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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 134: CH 121: END OF A LONG NIGHT Bahasa Indonesia

Back to the ruin of Gorfard’s mansion, the borrowed body of Drei was slowly scattering.

“Well, it seems like this is the end. It has been rather entertaining.”

Murmuring so, he gave one piercing look to the prince.

One of the greatest variables had been this prince. A blessed, a dragon hybrid with a core, a dimension attribute, and he should also possess a very high Capacity.

In terms of qualifications alone, basically, no one in the mortal world should be a match for him. What was more, since he had infiltrated the Crown’s shadow, he knew very well how strong Sol was initially.

This means that all this growth happened in the few short weeks after his awakening. Even if they added some time dilations used by the witch of time, it shouldn’t be more than a few months.

Just a few months of training and he was already close to the level of a Duke?

Drei could only chuckle bitterly at the injustice of this world.

In front of such a talent, his century of research seemed so frail.

‘Sigh seems like the Son is even more perverted than the father.’

What’s more, the witch of time escaping from her prison should be related to the prince as well.

In the past, with the support of the witches, Lustburg, under the helm of Jupiter, was close to being the strongest country in the world.

Even Echidna of Gluttony Foss had to think carefully if she wished to antagonize the Lustburg of that time.

If the prince managed to convince the witches to once again ally with Lustburg?

‘We need to kill him. As fast as possible.’

“Hey, little prince. Think about it. We live in a society where your destiny can be determined by the color of your hair and eyes. How truly stupid..”

<<Corpse explosion>>

With those last words, his body completely scattered into chunks of blood and gore.

Looking at this, Sol stayed silent.

He could already feel the aura of the women dear to him coming.

‘Still, why do I feel like I am forgetting someone?’

Looking at the ruins of house in fire all around him, he began to have cold sweat when he finally remembered who he had forgotten,

“We need to go find him.”

A few moments later, with a passed-out Ares as well as the rest of the nobles next to him, Sol looked at the sky as three women came down from the sky in different ways.

Though he was surprised to see the woman who called herself as Miss P next to Camelia and Lilith, it didn’t take long for him to understand that she was most likely a witch and Persephone at that.

Still, as he watched them near him, he couldn’t help but wonder about physics.

‘How come no matter how they fly, their robes never show what is under?’

Not that he wished for anyone to see this spring scene, but this was really a wonder and something worth researching later in the future.

Right now though, he just wanted to lay down and sleep. Sadly, he knew that it wouldn’t be possible.

‘This is going to be a long night.’

Meanwhile, near Greed Dike, thunder and lightning rumbled as space, time and matter were completely distorted.

There, deep in a crater, Kali, laid on the ground with one arm and one eye missing while breathing with difficulty.

Meanwhile, Freya was also on the ground, but everything from below her waist was erased. It was even a miracle that she was still alive.

The only one who could stand was Medea, but it was more because she could rewind her wound. Still, if the fight had lasted longer, she would be emptied.

Contrary to what people might think, the fights between the four directions weren’t pleasant in any way and in fact would be quite deadly to anyone else.

Of course, the reason they could fight like this was thanks to Medea and Persephone.

“You really did a number to each other.”

All of them turned their head toward the direction of the voice and immediately paled once they found the one who uttered those words.


Contrary to most witches who had appearances varying between pre-teen to teen, the one appearing in front of them was a tall and mature beauty, seemingly in her mid-twenty, wearing a short entirely white robe that showed her beautiful long and fair legs as well as her cleavage.

Under her large white hat, her long black hair swayed in the wind, giving her an even more ephemeral beauty.

Her beauty aside, her most striking feature was the insignia of a snake eating its own tail on the back of her two hands.

The woman, Ambrosia, slowly advanced toward Medea and gently cupped her face in her hand, “It has been a while dear daughter, how have you been?”

Medea was about to answer when she was interrupted by Freya,

“Hello, I am dying here, ok? Couldn’t you like, you know, do your things later when I am not laying down with half of my body gone?”

It was surprising how she could talk and joke like that, but she wasn’t worried.


“Indeed, I should heal you. As for you, “ Saying so she turned toward Kali who turned her remaining eye away.

Watching her daughter act like this, Ambrosia left no comment.

“*Sigh* Well, let’s do this.”

Holding her hand in front of her, the snake tattoo in the back of her hand began to shine before a large black book appeared at the top of her hand.

<<Avatar: Record of Akasha>>

The book slowly opened before the pages flipped one after another.. On each page, was the picture of a girl.

Finally, the page settled on the picture of a black-clothed white-haired girl. The perfect opposite of Ambrosia and none other than Medea herself.

<<Record of Akasha: Avatar Chronos.>>

This was the power of the thousand spells witch.

A cheat-like power that gave her the ability to record and use the power of absolutely all the witches in the world.

A large magic circle opened and covered all the devastated regions that spanned a few kilometers. Then slowly, time began to shift backward.

“Well then, repairing all the damage you caused and healing you will take time. Medea, why don’t you tell me everything that happened while I was absent? Especially by telling who gave you the resolve to escape your golden prison.”


“Do not worry. Your prince is alright. Now, tell the story. I am really curious as to why you went after the descendant when it ended badly with the ancestor.”

Medea cringed at the way this sentence was phrased.

The night promised to be very long and awkward.


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