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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 87.2: How To Tame Your Elf Bride Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia


“Ouch! Is it supposed to hurt!?” Noa cried out as she felt a pain in her crotch. Once he penetrated her, he already knew this was going to happen, so he did not move as he held her close. “It is. It proves that you just became my woman. Tell me when you are ready, and I will start moving.”

“Mmm… Just give me a few seconds….” Noa pushed her face into Blake’s chest. After a few moments, she finally raised her head and pressed her lips onto Blake’s as she raised her hips and slowly pushed them down.

Feeling this, Blake did not hold back anymore, and before Noa even had a chance to understand what was going on, Blake began thrusting deep inside her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Every time his dick pushed deep into her pussy, she felt a shock wave run through her body as she let out constant moans.

“Ah~! Ah~! Ah~!” This was all Noa could say as Blake let out all his pent up frustrations on the poor elf girl. He had once wanted to have sex with an elf girl when he was younger, and now his early fantasies were coming true. In his arms was a petite elf girl who hung on to his body, unable to speak as her juices sprayed from her pussy. Noa didn’t have time to understand what an orgasm was as her body convulsed over and over.

Elf girls were rather sensitive when it came to sex, making them lose themselves in lust. This was one of the reasons why orcs loved to kidnap elf women because it only took one round of sex to make them theirs. And Noa was no different. She was now Blake’s slave. Her eyes were glazed over as she hung onto his body with everything she had as the ride continued.

Blake could be said to be better than an orc after all the rounds he had with Tina and Lillia and her magic training his dick to be a jackhammer that could ruin any girl in one night. He hardly ever used the magic anymore because he was trained so well by the girls.

As he continued to thrust in and out of Noa, Noa lost all her strength and was basically being held up by Blake. Her body was lying back in mid air as she continued to moan in pleasure. Blake just couldn’t get enough of her cute cries. He looked at her lust filled face that showed just how gone she was and smiled in satisfaction. Such a scene made him feel he really was doing his job right. He saw the drool rolling down her cheeks and flipped her back up towards him, and licked it up as he kissed her. The sudden intrusion in her mouth woke her back up, and she quickly responded in kind. She wrapped her legs and arms back around him and begged for more as she slowly lost herself again.

Two hours later, Blake slowed his pace and decided it was time to seal the deal as he pushed his dick deep inside her and released his load deep into her baby room. Feeling the hot liquid filling her up, Noa once more had an orgasm as she clung to his body, not wanting to let any of his seed out.

The two panted as Blake finally finished releasing inside her and held Noa in his arms. He lowered his head next to her ear and whispered: “Now you are one hundred percent mine.” And then gently bit her ear, sending her into another orgasm.

Ten minutes later. “Blake, you bully!” Noa was red from ear to ear as she got dressed. She looked at the man who had just made her do such embarrassing things and pouted.

“Oh, not calling me husband anymore?” Blake asked teasingly. Noa wrinkled her brow and whispered: “Husband….”

“Come on. We should go back. I will carry you.” Blake said as he scooped Noa up into his arms and walked out in big strides. Noa squealed and yelled out: “I can walk on my own!”

“Like a penguin.” Blake retorted.

“What’s a penguin!?” Noa had no idea what a penguin was, so now she was intrigued. The smile on her face could not be hidden as the two chatted and walked back into the room where Nellie and the kids were.

Nellie looked at Noa, who was red in the face but smiling away and smiled herself. Her princess finally found her match. It only took a long, long time.

“Big Sister Noa, why are you being carried? Did you get hurt?” Nicky asked as she looked at Noa being carried in.

“She slipped and fell, hurting her hip. She should be fine by tomorrow.” Blake said as he sat down and put Noa in his lap. Noa, on the other hand, turned as red as an apple, unable to even look at anyone. “Anyway, we will be leaving in the morning. It will take a few days, but we can do it. I will carry the kids while Noa carries Nellie. If we run into the human monsters, I will make quick work of them at that time. We will not stop during the day as we want to get back to my base as soon as possible.”

“Sounds like a plan. You said you had someone there that might be able to help me remove this collar?” Nellie asked. If so, she could once more use magic again.

“Mm…. You two will also be undergoing training in how to use my spellcasting technique. The current way you cast spells takes too long and basically lets your enemy know what you are doing hence why the assassin from before was able to get away.” Blake answered.

“Alright. Anything that allows me to better myself is for the best.” Nellie nodded her head. She clenched her fists. She had not been able to use magic since before the great war. If she could finally use magic again, she would make sure to help Blake out as much as possible since she did not plan to leave Noa for anything. She had one hundred percent trust in Blake. She saw how he jumped in front of that arrow to protect her princess. This was not something most would do. As such, she was happy that Blake and her princess were able to get together during this time.


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