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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 81.3: Waiting For The Fox To Raise It’s Head Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing Blake’s lack of information answer caused Noa to pout and punch his chest in frustration causing Blake to laugh. “Seems like you are feeling better,” Blake said as he went to remove his hand from the elf’s stomach only for her to grab it and hold it in place.

“Just a little longer. Your magic feels warm.” Noa said while blushing. In truth, she just wanted to stay like this a little longer. In the arms of a man, she had just met but felt so comfortable around. It was her first time feeling a whirl of emotions like this, and wanted to take it in a little longer.

Blake did not say anything and continued to inject mana into the elf girl in his arms. He had no problems helping a cute girl like her. In fact, he was hoping that he could win over this elven girl’s heart. But he would not push things and take it slow, just like he did with the other girls. He would not force them into anything.

As night slowly gave way to the light of day, Noa had long fallen asleep in Blake’s arms. She curled up into his embrace and slept a deep sleep. It was early morning when Nellie came to check on them. When she walked upstairs to see her Princess in such a peaceful state, she dared not bother them and went back downstairs.

As the days passed, the five people stayed in the small building waiting for the fox that had yet to raise its head. Blake kept a sharp eye on the surrounding area, looking for any signs of the spirit animal he so hoped to get his hands on. While he did befriend an elf of old and a royal at that who should be very powerful, he did not want to miss the spirit fox.

During the days that passed by, Blake would make roasted drake meat with vegetables for dinner and eggs in the morning. Noa would always steal bites of Blake’s drake meat and force him to hold her and help her digest it. Even when her system finally strengthened enough to not cause her pain anymore, she still did it. She would fake being in pain to make Blake feel bad and then hold her like normal. This was a nightly thing, and Nellie and the kids would tease the two for being so lovey dovey all the time. This would cause Noa to blush and pout while Blake would laugh it off.

It was four months in that things began to change. Blake noticed that the human monsters had returned and were starting to congregate near the building he was in. “Blake, what are we going to do?”

“We already sealed off the building so they can’t get in too easily, and Noa set up a barrier. The biggest issue is I can detect something other than monsters out there. Well, more like two groups. One is probably what I am looking for, and the other is a group of humans.” Blake frowned. He did not want Fredrick Haralson to steal the fox from him.

“I need to go. I will take out the humans and then grab the fox….” Blake mumbled, which was heard by Noa, who was sitting next to him.

“You are going to kill the humans? Why? Are you not all from the same race?” Noa did not understand.

“It’s because we are from the same race that those bastards will turn on me if they can. Noa, you will stay here and protect the kids. Don’t let anything happen to them. Kill anyone that approaches if they are not me. And I mean anyone. Do not trust anyone like how you trusted me.” Blake knew Noa was too curious for her own good. He did not want her to be fooled by anyone.

“I will do as you say. I promise.” Noa replied as she moved and stood in front of Blake. She stood on her tiptoes and pushed her lips against his. These past four months, her feelings for this man had grown to the point she would do whatever he asked. As such, a feeling of worry overwhelmed her when she thought of how he might not return…. This was why…. “A kiss for good luck.”

Blake looked down at the blushing elf as she lowered her head and smiled. Even he couldn’t resist such a cute girl. He grabbed her chin and lifted it slightly as he lowered his head and stole her lips. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth, causing her to open her eyes wide in surprise, but they slowly closed as she hooked her arms around his neck.

“Ahem….” Nellie coughed to break the two out of their passionate moment. “There are kids here….”

Blake broke his kiss with Noa, whose face was now bright red, and pushed into his chest and laughed. “Haha! My bad. She was too cute to resist. Nellie, if you want, I can give you a kiss as well.”

“I will pass.” Nellie’s cheeks turned red as she shook her head. “My job is to take care of the kids. Maybe in the future when I am not busy.”

Rejected but still hope for the future. Nellie was also very cute. He was sure that the girls would probably drag her in at some point. “Alright… Then I am off….” Blake patted Noa on the head and was about to walk away when the little girl who was named Nichole pulled on his shirt.

Blake looked down at the little girl with a questioning look to see her waving at him with her hand for him to come closer. Blake leaned down, and the little girl kissed his cheek. “Big brother, come back safe!”

Blake smiled as he rubbed her head. “I will, I promise. Listen to Noa and protect David, okay?” David was the little boy’s name. He had become very attached to Nellie. Nichole, nick named Nicky, nodded her head as she stepped back, allowing Blake to stand up again.

Blake thought for a moment before taking out a huge chunk of drake meat and formed an icebox on the roof with a cover on it using magic. “Use this to feed yourselves while I am gone. I will try to be back in three days, max. If I am not back, you should leave here as quickly as you can to avoid any issues.”

“We will wait….” Noa suddenly spoke up. “Now that you have stolen my lips, you have no choice but to return.”


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