

“Woah! The boss is as awesome as always. Anyways, it’s time to flee! Open!”

Back to Camelia’s side, after watching Nihil vanish while the sky and the moon once again returned to their normal colors, Camelia finally let out a breath of relief before she turned toward Lilith and berated her,

“Lilith, damn it! What in–Don’t piss off the bitch who can flatten us to death–was hard to understand!?”

Now that she was alone with her two old companions, Camelia immediately reverted to her habits of cursing.

Lilith, who wobbled a little on her sword, wiped the blood from the corner of her lips before waving her hand.

“I am fine. The attack barely hurt me. I needed to say it. What’s more, did you not feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“She was wounded,” Persephone answered on the side.

Camelia didn’t question Persephone. If the witch of life said someone was wounded, then it was the truth.

“Still, to think that we didn’t even manage to catch one of them. This is so infuriating!”

They could only shake their heads. Their plans were nearly perfect and they had indeed cornered the enemy. Sadly, they weren’t the ones with the biggest punch.

“Anyways, let’s go see how Sol is doing. After that, we will have to calculate the losses.”

“Indeed.” Lilith nodded at Camelia’s proposal. She also wished to see how her daughter was doing.

Meanwhile, close to the Gorfard Mansion, Theresa, who was previously running to meet Sol, stopped in front of an unconscious golden-haired girl wearing a red dress who had disgusting shadow wriggling out of her stomach and her missing arms,

“Oh~oh. I really always find interesting things when I run away from something else.”

(AN: Seems like Theresa saved the day or was it Milia’s shadow? Lol. Anyway with this, the kingdom attack is basically over. Just a few chapters to wrap everything up and then we will focus on the star of this volume as well as some heavy revelations. This arc had only been 20 chapters but damn it was hard to write. Basically, all the chapters of this arc went past the 2K words.(E/N: Chap 118 was short. Kekw) Also did you know that Dhalia means betrayal in the flower language? Yeah quite ironical)


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