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As the mana washed over the land, the once devastated land was now filled with fresh flora and fauna that had never been seen before. Some were mutated plants that instantly evolved, while others were born anew and were new species that this generation of humans had never seen before. Some of which not even the other races from times of old had known about.

“This…” Rob looked around, surprised at what he was seeing.

“This is the Age of Magic!” Blake yelled out as pointed to the distance. “The races from times of old are also returning to the world. They will spread out and begin forming new cities and colonies that we will either have to fight or befriend. The world as we know it will no longer be the same as it was before. But one thing needs to be changed… Lillia, you will not be able to use your magic for a long while now. Not until I am powerful enough to protect you.”

“I know….” Lillia frowned slightly as she hugged Blake’s waist. “Since I can’t leave the base, can you at least…” Lillia whispered into Blake’s ear in a pleading tone.

Blake scratched his head and looked into Lillia’s eyes. “Lillia, it’s not that….”

“Blake, no matter how we look at it, I will be stuck hiding like this for a long time. This will give me something to keep my mind off everything else.” Lillia argued.

“Alright.” Blake looked at Lillia and kissed her lips as he let out a sigh. “But only one child for now.”

“What!? No fair I….” Tina wanted to protest but was stopped when Blake pressed his finger on her lips.

“You need to train and become stronger. Once I have evolved, things will be different so wait until then.” Blake replied softly. Tina could only nod her head in disappointment. Lillia took her hand and rubbed it gently.

“Blake, what are we going to do now?” Rob asked.

“We will slowly begin our training process. As for me, I need to go to a place. If I am lucky, I will find something good.” Blake remembered during the early days of the Age of Magic, a special kind of spirit animal was found. It was a powerful spirit animal that helped its contractor through many battles. The Spirit Master was the name given to Fredrick Haralson. His spirit fox turned out to be a mythical nine tailed fox. And the place he said he found it was not far from his location. But it would still take a few days to get there.

“Wait, Blake, you are just going to leave us here!?” Tina cried out. She didn’t like the thought of Blake going off on his own. She was afraid he would disappear.

“Mmm… It will be easier for me to move on my own. And I could use the training. I think the most I will run into is a few goblins. But those bastards don’t like men anyway. I need you girls here to help make sure the base is fortified and protected. Plus, it’s too early for anyone to go out who does not know what to expect.” Blake explained. He could not take Lillia with him due to her magic being noticeable to those bastards, and Tina was not ready to be fighting the other races just yet. He could not be sure he could protect her if something went wrong. And some races did things much more horrific than just eating humans.

“Blake is right. Tina, you should stay here and use this time to expand your mana pool more. You will also need to take the classes I will be setting up on the races, so you know what you are getting into.” Lillia understood that Blake was probably going someplace that would take a while to get to, and to be with someone else might slow him down.

“Fine…. But you can’t leave until tomorrow!” Tina said with a pout. Blake chuckled. He knew he was in for it, so he had no choice. He just hoped Tina wouldn’t try to pull a fast one on him and try to get pregnant too. He had only agreed with Lillia since she was going to be stuck in the base.

“Alright, let’s head in.” Blake turned and went to jump off the cliff when two sets of hands pulled him back. He turned to see both Sam and Erica looking up at him with worried expressions. “Are you really going to leave?”

“Mmm… I need to. But I will be back, so listen to Lillia and Tina and train hard, okay?” Blake said as he leaned over and kissed both on the forehead. “You both need to grow stronger.”

“Mm…” Erica nodded and hugged Blake while Sam lowered her head. She then raised and said: “Be careful. We will always be waiting for you.”

“I promise,” Blake replied with a smile before looking at Rob, who was giving him an approving nod. “Look at that. Once you girls found a man, you leave your father all alone. I see how it is.”

“Dad!” Erica blushed as she let Blake go and backed up. Sam also blushed, but that didn’t stop her from hugging Blake really fast before returning to her father’s side.

“Alright let’s head in….”

That night Blake was pinned to the bed with Lillia rocking her body back and forth on his dick. Her moans filled their apartment as she used her pussy to greedily suck in Blake’s seed as it was pumped deep inside her. Tina was standing up in front of Lillia with her mound pressed against Lillia’s mouth. Lillia worked her tongue into her slit and was drinking all her love juices. When she looked up at Tina and Tina looked down at her, a flash of knowing filled both their eyes, causing them both to slyly grin.

Blake had no idea that the girls seemed to be planning something. So when they switched places and Lillia helped Tina ride Blake. He had no idea that he would be in for a double surprise when he got back.


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