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The trip back was quite uneventful. Besides running into two human monsters, Blake did not run into any other monsters as he carried both kids on his back. Noa carried Nellie, and besides stopping at night and to eat every so often, they made it back in no time at all.

But during this time, under the rubble, Fredrick Haralson felt like he was going to die. He had eaten all the grass and drank as much dew as he could from what he could reach, but he could only defecate in his pants since he could hardly move anymore. “Disgusting.” A voice sounded off, causing Fredrick to look up to see a blonde headed elf standing there in black clothing. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I need you, I will just leave you here. But I will give you a choice. Live and work for me or die here and now.”

“Live…. As long as I can get my chance at revenge. I want to kill the bastard who did this to me!” Fredrick replied without even needing to think. He did not wish to die. He only wanted to become a hero and have a harem. He wanted to find a bunch of big titted elves and make them his slaves, but all that was now ruined. And it was all that man’s fault.

“Good choice. I promise. I will allow you to reach your goal, but from this day forward, you must listen to everything I say.” The elf knelt down and took out a metal collar. “With this, our contract is set.”


“Blake, you’re back! And you brought me an elf!” Bret yelled out as he jumped off the now fully metal wall surrounding the base. He came running forward and wanted to say hi to the cute elf girl, but sadly Blake raised his foot and kicked him away.

“Get your own wife!” Blake snorted. Noa hugged his arm and stared at the strange new age human.

“What the hell!? Don’t you already have four girls now you added another one!? Wait, two of them!?” Bret just now saw Nellie standing there holding two young kids’ hands. “And you already have kids!?”

“Bret, did you hurt your head?” Blake asked as he chuckled. “I have only been gone for about five months. How could I father two children who are five and ten years of age?”

“Haha!” Bret laughed it off as he crawled up from the ground. “You should go see your girls. They had been missing you and torturing us.”

“I will in a minute. How have things been?” Blake asked. He was no longer in joking mode but in serious mode.

“Not bad. We had some goblins show up a few times and try to camp outside the barrier, but they were weak as all hell, so we took care of them. Hell, they couldn’t even breach your barrier. However, Miss Lillia did erase your barrier and put up a new one. With so much mana in the air now, she said it should be fine to do that much.” Bret reported. “We also had a wave of survivors show up. Who were all forced into contracts to make sure they would not harm the others here. Ah right…. We found an injured dwarf while we were out. He is also here recuperating. His name is Thardra. We just brought him in the other day.”

“Alright, thanks. Bret, you and your men have done good work. I will go in and check it out.” Blake patted Bret on the shoulder and walked through the gate. Bret cursed the bastard’s luck with women.

When Blake entered the base, Nellie and Noa stuck very close to him while dragging Nicky and David along with them. “This place is built using magic. Lillia set it up, and it has many floors, including a training room. We do not know how long we will stay in this place, but it is easily expanded and well hidden, so until we are discovered, we will probably stay here. The dragonic hate humans with a passion. So I was actually quite surprised that Nellie was still alive after all this time. It is not like they would bend over backward to let a human live after all.”

“It is that reason why Nellie was forced to wear her slave collar. But sadly, we are unable to remove it for her. You said someone here might be able to do it?” Noa asked.

“Mmm… It should be any second now….” Blake could already feel her presence making her way to him. And not even a second later….

“Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lillia’s voice echoed through the halls as she ran down it and jumped at Blake. Both Noa and Nellie had to jump back and look at the woman in front of them in shock.

“An Ather Dragon!?” Noa cried out.

“Oh? Who is this?” Lillia looked at the elf girl that suddenly slid behind Blake, trying to hide.

“Husband….” Noa reached out and held on to Blake’s shirt as she softly called out. She was feeling a great pressure from the dragon girl in front of them.

“Husband!?” Lillia stepped back and looked at Blake, and asked: “Did you?”

“Hmmm? I figured you wouldn’t mind?” Blake suddenly began to sweat. He felt maybe he should have talked to her before doing anything else!

Lillia took a deep breath and looked at Blake, then at Noa, who was doing her best to become invisible, and let out a long sigh. “Your name?”

“Ah… Sorry, my name is Noa. You must be Sister Lillia?” Noa kept her head lowered. Ather dragons were legends of legends. They were stronger than the dragonic. And she could feel the dragon girl in front of her was many times stronger than herself.

“Oh? Sister hmmm? I guess we can work with this. Blake, you have a lot of explaining to do, but I see potential.” Lillia’s eyes flashed as she licked her lips. “We will have to give her a proper initiation.”

–AN) If we can break into the top 150 in Power Stones, I will make this a two chapter a day novel.–


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