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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 127: CH 114: QUEEN VS NECROMANCER (1) Bahasa Indonesia


Under the moonlight, in the zone belonging to the Gorfard, a short white-haired man no more than 160 cm, was humming while skipping in the street devoid of people.

Sometimes, he would look at the sky with attention, and sometimes, he would just close his eyes and hum.

‘This world is finally going to know justice.’

He was happy, seriously happy. Years and years of preparation and research were finally going to be put into action. How could he be unhappy when his dream was about to unfold?

‘Soon, we will have the power to destroy this cruel world. But for now…’

Looking at the sky, he could see a wyvern rushing toward the zone where one of their targets was being held.

‘Drei told me that I should only let the scout go, right?’

To execute their plan, they needed chaos, a lot of chaos. Which was highly poetic since they were apostles of the mother of chaos.

That’s why he had been asked to let any scout go. But,

‘Those ones aren’t scouts… That means I can kill them, right?”

Grinning from ear to ear, he waved his hand and the ring on his finger shined before a long sniper rifle appeared in his hand.

His eyes looked at this rifle with love, as if he was watching a great masterpiece.

‘The technology of the angels makes creating good weapons so much easier.’

Kneeling down, he put the rifle over his shoulder and lifted it.

Licking his lips, he slowly aimed before preparing to shoot.

The mana in his body was slowly engulfed by the rifle until it was clear that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

<<Killing Intent: Single Shot>>


The ground fissured like a weeb because of the recoil, then


Even though it was just a bullet, the sound was so loud that it looked like an explosion from a canon.


The result was immediate, the mournful scream of the wyvern resonated in the sky as its left-wing was completely blown away by the shoot.

“Well, well, well, I guess this is a bullseye?”

No matter how powerful he was, killing someone who was flying more than 700 meters above him was pretty difficult if he didn’t use his full power. After all, if the warrior felt that he was being threatened, his instincts would warn him. What’s more, Wyverns weren’t weak creatures.

But by launching an indirect attack like this, he was sure to get them.

‘Haha, but I guess they didn’t die.’

Watching his three-targets jump from the Injured wyverns while in mid-air, he smiled.

‘It’s time to hunt.’

He couldn’t kill them from 700 meters away in the sky, but now that they had come down, it was time for him to act.


Humming a song that he alone could hear, he began to search for his prey.

[Highland zone]

Standing at about 1000 meters high in the sky, Lilith looked down and observed the scene by gathering mana in her eyes.

Thanks to it, the people who had been previously indistinguishable were now clearly visible to her.

Under the clear sky and the moonlight, she looked like a fairy descending from heaven. Her clothes gently danced under the breeze.

She couldn’t help but sigh, as she thought ruefully, ‘To think that a decade of peace rusted my skills so much.”

In the past, she could have easily flown to more than the double or triple of the current height she stood on but she could do nothing about this.

Humans were truly a pitiful race. No matter how strong they became, without obtaining a special kind of power, they would slowly weaken and die as time passed.

For races such as elves or demons who counted their ages in the hundreds, ten or fifteen years could only be seen as a short note.

But for a human, fifteen years meant the birth of a new generation and the preparation of another one…

Even though Lilith was by no means old and could even be said to be at the prime of her age, her years of lack of training weren’t something she could just shrug off.


“Well, this isn’t like the war against the chimera. This distance is more than enough.”

Currently, the civil war was raging on.

Even though the three Dukes were strong, they were too limited in the current situation.

After all, Hermes wasn’t a fighter in the first place and Arachne only had a small part of her golem army. As for the other nobles, compared to Gerald’s group that had been carefully formed and led under one voice, the army of the noble fighting on the side of the three Dukes was more like a bunch of mobs with how they moved.

The only reason they could hold on despite their numbers and preparation disadvantage was thanks to Tyr Highland’s <<War Zone: Scream of thousands of soldiers>>

The war was raging and the destruction was spreading.

Thankfully, there were no civilians in the surroundings but the death count of the soldiers on both sides kept increasing.

Still, casualties on each side keep increasing. Blood, sweat, and gore filled the zone as people fought more and more violently.

This little war seemed as if it would last for all eternity. But, it was then that all of them felt a chill.

From Dukes to nobles and from nobles to fighters, all of them stopped their fight as they raised their head toward the sky.


Some soldiers could only open their eyes and mouth wide as they watched the unbelievable sight that greeted them.

Hundreds upon hundreds of bright purple swords hanging in the sky, blocking the light of the moon.

*Thud* *Clang*

Some soldiers lost all will to fight as they kneeled down in shock and let their weapons escape their hands.

This was something that was totally beyond their understanding.

This was a power that shouldn’t be possessed by mere mortals like them.

Only the Dukes, Gerald, and few black knights could stand despite the overwhelming power hanging above them.

But they all knew that the shadow of death had never been that close.

<<Sword Zone: Limitless Swords>>

From a wave of her hand…Death fell like the rain.

Since long ago, the Seven Kingdoms have established a rule.

In times of war, as long as the capital itself wasn’t threatened, King’s class should never be deployed.

This rule had one clear goal… Avoiding senseless large class massacre.

Each king class were people with enough power to completely raze cities to the ground in just a few seconds if they were left to their own devices.

The existence of such people on the battlefield would make any army look like nothing more than a bunch of ants sprawling on the ground before being ruthlessly stepped down.

In Lustburg, despite Lilith’s infamy, she had rarely used her power in front of a large group of people. After all, the fight that needed someone like her to step on couldn’t be observed by anyone.

What’s more, after becoming queen since the death of her brother, Lilith had always been rather lethargic and rarely used thunder-like means.

Because of all this, the nobles and those who always stayed far away from the battlefield tended to belittle her and take the information about her as nothing more than rumors.

But, at this very instant, at this very moment, as they watched the swords mercilessly reap the life of all the soldiers around them with frightening precision,

They understood one thing.

The rumors were indeed false…For the simple reason that even the wildest rumors were inferior to what they were currently witnessing.

Everything ended in an instant.

This little skirmish where two sides fought on an equal level seemed to be nothing more than a bad joke the moment most of the rebel soldiers were decimated like flies.

Watching the hellish scene from high in the sky, Lilith felt nothing more than a deep and hidden satisfaction.

How long had it been since she wanted to simply do something like this?

Yet, because of rules and the need to keep the kingdom afloat she had always held back.

Now though, she had the perfect justification and no one could blame her.

Still, she knew that after all this, her name would be synonymous with fear and death in the mind of the soldiers and noble. But this didn’t matter.

Her stains would be Sol’s stepping stone. Once she gave him back the power he rightfully deserved, people would be relieved that the murderous queen finally left.

She had always been a bad mother and aunt. Even though she was a competent leader, she had never really done her all for the kingdom.

The sole thing she had going for her was her power.

She was a sword, nothing more and nothing less.

Back on the ground, all the survivors looked at the scene in front of them with chills. Some of the nobles, unused to blood and gore, even soiled themselves in fright.

But no one derided. After all, what they were seeing was not something for the faint-hearted.

No corpses had been left intact. All of them had been shredded like nothing. Detached limbs, heads, and torsos filled the streets. The odor of blood and gut was so overwhelming that even some of the most hardened soldiers couldn’t help but crouch down and vomit.

Despite all this, one man stood next to his dead horse with an impassive expression. His entire right arm was gone, but he knew very well that the sole reason he was still alive right now was that he had been spared.

What waited for him was most likely a series of inhumane torture under the hands of the crown’s shadow followed by a swift and most likely public execution.

Despite all this, he felt no particular sadness, nor agitation.

He didn’t fear death itself. After all, death meant the end of all pain and suffering. What’s more, an old man like him had lived long enough and had seen enough.

That’s why he didn’t fear dying.

What he feared though, was dying before succeeding in his goal.

‘I hope she will keep her promise.’

A flash of golden hair passed in his mind as he smiled bitterly.

‘This kingdom was truly filled with frightening women.’

Thinking so, he moved his remaining arm and took his sword out before stretching it toward the sky. Filling his lungs with all the remaining mana he had, he shouted to the sky,


His shout had two effects.

The first one was to wake up Lilith from her melancholic stats.

She then remarked that something weird was going down on the battlefield below her.

The second one was to force someone who had been carefully hidden to reveal himself.

“Tch! Tch! Tch! Old man, you should have waited for a little more before doing this. Oh well, at least I managed to fill some of them with my mana.”

An eerie voice sounded on the battlefield as a man with a bloodied arm and the number 3 in his eyes appeared in the view of all those present.

No one could react as magic circles formed above most of the bodies of the soldiers who were previously killed.

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, one word sounded in all their ears.


(AN: Yeah! Lilith finally gets to show off. But, one question. What happens when you show a battlefield full of fresh corpses to a super-powerful lich necromancer? Haha. King classes are basically people with Avatar. All the Kings and supreme daughters as well as some special beings like the Four witches, Lilith or Sun wukong are king class beings. Being like Mars, Echidna The first witch and a few others are demi-god class, the same goes for the 14 divine beasts. Under king class are people who use the Zone, those are Duke class. Using nobility rank for power rank is easier to visualize things, right?)


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