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“Elf Princess, this is your last chance! Come out now, or we will destroy this barrier and drag you out and make use of the others inside with you. New slaves are always nice.” An orc with bones through his nose yelled out.

Blake sneered as he slowly walked up behind the orc. The orc did not even seem to notice Blake’s presence. “Elf Princess, I will give you the count of five! One! Two! Three! Four….”

“Five…. Go to hell.” Blake finished the countdown as he shoved his sword through the back of the orc’s neck and twisted it a few times before pulling the sword out and slamming his hand down on the wound and saying: “Fireball!”

“Arhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Orc with bones in his nose yelled out in a gurgled, pained shout as blood filled his lungs. He turned and looked at Blake in confusion. He did not understand how this new age human knew how to kill an orc! Orcs were not easy to kill. Bullets would not penetrate their skin unless you were at point black, and even then, it would not kill them unless you did what Blake did. You attack a vital and light them on fire. This was the only way to keep them from regenerating. While their regeneration was not as good as trolls, it was still a pain to deal with. At least trolls, you could just cut the head off with ease.

Blake did not wish to risk being unsuccessful in his initial attack, which was why he handled it the way he did. He was unsure if his current strength, even with magic, would be enough to slice an orc’s head off in one go.

But seeing how his sword sliced through its skin so easily, Blake now knew the sword Lillia had given him was truly a treasure. At least in his eyes. “You bastard new age human! You want to go to war with the orc clan!?”

Blake sneered as he yelled back at the orc who had ten bone necklaces around his neck: “You are trying to take my woman and want me to just sit back and do nothing!? You orcs never change. You listen to your stupid prince not understanding the shit you are about to rain down on your own race. You think the dragonic is scary, you should see my wife when she gets mad.”

Blake was not lying. He rather fight a bunch of powerful orcs all day than get on Lillia’s bad side. At this time, though, a certain Elf was having a huge misunderstanding. As she held her red cheeks with her hands and giggled nonstop as she mumbled: “Hehehehehehe…. Wife….”

Nellie and the children who looked at the loved stricken elf who was lost in her own world shook their heads, but they also let out a sigh of relief. Because Blake had returned, which meant they could finally do something. “Princess, I know you are happy, but I think you should help your new husband before he gets smashed to bits.”

“Ah!” Noa snapped out of it and nodded her head. “You are right! Hubby, I am coming!”

Blake, who heard Noa’s voice, scratched his head. He seemed to have caused another misunderstanding but well…. “I guess it is not too far off since I have decided to take her back with me anyway…. I just hope the other girls will be okay with a silly elf girl…”

He had a feeling he would be interrogated when he got back and that the girls would probably train the elf girl in many special ways. But either way, Noa was likable. The other nine orcs all turned their attention to Blake and drew their weapons. Most had blunt weapons since orcs loved to smash things, while some had larger swords.

Blake, of course, was not going to wait for them to come to him, so he charged forward, going after the orc who yelled out last. Blake waved his hand, causing the entire area to turn into a field of ice. The orcs, who were not used to cold weather, all frowned as they began to slip and slide on the frozen surface. “You damn new age human! Die!” One of the orcs jumped high into the air towards Blake while raising its large wooden baseball bat looking mallet that was about the size of black down at him.

Blake snorted and caused a wind blade spell that cut the top of the bat off, causing the attack to miss him while his sword cleanly sliced through the orc’s neck. “What!? What kind of magic is this!? Where is his chant!? Where are the magic circles!?”

Some of the orcs began to feel a bit of fear towards Blake, who was running towards the closest orc to him. They could only watch as their comrades, one after the other, swung at him only to miss to an invisible wind blade and have their weapons destroyed while his sword cut their heads off.

“What the hell is this!? Were all new age humans this powerful!?” One orc yelled out. He decided to turn and run! He did not wish to die yet.

“You dare run!? The Prince gave his orders! You run, you die!” Another orc stood in front of the one trying to flee. Seeing how he could not flee, he turned and raised his weapons and went to step toward Blake, only to swing the weapon behind him and slam it at the other orc’s head. But sadly he was too slow, and the other orc caught the baseball bat looking mallet and kicked the other orc in the stomach. It was then that the orc realized he had made a mistake because Blake used the orc flying at him as a spring board to spin through the air, slicing the orc’s head off. As Blake landed, he spun around and killed the other orc before it could hit the ground.

Blake stood there looking at the last three orcs. He raised his sword and placed it on his shoulder, and asked: “Do you really want to continue? I just killed seven of you, and now there are only three. So let me hear it, do you want to continue, or do you want to die?”

The three orcs looked at each other before turning and running away. They were not stupid. All their leaders were already dead! How could they win against the freaky human!? But for Blake, he was relieved. He had actually been hit a few times, and his body was already pushing its limits. He did not have time to heal himself as he fought, so he was not feeling too good.

“Blake!” Noa came running out towards Blake. Blake sucked in a deep breath and walked over as calmly as possible. He was already keeping a good eye on the three orcs that were running away. But he felt a presence behind him that suddenly appeared. “Shit Noa!” Blake yelled out as he jumped in front of Noa, as the sound of an arrow piercing through the air was heard. But instead of feeling the pain of his body being penetrated, he heard a sharp yelp coming from behind him and a thump on the ground. He turned to look to see the small little fox with the arrow in its side.


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