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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 126: CH 113: COUNTERATTACK Bahasa Indonesia

[Central zone, near the tower of Babel]

“Your majesty, the situation is getting out of control.”

A black knight riding on a wyvern jumped from it and landed in front of Lilith before kneeling down.

The black knights could be said to be divided into old and young, but more precisely, land units and flying units.

Initially, the black knights were only composed of riders who used nightmare horses. But after Mars formed his contract with Blaze, using her authority she created a supply of wyvern that could make a contract with promising knights. After all, few humans could form a contract with B and higher creatures.

Because of this, even if Lilith had lost control over the land unit, she had absolute control over the younger black knights who used the wyverns.

Because of how large the capital was, she had sent a scout on wyvern to observe the situation. After all, no matter how fast she was, it wasn’t as if she could teleport. She couldn’t afford to run around without a clear understanding.

“Calm down. Report.”

Kneeling down, the knight began to report.

“Your majesty, the situation is grim.”

“Go on.”

“The part of the East zone that had been destroyed was shortly completely restored by some unknown magic. The barrier surrounding the Gorfard house is also still active, the status of those in it is unknown.

“The West and the South had been completely locked down, and soldiers belonging to the Travers and the Milaris are protecting the civils who hadn’t joined the grand mass and sending them toward the church in the Central Zone.

“In the central zone, the paladin and the nuns are calming down the civils and are reassuring them. Some of the battle maids are also helping as you ordered.

“As for the North…”

At this moment, even though his face was hidden behind his helmet, it was quite easy to see how angered he was. But Lilith didn’t urge him.

Finally catching his breath, he continued, “The North is a total mess. Sir Athena Highland is organizing the evacuation, while the Duke Tyr Highland, Duke Hermes Travers, and Duchess Arachne Milaris as well as their follower are on the verge of engaging the traitors following General Gerald.”

The knight still seemed in disbelief, Gerald was an example of the perfect knight. Even though his influence on the young knights wasn’t as great, he was still very respected because he even tutored many of them.

Lilith’s eyes narrowed in thought, before asking the most important question, “Civil casualties?”

This time the knight mood seemed to rise a little, “For now none. Even though the traitors are preparing to fight, it seems that none of them harmed the civilians. Some of the soldiers under the nobles did try, but they were always stopped by the black knights who rebelled.”

This was the only grace in this whole debacle. It seemed that the black knights weren’t willing to harm the people they swore to protect.

‘That old fox.’

Lilith cursed inwardly while feeling a growing admiration.

From what she had heard and understood, at the end of this debacle, no matter what was the result, the only culprits would be him and the nobles.

The black knights who followed him would at most be considered as innocent people who had been manipulated by their superiors and wouldn’t suffer the death penalty.

“Lilin, Theresa.”


“Leave the matters about those rebels to me. You must reach Sol as fast as possible and give him that weapon.”

She purposely didn’t mention Nuwa’s name. For one, she didn’t trust her and the fact was that despite her obvious high potential, it was clear that she had zero fighting experience or even basic training.

She understood that it must have been Theresa’s consideration. After all, once Nuwa formed a contract with Sol, she would never betray him. But before that, training someone with the potential to become a powerful enemy would have been extremely stupid and dangerous.

Nuwa on the other hand didn’t seem to care.

For her, this world had always been boring. But now, she could feel her heart beating furiously in her chest.

Theresa nodded, and said, “Nuwa, Lilin, follow me. Lilith, give us a wyvern. It will be easier to reach our destination by flying.”

One of the knights hesitated before saying, “The wyvern had been trained for long to not accept anyone than their own rider. I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Hah!” Theresa scoffed, “I even rode on a true dragon. Don’t try to show off with your silly flying reptile.” She snickered as she said so. She remembered that she nearly died when Blaze went crazy after she jumped on her back.

If back then she hadn’t promised to gift her some valuable things, she was sure that she would have ended up crippled or worse.

No one could trample on the dignity of a dragon if they didn’t have enough power or money to calm them down.

‘Those were really good times.’

Thinking fondly about those moments, she took out a red scale and walked toward one of the wyverns resting on standby.

At first, it had begun to growl threateningly, but the moment it felt the aura on the scale it immediately became meek and didn’t stop Theresa from jumping on it.

“What are you guys waiting for? We are losing time.”

Everyone aside from Lilith showed an astonished expression. After all, she knew very well to whom this scale belonged to.

This was one of the first gifts Blaze gave them. Each of the members of their team back then received one scale from her shedding.

This scale wasn’t just a deterrent towards lower beast in the dragon class. It was also a form of identity card that could be shown to all S class as the proof of their friendship with the dragon clan.

Just as Theresa was about to urge Lilin to jump on, she raised her hand with an awkward expression, “Hum… I

I already own my own wyvern, we could just use it, right?”

Lilin wasn’t a stranger to wyvern riding, and like Sol, had her own wyvern. Even though she didn’t sign a contract with it.

The silence that settled was one of the most awkward moments in Theresa’s life.

The fact that she could see everyone fighting to hold in their laugh made it worse.

Blushing, she jumped down and futilely hit Lilin’s shin for a short while.

A short moment later, with Lilin on the helm, while Nuwa and Theresa rode behind her, the three of them flew away in the direction of the Gorfard mansion.

Now alone with the young Black Knights, what Lilith wondered wasn’t whether they could win, but they were going to win in the cleanest way possible while assuring the smallest loss.

Still, she didn’t really have to worry either.

‘With Persephone and Camelia, as long as they don’t die, no matter how severely wounded they are, they will be alright.’

“Your majesty, we are ready, how do you want us to proceed?”

Looking at all the young knights kneeling in front of her, she simply smiled, “You have nothing to do. Just follow me.”

Saying so, she took her sword and threw it in the air before jumping after it.

The knight didn’t understand what she was about to do, but they all raised their head in shock when she stood on the flat of her sword and began to float steadily, more than 10 meters in the air.

Standing in the air, Lilith ignored the astonished look and slowly floated higher and higher.

The higher she was, the calmer she felt.

The immortal slaying sword. The technique that she had created from the description of her brother about people called cultivators.

She remembered, when she was at her lowest after learning her mediocre talent, her brother’s stories were the one that could always make her see a brighter future.

She remembered about his stories, of how people with absolutely no talent could train to the level of slayings gods themselves.

Since that day, she had yearned for this power.

It didn’t matter how impossible it was.

She wished to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

She wished to become someone no one could look down on.

She wished to become proof that in this shitty world, one didn’t have to be blessed to become strong.

….And she was close to success.

<<Immortal Slaying Sword Style: Flying Sword.>>

Faster than the eyes could see, standing on her flying sword, she completely vanished.

It was time to make all the people in this kingdom remember why she was strongest here.

(AN: Wyvern and nightmare horses were first mentioned in ch 12. I even mentioned how Sol as a half-dragon could make all inferior dragon types like wyvern or drakes obey him. The introduction of quality and capacity was done in CH 11.)


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