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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 83.2: The Snow White Fox Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

The fox stared at it with its beady eyes before pouncing on the drake meat. When it was done, it looked back at Blake as if asking for more. But this time, Blake did not toss meat to it but instead placed a good chunk of it on the ground next to him. The fox stared at him with puffed out cheeks licking its lips. After a moment’s hesitation, it ran over and grabbed the meat, and dragged it away as quick as lightning. But it did not go far. It kept about ten feet away from Blake, watching him as it ate. When it was done, it looked at Blake again and then at the drake meat on the fire.

“You sure are a glutton.” Blake chuckled and handed out a piece of meat to the fox. This time he did not toss it away but just held it in his hand. The fox looked at him and licked its lips a few times before slowly making its way over. When it got three steps from the meat, it kept looking at Blake, unsure if it should take the meat or not. But the smell of the drake meat got the better of the little fox as he crept in closer and took the meat.

Blake did not make it hard on it. He let it take the meat. When the fox saw that Blake was not trying to grab it or do anything threatening, it sat right next to him as it gobbled up the meat in almost an instant. It then looked back up at Blake with big, round, pleading eyes causing Blake to chuckle. He took off another chuck of meat, a bunch bigger piece this time, and placed it on the ground in front of the fox. He did not try to grab it but just placed it in front of it.

Blake wanted to come off as someone who was not trying to harm the little fox. He really had no intentions of harming the fox. He wanted to make a contract with it, but that did not mean he was going to do anything to make the fox dislike him.

When all the food was gone, the now fat bellied fox curled up next to Blake’s feet and fell asleep. Only now did Blake dare to reached down and gently pet the fox’s head. When he did, the fox opened its eyes but closed them soon after.

Contracts with spirit animals from what Blake understood, the spirit animal had to make a cut on its body, and the human had to cut their finger and push the two wounds together and let the blood intertwine. But one thing Blake did not understand was how did Fredrick Haralson, the supposed spirit master, know of this? This part still perplexed him, and it was only because of him that humans learned of spirit animals. But even then, spirit animals were rare and hard to come by.

Blake did not sleep that night. He only watched over the fox that lay next to his feet, gently petting it every so often as he kept watch. It was not until the early morning, when the first light of day began to cast its light down on the ground below did the fox next to him wake up. It stretched its body as it yawned and looked up at Blake. Blake looked down at it and smiled as he reached done and ruffled its head. The fox seemed angered by this action and swatted his hand away but did not try to run away or anything. Instead, it jumped up into its lap and put its paws on his chest, and licked his cheek.

Blake smiled and gently patted its back as he asked: “Want to follow me? You won’t have to worry about being chased anymore.”

The snow white fox looked at Blake for a moment as if thinking before nodding its head. Blake smiled and picked up the fox, and said: “Then let’s go.” He put the small fox on his shoulder, which it then laid down across the back of his neck and hung onto the other side. Blake chuckled as he began heading backtracking toward the building where Noa and the others were waiting.

While this was happening, Fredrick Haralson had somehow managed to put out the fire on his body and find a safe place to hide in. His eyes burned with rage as he looked out over the grass landscape outside the crack in the wall where he was taking shelter. “That fucking bastard! I will get my revenge! I know there was something different about that fox! I read so many novels about such animals, and that fucking bastard, just when I was about to get my hands on it, let it go! I will not let this slide. Once I am healed and stronger, I will fucking find him and rip him to pieces!”

At this moment, Blake had no idea he had made a new enemy. Nor did he care. His only concern was the sight in front of him. “Why the hell are there orcs here!?”

He ran forward and saw the building where Noa and the others were hiding out, surrounded by ten orcs! “Elf Princess! We know you are in there. Come out now, and we will make sure you get treated well. Our Prince only wants to talk with you.”

“Like hell will I trust a dirty orc! Your kind has always coveted us elves and have kidnapped many of our women and forced yourselves on them.” Noa’s voice could be heard coming from inside. Seeing this, Blake’s eyes began to turn red. He poked the fox on his shoulder and said: “Go and hide. If you see me get taken out, run away and stay away from other humans who may want to harm you or use you, okay?”

The fox looked at Blake with a confused expression, but when Blake picked it up and put it on the ground, it did not wish to leave him. It felt that the being in front of it that fed it good food and gave nice pats was about to do something that would hurt the being. “Go and hide. Now!” Blake pushed the little fox away before taking out his sword and running off, leaving the little fox behind. Blake did not want to see the little fox get hurt, so he had no choice but to leave it behind. But unbeknownst to him, the little fox did not run away but instead began chasing after him!


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