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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 80.2: Waiting For The Fox To Raise It’s Head Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Done!” Blake said as he looked at the roasted drake meat in front of him. “Want a taste before I pull it off?”

“Mhm!” Noa’s eyes were almost as big as her face as she saw the meat in front of her. She had never smelt something so good. She greedily waited for Blake to cut a piece off for her, and as soon as she received it, she took a bite out of the drake meat, and her eyes began to water. She quickly finished the meat in a hurry and already wanted more before suddenly feeling a sharp pain in her stomach. “Ah!”

“Noa!?” Blake turned at Noa’s hoarse scream and saw her hunched over, hugging her stomach. “Noa, what’s wrong!?”

“My stomach feels like it’s on fire! Sharp pains…..” Noa cried out. Blake took the meat off the fire, stuck it in his bag to preserve it, and put the fire out before scooping Noa up into his arms and running back downstairs. He was fast because he could tell Noa was in a lot of pain. He hurried down to where Nellie was and called out to her. “Nellie!”

“Blake? What’s… Princess! What happened!?” Nellie cried out when she saw Noa in Blake’s arms, her eyes filled with tears holding her stomach.

“I don’t know! She ate some drake meat and suddenly crouched on the ground. Is this normal for elves!?” Blake had no idea what to do since he did not know much about elves at all.

“She ate drake meat!? Princess, I told you that you can only eat meat in moderation! Especially magic imbued meat! Your stomach can not take it!” Nellie yelled out. “Blake, I need you to help her digest what she has eaten. Elves grow up eating plants and very little meat. They are unable to digest meat by themselves if it is imbued with magic, and dragon meat of any kind can only be eaten in a small amount, like the size of a small pebble!”

Blake now understood. The stupid elf had eyes bigger than her head and ate such a large amount of drake meat without saying anything to him! He sighed and walked towards the side wall, and placed the dumb elf in his lap. He then undid the bottom half of her leather armor top and exposed her stomach, allowing him to have direct skin contact. Only then did he begin to use his magic to wrap around her inner organs to protect them, allowing her to slowly digest the meat. With his other hand, he took out the meat he had prepared and passed it to Nellie. “Can you cut this up, please? Also, please get some stones and place them next to me. I will use magic to boil some vegetables as well. She still needs to eat after all.”

“Yeah, sure.” Nellie nodded and went to work.

“Why is it that elves can not eat meat like this? Their body makeup?” Blake asked after Nellie came back with some stones. At this point, thanks to Blake’s magic, the furrowed brow on Noa’s face eased a bit as she leaned into his embrace, trying to hide her reddening face.

“Elves have different organs than humans. Even I, who grew up eating elven dishes, will be able to eat this meat with no problem because I have the ability to digest it, while Noa can only eat a small amount, and even then, she would feel pain. Most elves would stay away from meat altogether to avoid harming themselves. Although it has never been proven to harm an elf, it is just very painful for them until they have digested it.” Nellie explained.

“I see… So someone decided to eat a huge chunk of it to test this theory out.” Blake looked down at the elf in his arms, who was trying even harder to bury her face into his chest. Her ears were bright red. Nellie chuckled, seeing this. She never thought her princess would be so willing to be in a man’s arms like this since she had always told off the suitors who had come and tried to court her. Some of which were more powerful and better looking than Blake.

Blake had to cook and eat his food with one hand while helping the crazy elf girl digest what she had eaten. During the process, he felt bad, so he even offered her some, which she actually snapped at it with her teeth and ate some more. When both Blake and Nellie saw this, they both laughed. It seemed since she was not going to feel pain and Blake was willing to help her, she would eat it!

In the end, as night fell, Noa was still being helped to digest her food while Blake sat there talking with Nellie and the kids. The kids seemed to have warmed up to him after he gave them real food. Besides meat, he also cooked vegetables, so Noa was able to eat properly as well.

As day turned to night, Blake was still sending his magic into Noa’s body. He had to wait until she fully digested everything before he could stop, which would take a while to do. As such, he picked her up in his arms and walked up to the rooftop to look out over the area to keep an eye on things. “I know you are awake.”

“Can’t you just pretend I’m not?” Noa asked, feeling a bit helpless. While she did eat lots of food today and was happy that she could finally eat some meat, she still felt embarrassed.

“As someone who is being used as a second stomach to digest her food, I think I have a right to point out when you are faking being asleep,” Blake replied.

“No delicacy!” Noa snorted.

“I hear that a lot. Both Lillia and Tina tell me that all the time.” Blake could hear the two girls saying those exact words, yet they still both fell in love with him.

“Oh? Who are they, your wives?” Noa asked. She was slightly curious about the girls in Blake’s life.

“You can say that. There is Erica and Sam as well, and probably more to come. Why does a certain Princess wish to become my wife as well?” Blake asked teasingly. Only to get pinched and snorted at.

“Stupid human.” Noa looked away, looking out over the moonlit landscape. The moonlight cascaded down over the plant covered buildings while small balls of light rose up into the sky, making it a magical sight. “How did you humans live without magic?”

Blake noticed the sudden shift in conversation, which caused him to chuckle inwardly, but he did not make it hard for the elf. “Through lots of hard work and research.”


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